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The S600 StageMate™ is designed as a complete grab-and-go PA system using advanced speaker array technology. We have had about a month to explore our new S600B Stagemate system and thought it would be helpful to those considering this solution to have a bit more of a review to help in their decision making.
The S600B StageMate™ is designed as a complete grab-and-go PA system using advanced speaker array technology. The smooth, linear sound carries far distances without the need for excessive volume close to the speaker.
As the distance from the speakers increases, the sound is heard from all speakers working together.
For more demanding live and dance music, connect the Line Out XLR to powered subwoofers or connect directly to the house PA system. It will not sound like you expect when you first hear it, this small system has a very different sonic signature to it than similarly sized solutions. Built in Echo, Reverb, and Chorus with Reverb effects add extra dimension to live performances. In the nearfield (15 feet or so in front of the enclosure) you have relatively full sound with appreciable low end down below 60hz.

Oh, and its on sale for only $527!Build QualityVery good, significantly better than the entry level stuff out there. I applaud Carvin for choosing to make the S600 series with real, professional wood enclosures. They definitely sound the better for it!Features and PerformanceAny all-in one PA solution is a balance of features and compromises.
I’m surprised how many manufacturers omit even basic eq on the line inputs meant for music.
Ok, so this is one of the most basic digital effects I’ve ever encountered, but it works, it sounds ok, and it is there. I’m often asked to drop a line to the broadcast or video guys, and being able to switch this to a constant level output with its own level control is a great feature. When these first started appearing on small mixers I thought why bother, I’ll just use a DI box. However, since that time having an instant internal instrument DI has saved me several times.
Really, it is finicky, it really doesn't sound that great, and dropouts always happen at the worst possible moments.

So therefore I have to list it as a smart choice that makes the S600 more marketable (both to sell and to rent).Now, for what is one of the most surprising things to me about this diminutive PA system. The S600B’s internal stereo power amp is self-configuring to mono or stereo use, and can easily drive three 8 ohm extension speakers. I’ve connected the S648 and two other small 8ohm PA cabs to this and it feels like there is power to spare. Put it this way: there is no other truly professional small PA system on the market today that has integral battery power. And, this is my favorite part, Carvin has just released what I think is the first ever pro sound sub with an integral battery.
Fire codes, liability insurance, and client perception are all reasons I would not use a homebrew 12v+AC solution. There are commercial solutions that can do this, the Goal Zero YETI 1250 is an example, but they are relatively expensive.

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