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Smart Cars are by no means the coolest cars in the world but with these cool body kits fitted - they get real close!
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A few years ago, I purchased a spare single mattress from IKEA Rhodes and carried it home on the train. Most people don’t take large items of furniture on trains, but a rolled-up mattress also has a better chance of fitting in the boot of a car or back of a 4WD.
How easy are they to re-roll or is this a packing method that can only be done in a factory with special mechanical equipment?
Google has never shied away from building operating systems -- just look at Chrome OS and Android. The obvious trade-off is that these are likely to be mattresses you keep as spares for visitors: any mattress you can roll up is going to be less comfortable than its spring-filled full-time equivalent. The thing is, they're both based on Linux and while it's open-source and incredibly flexible, it might not be up to the task for Google's future conquests.
It was chosen as a name for the car after a brainstorming that identified one distinctive feature of the Lamborghini cars.

We give Google's front-running applications a lot of ink (or pixels, as it were), and the rest a passing mention in the fast-flowing river of news. So I for one am stupidly grateful that IKEA is now selling a range of mattresses in a rolled-up format instead. Today, we pay homage to ten ageing yet functional Google products that you probably forgot all about.

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