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The X100B series tube amps were a mainstay on many arena stages and MTV videos throughout the 1980's. Carvin now offers a wide assortment of colored coverings for 4 X 12 speaker enclosures and guitar amp heads. I have a friend that bought a used Carvin bass amp 40 years ago and it is still working just fine.
I read a review somewhere saying that the X100B amp is not loud enough to stand out over a drum set and it didn't have enough bass. Bottom line, buy the Carvin for the professional quality of sound and design as well as the price. This amp is really a great option when you need a ton of different tones at your finger tips.
If you're looking for a particular amp or an amp that can do only one sound and one sound only (e.g. Chuck Scafidi San Diego, CA  "This amplifier is an extremely versatile piece of equipment!
Artists such as Frank Zappa, Craig Chaquico with Jefferson Starship, Warrant, Warren Cuccurullo with Missing Persons, and Steve Vai all played X100B amps.
When I hooked it up using mono to the X100B clean channel, it sounded the same as running the processor through the pa system. I believe I can expect the same from the X100B because it is simply an all tube amp without the bells and whistles to burn out on you costing a lot to fix. For example when the amp is set for high gain shred, you can roll back your guitars volume control, flip on a single coil or coil tap and get a clean sound thats 90% grit free. I play predominantly jazz and blues, and require an amp with great clean tone and lots of adjustability. It's only had routine standard care and maintenance (pre-amp & power-amp tube replacements, bias adjustments) and the thing has always performed flawlessly. Brunton Dublin, OH  "If you've been lurking here trying to decide whether to buy an amp you can't try out, take the plunge! I recently took delivery of an X100B head and for the first time in 25 years I'm HAPPY with my sound!!!
I found a nice condition X100-B series IV for sale and bought it immediately having heard many great things about the original X-100's.
I keep it at the lowest watt setting possible, and the clean channel is so perfectly gritty when gigging, and I'm definitely heard!
My recent workhorse is a USA Fender Blues Junior that has been mightily upgraded with the "Billm" mods and more.
For example, on this amp both the preamp and amplifier sections have essentially 'dialable' overdrive. Reading where people had trouble with their amps and my own experience with amps, I was left looking at the Carvin amps. The overdrive channel has a little less gain than I expected, but I have come to love it and it is now what I build all of my tones on. Thanks to its versatile EQ sections you can get pretty darn close to those sounds if you really wanted to though.
With it set to Boost mode, your master volume becomes the control for the level difference between your boosted and non boosted signals. This allows you to go from your dry rhythm sound to a lead with delay with one foot stomp hitting both buttons at once.

