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Honda cars have long been known for their reliability and thrifty fuel economy, and the Civic line provides a variety of layouts to suit your specific beater needs. Kia makes a good quality vehicle for a low price, and this allows for the cars to qualify as a beater much sooner than other makes.
The sheer numbers of these cars sold in the United States along with the number of them left on the streets shows their usefulness as everyday drivers. The Hyundai follows the same equation as the Kia, providing a low new cost which allows for the buyer to pick up a newer used car at a lower price. The Toyota Corolla has been a mainstay of people looking for a reliable, efficient small car for years, and so its showing on this list should come as no surprise. This car is annoyingly efficient and will put up with tons and tons of abuse, and with its low curb weight and short wheelbase can also be a surprising bit of fun for something with such little power. This fun little “off-road” vehicle can provide a bit of weekend fun for a very low price, and still work as a good commuter vehicle. While the Taurus may not boast the best mileage on our list, it makes up for this in amazing reliability. The Bonneville falls in the same category as the Taurus, not remarkably efficient but built to last. Yet another beater which may not be the most efficient vehicle around, but taken care of properly will run forever. Mazda has gained a reputation for reliability and fun, and as the company behind the famous Miata, they prove their dedication to well-mannered driving cars. The Nissan Sentra provides decent reliability, some fun little features like the 90’s sliding automatic seatbelts, and good fuel economy to boot. While this does not qualify as a car, and does not fit the bill for a daily commuter, it will certainly make work around your house easier if you tend to be a do-it-yourselfer.
I feel like I shouldn’t be so predictable in commending your selection of the Volvo 240…but fuck it, Volvo pride baby!
I want to be in one of those high mileage Volvo clubs, but my odometer’s been stuck at 271,710 since 1999. The fourth or even the third generation Honda Civics are better in my opinion than the fifth. Just a caveat on the Volvos: They are annoyingly expensive to fix and, while they run forever, you have to fix them a lot. O yes, the Volvo 240 DL, not a desiel, but that thing could take a beating, I got cut off on the highway bumped up against the concrete gaurd rail doin about 70mph, and nothin but a scratched bumper and two lost hubcaps. I really think Camry’s from 1991 to 1992 (this spans more than one generation) should be on this list. In contrast, the various Hondas we’ve had never had any problems, other than trivial ones. Luckily, I live in a densely-populated city with good public transportation, and no longer need to be enslaved to a car.

But if I did have the misfortune of needing a car once more, I most certainly will never waste money on a Ford again. The Geo Metro isn’t too bad and is fun to work on as 2-3 people can practically lift the 1-liter engine out by hand.
The first gen neons did have a issue with the HG because it was a composite HG which was a horrible design. Biggest problem with the HG changes is people not knowing how to do them properly and yes that includes the dealerships. Other then that neons are reliable I drive them now still have 2 of them currently along with my Mazda CX7 and my Ford F150.
The body was taken from 1928 Dodge 4-door and was chopped and channeled onto handmade frame which is strong enough to carry the engine from 1998 Dodge truck – Cummins 12 valve diesel.
Please note it is Fully waterproof and wipeable - protecting your seat from mud, grease, oil liquid spills etc. Safety Features:Our seat covers are compatible with seats which have airbags and the system that we have used is weakened stitch technology. Unfortunatley the doblo had to be scrapped and the seat covers were only fitted for one month.
A small hatchback coupe for the person looking for ultimate fuel economy, and a 4 door sedan for those who might carpool on their commute.
As with most American cars, they have depreciated quickly and offer a value that is tough to beat.
The Hyundai has proven itself to be a reliable car through the years, and will return great gas mileage due to its fuel-sipping engine. As with any of these other beater cars, if you can find a manual version you will definitely get better fuel mileage and will also most likely suffer less mechanical failures over the life of the car.
Once you get this car moving, it can be a blast to maintain speed around corners with, and if you only need your beater for commutes you can’t beat the efficiency of a small hatchback with barely enough room for two adults.
With decent luggage capacity you can use it for runs to the store and then beat it up around the backwoods on the weekends. The golf provides a fun ride around country backroads while returning excellent fuel mileage.
There is a reason why so many businesses have chosen this car for their fleets, and why many rental companies have done the same. The General Motors 3800 series of engines have been around for a very long time and are essentially bulletproof, which is why I have included the Bonneville on this alongside the Taurus. There are organizations which register high mileage Volvos and give out stickers for inclusion into 300k, 400k, and many more high mileage clubs. They have always tried to make all of their cars somewhat fun to drive, and for what it is, the 626 is no exception. Rental companies have to keep their cars fairly well maintained, as the cars are their business, and so buying one of these used cars will usually yield a decent value.
The third generation has been regarded by some as better than the following 4th gen models, mostly due to its true independent rear suspension instead of the 4th gen torsion bar setup, but also due to overall reliability issues.
From getting mulch to lumber to bringing home appliances, the S-10 can perform a variety of tasks, and even tow a small trailer if you need to.
That sucks though, have you tinkered around to try and find out what’s wrong with it? Kinda sucks to get a beater for $2500 and have to put half that back into the car if the heater ever quits, or the front end needs work. A quick google search will show that the transmissions in this car are worthless and very expensive to replace or repair. I had a 87 Accord that I bought for $500 and took it to 300k miles, only adding an alternator, brakes, and a fuel filter. And keep in mind, Volvo’s will last forever, but only with a realistic amount of maintenance. Our Rossini Motorsports seat covers are semi-fitting in a PVC leatherette fabric, and are suitable for most cars. You also want it be fairly reliable so you don’t have to constantly pour more and more money into it. The best part of these cars is there have been so many made that almost anyone can work on them if you do need a little service here or there, and with many out there you can shop around.

