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Even in today’s world of men’s fashion, the weirdly unique and more extreme trends are still palatable, and appreciated by many.
However, of recent, men’s fashion has seen a new growing trend whereby the term ‘who wears the trousers in your household?’ may well lose its meaning altogether, as more and more men are hanging up their pants and trading them in for… well, skirts? Well, the idea of men wearing skirts has been lingering in the fashion scene for about 30 years, with Jean Paul Gaultier supposedly initiating the peculiar trend.
Some have predicted that in the next five years, ordinary, everyday men will perceive that there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a skirt. We’ve been so accustomed to the notion that only females wear skirts that the thought of men casually roaming the streets in one is just plain odd!
With that being said, I must admit, I’ve kind of liked the ‘look’ on a few men I’ve seen who have sort of pulled it off.
X Factor 2013 Semi-finalist boy-group Rough Copy were noted wearing man-skirts on the show.

But as much as I  love them,  not even Rough Copy can totally convince me that men wearing skirts can become an absolute norm in this day and age. I predict that men in skirts will continue to be a ‘peculiar fashion trend’ and it will continue to take a particular type of man to get involved in it.
Let’s hope the world’s upcoming and established fashion designers don’t all go completely crazy with ideas in the bid to become trend-setters!
Think about it… men casually wearing side-split maxi-skirts in summer… really?… really?! Simply sharing my love of fashion and God-given ability to bargain shop with whoever is interested. In fact, men even wore what we would describe as a dress, or otherwise known as a tunic, or a toga, as a normal everyday attire.
This is not necessarily a bad thing for that particular type of man, just a personal and individualistic preference to fashion and style.

I guess you could argue that Romans were as manly as they come, and if they were able to freely wear skirts then what’s the big deal with men of the 21st century wearing skirts… right? Be inspired by how I go about looking good for less, and shop fabulous cheap and cheerful products!
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