You can dial in a nearly identical Marshall MK II super Lead sound that actually has more character and brilliance than a Marshall. This thing is a beast, extremely versatile tone-wise, clean as pure ice when you want it, or as snarly as a mad dog. I have three older X series amps, (two X60 combos and an XT112 combo) and with my number one X60 combo, [purchased from you in 1985], I couldn't even count the number of gigs and jams I have used that amp at and it is still going strong, the most reliable piece of gear I have ever owned.
Having the ability to boost for leads and a foot switchable effects loop makes it easy to cue my solo settings without having to tap dance all over the pedal board. The distortion can be very mild, kindof a crunchy blues, or straight up in your face while still being extremely musical. I've got to say, I've played through scores of amps, and the X100B head is a thing of beauty.
It's a great sounding amp & very versatile, and with 20 plus years of playing through, you don't get anymore dependable than that!
Steve Vai recorded a song called "Blue Powder" (available on his first solo release Flexable) featuring the X100B. It has a rich, full sound and sounds better to my ear than other amps I've listened to costing thousands of dollars.
Carvin amps and guitars have always been the underrated and secret weapons of the industry. Yes, I was nervous and hesitant about buying an amp that I'd never heard and couldn't play before buying but that quickly went away once I plugged into this thing.
The release of Series IV includes a master volume switchable to boost mode and a 4 button optional footswitch with LED indicators (Channel, Effects, Reverb, Boost). Or, the power amplifier can be set to 25 watts and overdriven for a 'snarly' type of overdrive sound or whatever mix you wish for.
This simple switch, turns your master volume 2 channel amp into a quasi 4 channel amp with clean, lead, boosted clean, and boosted, lead! A friend came to watch my band and commented on how loud it was and I'm only running it through a 2x12 Cabinet with Carvin British Series speakers.
I like the switchable bias on the reverse side, and the adjustable ohms for different cabs.
Now, my Red Jungle Bark X100B head sits proudly atop my mountain of gear, like a beacon to the rock 'n' roll gods.
The cleans rival a vintage Fender and the dirty channel was totally tweakable and the most organic sounding overdrive.
Used with various cabinets the amp has enough bass range to compare easily with any Mesa-Boogie, and Marshall or Fender tones can be dialed in just as easily.
To know then what I know now, instead of buying the Marshall, it would have been a Carvin saving me $1500 because the Marshall crapped out on me in less than 3 years. The knobs have just enough resistance to let you know you are handling a quality American made amplifier, not the product of some Chinese sweat shop.
The amp sounded alive and very responsive to every nuance, exactly the way I remembered hearing those amazing tube amps when i was a kid in in the late 60's. I could go on about the quality build, lovely C&W vinyl and all the versatility, but all that has been bragged on. The Lead (dirty) chanel is dirty enough to get great raunchy tones, yet still seperates the notes of chords while producing natural harmonic overtones.
It'll achieve ANY sound you could possibly want short of oversaturated, can't hear the notes over-distorted.

The flexibilty of the EQ, and abilty to dial in exactly the sound and drive level I wanted for any song was amazing. If that's what you want, get this head and a distortion pedal, but it's not the forte of this amp.
The cleans are fantastic, warm and responsive and the gain channel is great on regular or high gain mode, from vintage smooth to all out raunchy with the flick of a small switch, without losing its warmth and clarity.
Unfortunately a few days after the first getting it home the first tube shorted then a couple other problems emerged and it was time to return it to the store for a refund as I was unsure of the reliabilty of this one unit.
I'll use my old BlueTube pedal for crunchy rhythm on the clean channel and the drive channel for great solo tones. Rhythm chord parts can be played through the overdrive, with an again smooth, well defined, and very musical sound.
This amp is a great piece of gear, is extremely well-built, has excellent tone, and the people at Carvin were so helpful and knowledeable. Stomp boxes really sound good run straight in, though not too much is needed when you posess tone like this!
I believe these problems were a fluke situation and would seriously consider buying a new version of the same amp. The big surprise was how well the tone held up with the Master Volume on "1", making this beast useful for "bedroom" levels. This amplifier has a great neutral response character, balanced in the middle of the spectrum, allowing any sound to be achieved with some effort and practice, unlike many other amps which seem to produce a limited scope more easily, and thus, this amp is closer to the character of a very good musical instrument in that sense and is one of the few ever made like this.
This amp will get great metal tones but will not over-saturate like many other amps (think JCM800 but with more headroom). I am completely blown away by this amp especially for the more than reasonable price its offered at, the build quality, finish, look, and of course the excellent tones that are easily achieved out of it. The clean channel is as excellent as they come; the reverb is filtered, and so is clean and never 'boingy' sounding. I've owned a lot of gear and never felt that impressed with an amp sound and features overall.
You can still shred on rhythms and leads but you can still hear the notes in the chords and the notes in the leads don't mush together. On manufacturing and testing quality, Carvin amps are as good as any available, and parts are easily replaceable.
I would recommend you have Carvin substitute 16 ohm speakers in the 212 combo version of the amp.
This appears as an 8 ohm cabinet to the amplifier; alternately you can then disconnect one speaker and then have 16 ohms for overdriving the power tubes at lower levels for recording with one mic.
I used the EQ section on the clean channel to get the sparkling, spanky tones that I've not been able to get on amps costing several times what this one does.
Set the channel, and with a roll of the tone knob on my guitar I can go from dark, jazz sounds to a spanking bright country sound.

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