The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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Entries for Bank Account Opening Balances can be entered at any time after your Go Live date. It would be in your best interest to complete these entries within the first month after your Go Live Date. Best results for entering the Bank Account Opening Balance (s) will be to work from the Monthly Bank Statement. When you receive your Bank Statement, reconcile your Bank Account (in your old software system or manually) to identify current balances and any outstanding items that have not cleared the Bank Statement. Make a list of all outstanding items (Bank Account Deposits and Withdrawals) from your Bank Statement reconciliation. List All Withdrawals (checks, drafts, debits) and All Deposits that have not cleared the Bank Account Statement. SET THE GL ADJUSTMENT - DATE TO THE DATE PRIOR TO YOUR GO LIVE DATE USING THE BANK STATEMENT CLOSING DATE.
On the Adjustment a€“ Left Account line, enter the Statement Closing Balance Value for this Bank Account. In the Description Box, enter the a€?CK# a€? and who the check was Payable To, if desired for each outstanding check entry.

On the Adjustment - Left Account line, enter a Negative Dollar Value for this check amount. Continue to enter All Outstand Withdrawals from the list using the procedures as described in #7. Continue to enter All Outstanding Deposits from the list using the procedures as described in #10. On the Adjustment a€“ Right Account line, enter the value to Balance the Total line for the Left and Right Account lines. The Final Entry for the Opening Balance must ensure that the Total for the Left and Right Account lines Balance. All entries will be displayed in the Bank Account Details from the GL Adjustment Date, Description and Value. After the Bank Account Opening Balance entries have been completed, your Bank Account Balance should be accurate to your Go Live Date a€“ Current Balance.
If all Bank Entries (Withdrawals and Deposits) are up-to-date from your Go Live Date, your Bank Account should be current and represent a Current Balance. The last step in setting the Bank Account Opening Balance is to set the Reconciliation Date in the software to the Bank Statement Closing Date.

On the Reconciliation window, set the Reconciliation Date to your Bank Statement Closing Date.
All entries (Withdrawals and Deposits) from your Go Live Date should be current and the Bank Account Current Balance should be accurate to date.
Once the Bank Account has been reconciled to the Bank Statement, prepare a list of all outstanding Withdrawals and Deposits. Current Bank Account Balance (s) will not be available until the opening balance (s) are entered.
31, 2010 as the date for the Opening Balance entries as Dec 31, 2010 is also the Bank Statement Closing Date!

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