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Our cars are now so complicated that almost all of us would struggle to identify the purpose of every light on the dashboard - how many do you know?
Cars have now become such complex machines that 98% of drivers don’t understand what the common warning or information lights on a dashboard mean. The study, carried out by Britannia Rescue, compared 15 of the most popular new car models and found that there were 99 different dashboard symbols being used. With a small gap in its range in 2000 Opel did what many other manufacturers do and went shopping for a filler. It might wear the European badge of Opel, but it was designed for the congested streets of Japan by Suzuki. The Agila is a no-nonsense machine for those wanting something that's small and easy to drive, but offers good interior space and relatively low running costs.
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According to research, the most confusing lights relate to the catalytic converter, air conditioning and front fog lights. On average, people drive for 12 days before getting a problem checked, and 6% admitted that they ignored a warning light for more than a month.
That means there's a lot of space inside, so the Agila is among the more usefully proportioned small family cars you can buy.
It's not fast, but what the three-cylinder engine lacks in performance it makes up for in enthusiasm.
Thankfully, of the 2,018 drivers sampled, more than half of them correctly identified 16 of the most common symbols. Drivers who take 14 days to repair their car should expect to pay around ?200 for a repair: more than double the ?85 spent by drivers who get their cars fixed immediately. Badged as Opel Agila , aside from the grille, engines and a few interior trim bits it's identical to its Suzuki relation.

Small but spacious the Agila is best described as a city-sized MPV, with a tall, boxy body giving it lots of room for a small footprint on the road. Extras included more airbags, central locking and powered windows, but most Agila s are simply specified.
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