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My 1956 sport coupe has the last part of the VIN #'s that are way beyond the published production numbers and dates. The Van Nuys plant in LA averaged 400 cars per day during the '56 model year, so your vin of VC56L090056 would give a build date of about Sept 19 '56. The vin VC56L104641 is a puzzle, it would be a build date in late October if correct at the '56 build rate.
It was my understanding that most of September was dedicated to retooling, and I was told that the '57 was more difficult to retool, owing to the lower roof line.
If Roman's car is VN10304, it is hard to believe they built more than 1600 Bel Air sport coupes, after mid September, at that one plant alone. Body numbers always started with number 1 for each body style, so yes, your coupe would have been the 10304th sport coupe at Van Nuys.
I guess I should add this information from my late LA built '56 2 door hardtop to this thread.

I find it hard to believe that with all the July parts that my car was assembled in September.
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I have not heard of this before, and it would be good to hear from others if these late build dates show any pattern.
Off the top off my head I'm not sure of the build date but I have VC56L104641 with body VN11962 (hardtop 1037D).
Does the cowl tag body number VN10304 mean it was the 10,304th sport coupe body built at the Van Nuys plant ? My car still has almost all its original parts and the dates on these parts suggest a final assembly on my car around the end of July or very early August.
My production number indicates that the Los Angeles plant build at least 4,900 more cars than published.

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