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2010, 60 Plate CITROEN C3 PICASSO, for sale at Riverside Garage, Tideford, ?6,995 manual, diesel, 37,000 miles, Wicked red, electric windows, air conditioning, colour coded trim, alloy wheels. Your house is by far your largest and most valuable asset and it certainly pays to keep it in good condition, and of course, to improve it from time to time, protecting your investment for the future. In today’s somewhat fickle housing market, just how can you keep your home in good order, and improve it without the work costing a small fortune? A driveway for many people is an essential element of their home, if only to keep their car nice and safe, but did you know that you can add tens of thousands of pounds to the value of your house by adding a new driveway? Houses that are located in urban or city areas may be in a location where parking is scarce and expensive. Adding a driveway to your house does not necessarily mean having a big lump of tarmac or concrete laid down as the trend nowadays is to have a durable block paving drive, which not only does the job of proving a vehicle hardstanding, but can really make an added benefit and kerb appeal to the front of the house.
This extra room, once converted, can be used for many things: A new luxury bathroom, an extra bedroom, a Granny flat or holiday home, a games room, a music studio, the list is endless.
However one thing is for sure, this type of conversion can add a substantial amount of space to your home, and it will add value to your home, in some cases, up to ?30,000, meaning that any money spent on the conversion, actually pays for itself many times over! Estate agents always lecture about kerb appeal, but even if you have no plans to put your home on the market, having work done to the exterior will boost the value of the property for the future long term, and ensure that costly defects never appear, such as cracks or damp.

One of the best ways to add value to a tired looking exterior is to have it painted, and if you can afford it, a weatherproof exterior wall coating, available from a range of companies online, is a great way to freshen up the appearance, plus get those niggly jobs done outside like cracks or any missing bits of rendering. Another great way to refresh the appearance and add a “Wow!” factor is to have new double glazed windows fitted.
Another top tip for the exterior would be to repaint your front door because the front door is the main entrance and the focal point for the front of the house, so why compromise? Yes, not only will you add a significant amount onto the value of your house once it has a conservatory fitted, you will also enjoy extra room in the home, and of course a lot more light coming in.
A conservatory can be sourced in a variety of differing styles, colours and shapes, suited exactly to complement and improve your existing house. When choosing a company to install a new addition to the home such as this, it is important that the highest quality is sourced because this is a major improvement and if done correctly by a reputable contractor, the cost of the installation will soon pay for itself. Solar panels are not the stuff of eco-warriors or hippies any more, they went mainstream some time ago with the adoption of new technology cells which can harness the power of the sun, even when the clouds are above and it seems a grey and gloomy day!
The installation of Photovoltaic (Solar PV) panels is no longer prohibitively expensive and in fact you could end up making money with the Governments Green Deal scheme!
The feed-in tariffs which channel unused solar power back into the national grid, and off your electric bill, mean that with careful use of power consumption, you can end up with the smallest electric bills in the street, and a lot of credibility and karma too. Having solar panels on the roof also means that the energy performance certificate of your home will look that much more appealing too! There are so many simple ways to improve the look and functionality of your home, plus increasing its value too, without breaking the bank, and without having to endure your house as a building site for months on end. About the author: Guy Alexander Bell is a surveyor turned Home Improvement writer and blogger. Hi, my name is Louie, you'll find me writing about all sorts of home subjects from interior design to gadgets and quirky buildings.

I try my hand at gardening and DIY every now and then, but I'm utterly useless, so if you have any advice or tips, get in touch!
Today, I’m going to show you five different home improvements you can have done, which will add to the market value of your house. This can also be the case in some popular holiday resorts where you cannot park your car for love nor money. The teams at Anglian are well aware that many home owners are starting to realise the potential of converting their garage into extra living space! Anglian offer a whole range of different uPVC and wooden frames, with the latest in glazing, all made in their own factory, ensuring the highest quality, but at affordable prices. Energy sources such as gas, coal and electric are NOT limitless and one day the planet may run out of these precious resources. Recently a council in Cornwall sold 5 single-car parking spaces in a pretty seaside village for ?50,000 each! Look inside most peoples’ garages and you are more likely to find a selection of old tools the husband never uses, boxes of bric-a-brac that never got sold at that car boot sale, and perhaps a couple of bicycles shoved in the corner! Your contribution to making Great Britain a greener and more sustainable place ensures that not only will your green credentials increase, so will the value of your home too and you can end up generating 40% of your electricity requirements, for free!

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