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Following up on their recent PB series, Carvin has announced the JB4 four-string and JB5 five-string Classic Bolt-Neck Jazz Basses. Another key aspect to the line is Carvin’s new JVA single-coil alnico pickups, which use vintage plain enamel wire. Carvin’s JB4 and JB5 Classic Bolt-Neck Jazz Basses are available for order now with direct prices of $1,029 and $1,099, respectively. Well I am glad this model exists, and yes it’s got 22 frets, but I wish it would have been in addition to instead of replacing the SB series.

The SB series was an artist model, which means it was built under a contracted agreement between both the company (Carvin) and the artist (Sekou Bunch). The new models blend classic styling with the company’s more contemporary features including a locking bass bridge, a smooth contoured neck heel with a 5-bolt neck plate, and a 22-fret neck with dual carbon fiber reinforcement rods. Carvin their design accentuates the bass’s natural bottom end while producing full, punchy mids and highs. If the contract expires and one or both of the parties don’t resign the contract, then the company cannot continue producing the instrument.

All I can say is probably anything that they build will kick most other basses butts for the money!

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