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Choosing the right car among all the Maui Auto Rental Categories is sometimes overwhelming. And even if we all look for the best rates, we all want to make sure that the car we rent for our dream vacations is comfortable and offers enough room for all our luggage. Hopefully, this process will help you find the car that is best suited for YOUR specific needs.
Remember that this is an indication of the maximum of people that can sit in the car, not an indicator of the actual 'level of comfort'. As a rule of thumb, when choosing your Maui auto rental category always count one person less than the max suggested to get enough room and comfort. Kids will be able to sit comfortably in the back of a small car while older people might find it very uncomfortable.
If you are a 'light traveler' keeping everything you need in one small backpack, you'll be just fine following the indications provided by the travel agencies. If you are traveling 'heavy' or with the entire family, you may be careful and look for extra luggage room.
You also need to consider this: will you stay at the same spot all your vacations or move often?
I usually rent up to 3 to 4 houses or villas during a 2-3 weeks stay in Maui so I can enjoy different parts of the island without having to drive like crazy.
My Maui auto rental's trunk needs to provide enough room so I am not frustrated every time I have to pack. If you stay at a resort your entire vacations, having to pack your luggage in your car only twice (from and to the airport), you might be fine with having to do a little more 'contortions'. Simply take relevant advice into consideration when you choose you Maui auto rental category. If you are still hesitant to rent a car, don't waste one more minute: visit this page and this one too.
It's not that terrible compared to gas prices in Canada or Europe, but it can have a visible impact on your budget if you don't rent a fuel efficient car. On one hand, you stay in the Kihei area and you use your car for less than an hour (30 miles) a day in average.
On the other hand, you stay in Hana on the far East side of Maui and plan to visit the whole island. Every time you want to come visit the Upcountry, the South or the West it takes you at least 2 hours to come and go plus the drive to the specific area you want to visit.
Considering that your two weeks Maui auto rental will most likely cost you between 500$ and 800$ (depending on the car category), that means that you could actually spend more on gas then on the car itself.
You most probably won't follow this high-mileage scenario and you should not worry too much.
My point here was only to make sure you consider every criteria when choosing your Maui auto rental category so you stay away from bad surprises. Usually, if you need a big car or if you decide to drive long distances, you have good reasons to do so and you know it's going to cost you extra dollars. If you are on a tight budget, stick to the precedent advice and choose the smallest (cheapest) category that fits your needs based on the minimum requirements. If budget is not your absolute first priority, you may want to add extra comfort and go for one category above the minimum requirements. This way you still get good rates based on your needs but you also get some more luxury, room and comfort. If money is not an issue and you want to add a special flavor to your dream vacations, you may want to check for a convertible, a 4X4 or a luxury car. Our underwritersAllianz Travel Insurance — The Allianz Travel Insurance company has built its reputation on partnering with agents all around the world to provide comprehensive travel insurance for their clients. Fareportal — Fareportal’s portfolio of brands, which include CheapOair and OneTravel, are dedicated to helping customers enjoy their trip.

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All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. Saloon or sedan - vehicle types explainedWhen it comes to vehicles these days, buyers have so much choice. In terms of vehicle types in Australia, ANCAP breaks cars down into nine different categories.
When looking at international motoring websites or travelling overseas, it is easy to get confused with vehicle types as the USA, UK and Europe each have their own system. A lot of the confusion about vehicle classifications stems from the fact that certain cars are often put into multiple categories. While there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding vehicle types, at the end of the day if the car suits your needs it doesn’t make a lot of difference which category it falls into.
Thrifty rent a car and Dollar Rent A Car are rent a car companies of Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group. Website of Thrifty is some different than Enterprise rent a car’s website with various features.
Company has a very large selection of categories and cars but it’s not possible to find pick-ups or truck category like Enterprise.
It’s true that most of renters want the cheapest car but there are also people want to use car for a business trip or a local meeting. One of the best ways to choose your categories is based on local interest, what’s available and perhaps a check on the types of car clubs you have in the area. Good luck in planning your car show and please call us at 951-894-7222 if we can be of assistance in helping you with the trophies. Find how to get Cheap Maui Hawaii Car Rentals here or get more specific answers to your Maui Car Rental questions here.
Whether you want to call, click, or use one of our travel apps, one thing is clear: We make it easy to take it easy.
If you become hospitalized more than 150 miles from home, and you are a member of MedjetAssist, we will get you from that unfamiliar hospital all the way home to the hospital you trust. It's filled with expert advice and fascinating cases that will make you the world's smartest traveler. Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections. Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising.
Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased.
The same can be said for vehicle types – buyers are spoilt for choice, with everything from subcompact city cars all the way up to people movers. We break down each type below, along with common names and examples of which cars fall into what categories (source: ANCAP).
For example, what is considered a Large SUV in Australia is known as a full-size SUV in the USA, and a Large 4x4 in the UK. If the vehicle type differs across promotional material and regulatory bodies, it can make researching its safety and features difficult. Company offers Chevrolet Aveo in economy category, Ford Focus in compact category, Hyundai Sonata in Mid-Size category and Ford Fusion in standard category.

First of all, Thrifty’s rent a car website is offering a detailed first page with lots of services and links but it’s possible to see that all page is tidy and design is very clean. It’s a common belief that Thrifty want specialize on private customers not commercial ones and this situation file it. Thrifty web site is offering a 360 degree view of car and it’s giving a feel of specialty for customers.
It’s very hard to find support page in web site and calling support means waiting for a long time.
If the show is fairly new, keep the categories simple and build upon the success of the previous year. However, car classes obviously are subject to change — as fleets change over time, criteria may be revised here and there.
You can also find the names and numbers of key executives on our new company contact database or, if you need help from Chris, you can contact him directly. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. Whatever your needs, chances are you’ll find the perfect vehicle to fulfil your requirements. Also, certain cars are considered in different categories internationally – the Holden Cruze, while considered a small car in Australia is classified as a Medium car elsewhere.
Also it’s possible to find Chevrolet Suburban in Luxury SUV category and Jeep Wrangler in Mid-Size Open-Air All-Terrain category. Also there is some high flown talk on website like “if you want cheaper than Thrifty, we will rent from this price and make %10 more discount” but it’s very hard to realize it. I will attempt to organize the categories in such a way that they will help with different themes or types of events. When the number of categories is much fewer in number such as 10 or less, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Places are often used.
Also, while there are some similarities among car rental companies’ classifications, there are also differences.
Become a Medjet member today and take advantage of discounted rates available for readers.
However, all this choice has also lead to some confusion about which vehicles fall into which categories, and what the vehicle type actually means.
Just remember not to get bogged down in vehicle types and terminology – after all, a particular vehicle is still the same no matter what category it falls into! Against all problems, Thrifty offers road-side assistance package or insurance package on site so you don’t have to argue with salesman in the location. We decided to look at vehicle types in depth to better understand the classification system and find out what it all really means. Website’s disadvantage is that when you entered into one subpage, it’s very hard to navigate other pages so you always have to return home.
It’s only possible to see Chrysler “bio-fuel” and Toyota Prius hybrid but they are available only in limited locations. I would suggest merging two show themes together to interest dad and mom, and perhaps kids.
You may also consider putting more then one category together, such a Pre-1979 with Mustangs to have a category of Pre-1979 Mustangs.
There are some popular programs of company like “The Blue Chip Express Rental Program.” Especially business travellers use this system for quick pick-ups. For customers want hybrid car for fuel efficiency, Thrifty claims that %75 of company fleet cars burn 26 miles-per-gallon.

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