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Over the years Custom Coats have built up an excellent reputation when it comes to applying car vinyl wraps to vehicles. A car vinyl wrap can either freshen up your old paintwork or give your car a complete new colour. Custom Coats latest pink Volkswagen Beetle is certainly getting noticed in the streets of Newcastle and across the North East. Again the owner wanted something different and to stand out on the streets of the North East. Just so the boys don’t get envious of all these girls with their pink cars driving around the North East. We have had quite a lot of new cars into our studio over the past year which have had car wrapping.
Investing in your vehicles graphics and branding can be a big step in marketing your business. Vehicle wrapping with vinyl applied graphics, offers a fantastic solution for protecting your vehicles paint work and portraying your companies image.

Car vinyl wraps are not just getting extremely popular in the North East, we are seeing this trend grow right across the UK. A carbon fibre car vinyl wrap can be applied to alloys, wing mirrors and roofs for a beautiful finish. Either they simply want to protect the paintwork or they may have bought a car with a colour they don’t particularly like.
Appearance in the commercial industry is very important when it comes to people judging the reliability and quality of your company. With our 3M vinyl car wrapping, we can totally change the colour and appearance of your car. Car vinyl wraps are easily removed when it comes to the resale of your car or handing that back to your lease company.
Being a convertible as well, there is no doubt the owner will stand out from the crowd in this stunning Beetle.
Featured above is an Audi which has had a full car wrap and the alloy wheel trims to match.

Generally people have bought a car for a loved one and wanting us to do something really funky with the car as a surprise. Clean vehicles which have attention grabbing signage can make a big difference when it comes to first impressions. So you can appreciate when it comes to the car vinyl wrapping industry we certainly know our stuff! Its not just full car wrapping we can carry out we can change the look of wheels or rooflines.

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