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Cardiff was built in 1003 around a Norman castle, built on the site of a former Roman fort.
The university was established in 1883 and the Town Hall 1904th In 1905 Cardiff was once the city charter in 1955 and was the capital of Wales. More Results Related to llandaff eating and drinking llandaff welcome to the Llandaff - Welcome to the CityThe website of the historic cathedral city within the city of Cardiff, birthplace of Roald Dahl and home of Doctor Who. The motto beneath the shield reads 'Y ddraig goch ddry cychwyn' (the Red Dragon will lead the way). The crest consists of a Tudor Rose and Three Ostrich Feathers argent, issuing out of a Mural Crown.
The supporters are, on the dexter side, a Welsh goat (an ancient emblem of the mountains of Wales), and on the sinister side, a hippocamp or sea-horse (representing the Severn Sea and the carrying trade of the port).

The city is administratively one of the 22 Welsh unitary authorities and has the status of a City. Mentioned for the first time the place was only in 1093, when the knight Robert Fitzhamon, one of the followers of William the Conqueror, here with a fief was entrusted.
The reason was not its role in Welsh history, but the fact that Cardiff had by all Welsh towns, the best infrastructure.
The arms were exemplified on 15 February 1907, the supporters granted on 25 February 1907 and augmented on 19 October 1956, the whole arms exemplified on 23 October 1956, and finally re-adopted by the city and county of Cardiff in 1996. The Dragon plants the staff of the standard upon a green mount whereon he stands, and from which springs the leek (the floral emblem of Wales).
Cardiff is located in the United Kingdom, in the south of Wales in the broad estuary of the Severn.

In the 13th Century, Cardiff was then the city charter, but remained until the 19th Century, a relatively small town and lived thanks to the industrialization of coal mining and an unexpected growth spurt.
After the port area has been neglected because of the coal crisis, more and more, it is now transformed in recent years into a service and entertainment zone. The historic cathedral city within the city of Cardiff, the birthplace of Roald Dahl, and home of Doctor Who.Welcome to the Cathedral School"As our son leaves the Cathedral School, we wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful years he has spent at the school. The Bute family, who owned almost the whole city, had to expand the harbor, which was promoted in the following years the largest coal port in the world.

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