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There are a number of towing components to consider, but first you should dive into the alphabet soup of tow ratings, and determine what your vehicle and trailer can handle together.
GVWR - The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is the maximum a vehicle can weigh, fully loaded with people and cargo. GCWR - The Gross Combined Weight Rating is the maximum the tow vehicle and a trailer together can weigh fully loaded. TW - The Tongue Weight is the amount of the trailer's weight that is placed on the hitch ball by the trailer coupler.
These ratings consider multiple factors, including a vehicle's suspension, frame, and location of the rear axle in relation to the front end. After you have determined how much weight you will be towing and how much weight your tow vehicle can handle - your next step is choosing the right hitch. Receiver-style HitchesReceiver-style hitches are attached under the tow vehicle (usually frame-mounted) and are designed to carry the weight of the trailer (GTW) through the tongue weight of the trailer (TW).
Weight distributing hitches are used in conjunction with with a receiver hitch and special parts that distribute the tongue weight among all tow vehicle and trailer axles. From front to rear: TH-2004R (note dual bellhousing bolt patterns), TH-700R4, unidentified.
This is a 1987-up with the Auxiliary Valve Body its hard to miss the line in the casting running through the cooler lines. If you are still unsure if it is a non-AUX VB or a AUX VB just pull the pan and you will see the tube running from the pump to the AUX VB or no tube at all. The Turbo-Hydramatic (TH) 700R4 automatic overdrive transmission was introduced to Chevrolet vehicles in 1981 for the 1982 model year vehicles. There were also a few changes made to the V-8 model 700 to give it the ability and dependability to be installed into the Chevrolet Camaro and Corvette -- and in certain cases the Corvette version received even more enhancements.

Like I stated before the 700R4 was introduced in 1982, this transmission had a 27 spline input shaft, and many cumulative problems and bugs that had given the 700 a reputation that it wasn't reliable or desirable. Without pictures, the 700 can be identified by the oilpan having a rectangular shape being longer front-to-rear than side-to-side and held to the transmission by 16 bolts, 3 bolts front, 3 bolts rear, 5 bolts left side, and 5 bolts right side. The tailshaft housing is held onto the main case by 4 bolts, and from my own experience uses a square-cut o-ring seal, and not a gasket. All versions of the 700R4 transmissions can be affordably rebuilt with stronger components in nearly every area. For example, if your truck is rated for 10,000 pounds and you try to tow 15,000 pounds, the additional weight can overtax the rear suspension to the point that you reduce the traction and stability of your front tires.
The trailer towing industry has developed a classification system - that differentiates hitches according to the amount of weight they can tow. The amount of tongue weight that is carried on the hitch ball and ball mount (attached to the receiver hitch with a pin and clip) is roughly calculated to be between 10%-15% of the GTW.
The use of the weight distributing hitch will often lend itself toward higher capacity ratings for the trailer hitches themselves. Designed for mounting the trailer connection point in a pickup truck bed, with a ball and coupler. Whether you tow an RV, camper, boat, horses, a race car, snowmobiles, motorcycles, dirt bikes or personal watercraft, you'll want to customize your towing experience with a variety of accessories such as cargo and bike carriers, winches, tie downs and ball covers just to name a few.Once you've put together and installed your complete tow package you'll want to learn more about Towing Safety before you hit the road.
The 2WD had a longer tail-shaft and a housing including a bushing to support it along with containing a speedometer drive housing. It was revised to include many upgrades and changes that changed its reputation a little -- it was given a 30 spline input shaft, many internal redesign modifications and deemed to be a better version.
Additionally, shift improver kits are available to provide firmer, quicker shifts -- reducing slippage, heat and clutch wear.

A later version of this transmission, the 4L60E, is an electronically controlled variation, utilizing a reluctor ring (similar to that in an ABS application) and magnetic pickup, together called the Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS).
When using a bathroom scale with heavier tongue weights, use the method shown and multiply the scale reading by three. Always refer to your vehicle manual for information about its capabilities and limitations. For example, a trailer weighing 2,000 GTW will usually have a tongue weight of between 200-300 lbs. The 4WD version had a much shorter tail-shaft which was to be supported by the adapter and transfer case input shaft bearing, the 4WD speedometer was driven from within the transfer case rear output shaft housing.
There are also many styles of torque converters to better configure the transmission for off-road use. Remember, weight distribution hitches can help with sway problems a little bit but to elimniate sway, you must purchase a sway control. The only other difference I have found here is that the torque converter cover (dust cover) for the 4WD version was made of cast aluminum instead of stamped steel or molded plastic, and it used much larger bolts to attach to the transmission, as it also made provisions to attach strut rod reinforcements from a bracket that mounted under the motor mounts to the lower portion of the cast aluminum dust cover. In 1998 the 4L60E was redesigned to include a removable bellhousing and a shorter main case length, along with a 6-bolt tailshaft housing as opposed to the 4-bolt earlier configuration. Make sure you find out the exact towing capacity of both your tow vehicle and your trailer, including all contents and cargo - AND DON'T OVERLOAD.

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