The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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We are sorry to inform you that there are issues with the emissions produced by some of our vehicles.
Please be assured that this in no way affects the safety of your vehicle or your driving mobility. You can check here whether your Audi is affected by the recall campaign for diesel exhaust gas EA189 (23Q4) by entering the vehicle's 17-character chassis number (e.g. The operation of the vehicle is not impaired; the vehicle can be used as usual without restrictions. The nitrogen oxide emissions levels do not meet the regulatory requirements for registering the vehicle under the Euro 5 standard. The technical measures are currently being prepared, and this process is being given the utmost priority.
For further information click on the link below to contact Audi Middle East customer service.
To ensure the parts that you order are correct for your Jaguar, you will need to know when the vehicle was manufactured. Although the registration document will tell you when it was registered, this may have been some time after it was actually built. The VIN number contains details about where your vehicle was manufactured, the year of manufacture and also the vehicle specification (see the table above). If you are unsure of any of the above and need help then please contact us and we will guide you through the process.
In the fine tradition of the the Kanorias, I expect it will exceed anything they have undertaken to date.
Shriv has done quite a bit of research of what were some interesting body types of this period and showed me a photo of a model that caught his eye which should be quite stunning.
He is currently building the body and will complete it first, fitting every thing in place and then remove the body for final painting before starting restoring the chassis and the mechanicals.
The first photos were taken about two months ago and the last few photos were taken last week with a temporary RR rad installed that his dad had custom built quite a few years ago as liqueur cabinet. The size and scale of this car is awesome, my Fiat WBF1 looks like some kids Toy Car beside it.

Originally Posted by john a milne I don't recall that Shriv had any idea what the original body type was. I understand that there were a number of Calcutta Coach Builders for horse carriages who also built some custom cars bodies. Originally Posted by john a milne Thanks, I'll google Hooper Coach Builders and see some different body styles.
Isabella Stewart's older sister Ann, of the Parish of Dalserf, married 5 Oct 1781 William Hastie, a cotton spinner (manufacturer), in Kilbarchan. The Steuart family come from Dalserf in Lanarkshire, Scotland and the first two to come to Calcutta were James and Robert Steuart (James Steuart on the Crocodile 1783 and Robert Steuart on a Portuguese ship in 1784).
James Steuart was born in 1759 and died in 1832 - will proves that his sister was Mrs Shanks and neice viz, Margaret Stewart Shanks was Mrs Andrew Muir (both of Edinburgh) and another sister was Mrs Hastie (also married to James Hastie Coachmaker in Calcutta and London). Robert Steuart was still in Calcutta in 1808 - after his retirement he married Miss Stewart of Grandtully and bought the estate of Alderton in East Lothian, Scotland. Steuart and Co Coachmakers and as such were heavily involved in the business along with the Hastie brothers. I have however to find the marriage of Robert SHANKS and Isabella Steuart (Stewart) around circa 1787-1790 in Calcutta i presume as it is not in Scotland.
Also Robert Shanks parents still remain a mystery but have been narrowed down in Scotland to a Robert Shanks born 1764 to a William Shanks and Margaret Whyte in Glasgow. Originally Posted by harit One of the coach builders was Steuart & Co and another James Hastle Coachmaker in Calcutta, this is what I found on the net, apparently someone searching for ancestors. We tend to forget that Calcutta was the hub of the English Raj and must have drawn some remarkable individuals to this once Grand city. I'll check out the Gale database and try and encourage some of the Calcutta BHP members to dig into our automotive history here, hopefully find some old photos. I think that soon after the advent of the automobile, the Brits shifted from Calcutta to Delhi and Delhi became more impoprtant.
But, automobiles did spread into many areas in India, particularly Rajasthan and Central India, resulting in a dealer network. He showed me some of the detail work he is currently doing; the half round tubing had rusted out out so he took some metal piping, cut it in half and has welded a flat piece on to match the original section.

The RR rad shell is temporary as his Dad had made it up with a bar at the back many years ago. Originally Posted by john a milne I visited Shiv's works early this week and found lots of progress on his Rolls. I mentioned the odd steering wheel that had the top cut out and he said that he had another complete wheel along with the correct instruments for the dash that would be fitted later. The new A4 and R8 models arrived in the region as well as the launch of the iconic Audi sport range.
The most accurate way to determine your Jaguar's age (along with information relating to its specification) is by the chassis number (also called the VIN - Vehicle Identification Number).
A typical VIN number would appear as follows: SAJAH53SO5Y, followed by a 6-figure serial number. It's going to be a remarkable restoration and having had no body, will get a new custom one built. I understand that it was purchased a number of years ago with only the none running chassis and the fenders were in pieces, badly damaged and crumpled up.
In 1821 six of these children were living, namely, four sons, Robert, John, James and Archibald, and two daughters Ann & Margaret. He left Calcutta and went back to Scotland where he married Mary Sword and bought the estate of Carfin. If you have any further questions please click here and one of our customer care representatives will respond directly. I still have to find a will for Robert Shanks dying somewhere between 1820 and 1845 which is when Isabella died in Edinburgh - i have her will.

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