Since age and likelihood to breakdown go hand in hand, it seems obvious that a newer car may in fact offer less chance of breaking down, especially if the used car comes from any part of the country where roads are salted in the winter.
Another plus is the fact that since there have been so many sold and used through the years, if anything breaks on your beater there is a huge supply of used parts at your local salvage yard. This little vehicle has somewhat of a cult-like following for people who have owned one, and provides a unique take on the beater philosophy. A bonus for this car is the TDI diesel variant, which boasts absolutely ludicrous fuel mileage along with the ability to use biodiesel or be converted for vegetable oil burning use, for you do-it-yourselfers. The V6 in the Taurus has proven itself a rock solid motor for a car which can take day after day of abuse and keep going.
The 4 cylinder cars may get better mileage, but its tough to beat these solid sixes in the long run for overall reliability.
A quick look at one such club on Google yielded several 900k+ mile 240s, and many others among the varied lists.
The Neons, like the Cavaliers, have a large used part base available at your local salvage yard as well for the occasional fix.
Being a truck, it can handle your abuse day in and day out, and if you get the 4 cylinder model you wont end up with bad gas mileage. Joining the high mileage club is one of the best parts about owning a Volvo, you gotta get that thing fixed. I ran my 96 to 130k without anything other than routine maintenance – ZERO breakdowns over the 8 years I owned it. I had bought it used when I was in college and it had also been replaced by the original owner as well. After I wrecked it into a curb it lost 5th gear and no longer had power steering, but I sold it to a friend for $400 who delivered pizzas in it as it progressively lost more of the higher gears.
But nothing like the feeling of absolute dread and terror when your car breaks down, and being totally dependent on it to get to work, buy groceries, get to the doctor, etc.). We have assembled here a list of 15 vehicles which can all be found for under $2500, and will all provide a variety of services.
Many parts breakdown as they rust, and by getting a newer car as your beater you reduce the chances of serious rust having formed in critical areas.
This puts the Golf on a whole different level of eco-friendliness, for those of you willing to play around with your beater. These cars can be passed down through several generations and still function properly as a daily beater.
By the time HE was done with it, it had 350k on the clock and he drove it to the junkyard in 2nd gear .. Seat covers make it easy to protect that investment, since they protect the seats from fading, spills, or other damage.
The most important part of looking for a beater vehicle is to talk to the owner and get an idea of how well it has been cared for. If maintained regularly, any of these cars should provide years more of service to you, but one wrong move and you could end up wasting money on a lemon.
If either of us cared enough, we could have replaced the rack and power steering pump along with the transmission for a few hundred bucks and a weekend (parts from the junkyard) .. And I know (and have read of) quite a few other people who’ve had similar experiences. Mine still has the original exhaust system and I live in Canada and we love to salt the roads. Overall condition of the exterior is somewhat correlated to the level of care taken by the (sometimes multiple) owner(s).
I wanted it to catistrophically fail so I could justify junking it and getting a new car and it wouldn’t, for 2 years. Assuredly since you are looking for an extra vehicle you can take the time to look around and find a good deal, and this will surely pay off in the long run.
The best beater however is a car you know the history of, one owned by family or friends you can count on to have kept serviced.

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