The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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I'm trying to work out if there was a stamp on the strut but from what I have read, not all have them there and it was based on the model, i.e VH onwards. I believe every VB and VC have the chassis number stamped on top of radiator support panel. Fact No.5.The old early girl commodores, VB-VH, are making a huge come back at car shows, which is a great thing!!!! We should start printing out the tag details, that way if anyone decides to google they will see the car is a fraud.

It's one from earlier in this thread, I thought I'd type it in rather than having only the picture; just in case someone does a VIN web search on a vehicle they're about to buy. BUT having said all that HK-HG and Torana are different as the identity of the car exists on a welded in part of the car, and this is what Police see as rebodying afaik.
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At the front I have the safety compliance plate, body and option ID plate and VIN number plate.
I remember the bloke taking my details to get club reg asking me where the stamp was on the strut and from memory, it never had one. I have owned the car for so long I think it's about time I find out a little about her history. A Berlina is better than an Executive and it has all the SS gear, so what it's not a real SS. Whereas a HQ's identity exists with the chassis which is removable - if you stick a set of HJ rails under a HQ the car becomes a HJ as far as the registration identity is concerned. There, you'll find detailed explanations and samples of the various searches, as well as more information about us and our terms and conditions for use of this site. Chassis unbolts and you'd have to remove the tags off the GTS and refit anyway to relace the rusty cowl.

If you want more than one of the same type of search, just enter the new details in the box and add to your cart again. In the end you have done a rust repair and changed nothing to disguise the identity of the donor body. You can view your cart at the top of the page, and when you've finished, press the "click to show cart" button, check your order and press the "Checkout" button. Our manual payment option allows you to order now, then pay later via your own internet banking or by crediting our bank account directly. All you have to do is cut a console shift hole if the donor was a column shift, and if a GTS's floor was very rusty you'd do the whole floor anyway so would be doing the same.
If I sold this i'd tell the buyer what was done, but putting the buyer's hat on I wouldn't care as i'd rather a rust free body than a repaired one. What i'm getting at is a HQ may not be dodgy just because its numbers appear in this thread, but it is a good check for buyers too so they can at least ask the question.

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