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Using its super-powerful amounts, elegantly stylish lines, reduced-slung revolutionary and outline style functions, the BMW i8 presents a brand new era of sports vehicle. It's the appliance of science - BMW claims its i3 city car uses only as much electricity as a fridge.
With greenhouse gas emission reduction targets making the headlines, BMW couldn't have picked a better time for the Australian launch of the i3, the German giant's first mass-produced vehicle to run solely on electric power.The BMW i3 is a five-door hatch with unusual looks that border on those of the compact SUVs. Styling of the i3 is quite distinctive, the front bonnet storage is handy and the interior makes for a nice fresh and airy feel.
With no end in sight to the SUV boom GM Holden has added to the choices in the compact segment with its all-new Trax – a five-door, five-seat, high-riding and handsome wagon that is as much about media technology for savvy city slickers as it is engines and drivetrains. GM Holden's Australian engineers were involved in developing Trax for local conditions in South America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand with suspension and steering tuning made to suit local roads. The compact Trax SUV fills a void in Holden's line joining big brothers Captiva 5, Captiva 7 and Colorado 7. Trax has a distinctive shape with a bold, rising shoulder line and diving roof line, but the front of the vehicle is unashamedly brash – being designed for the US market. With technology from smart phones also booming, the Trax is fitted with MyLink technology that features embedded apps for music and navigation. In a sign of the times the centre stack does not include a CD slot with the majority of people using Smartphones as their source of music. On the launch we used the BringGo navigation that costs 99 cents to try and $65 to buy which uses your smartphone GPS to navigate through the car's 7-inch screen.
As the Trax was being launched Holden was advised the vehicle had been given a 5-Star ANCAP safety rating with high points. Our Trax first drive took us through the Melbourne CBD to Berwick, down to the Mornington Peninsula in both specification levels and including one manual variant. The steering is light and perhaps a little vague, but as a city car this is almost irrelevant. It is a five seater, but with a narrow body line the car is best suited to four adults - and possibly a small child from the rear centre seat. The core strength of Trax is in the technology and the practicality along with sharp pricing. The interior is littered with storage bins and there's a handy storage drawer under the passenger seat to hide valuables including laptops away from prying eyes. The Holden Trax is priced sharply, and is bristling with modern connectivity and convenience features. Jeep Cherokee is a high quality modern SUV that's attracted a host of buyers that would never have considered the Jeep brand in the past. Bringing characteristic characteristics of the BMW manufacturer together using the style vocabulary created especially for BMW i vehicles produces a modern visual which consistently conveys the efficiency characteristics, revolutionary and effectiveness quality personality of the plug in sports vehicle that is hybrid.The look of the BMW body that is i8 is really as innovative whilst the plug in sports that are hybrid car is idea in general. On the downside, the regenerative braking system makes it difficult to cruise on open stretches of road without having to continually work the accelerator.The battery-only i3 BEV is priced at $63,900 with the REX range-extender costing an extra $6000. Holden opted to not bring in an AWD version after market research found buyers top three priorities when buying a compact SUV were styling, cost and manufacturer.

Buyers have the choice of either a five-speed manual transmission or a six-speed auto in the LS and auto-only in the LTZ.
MyLink supports Pandora, Stitcher, Tunein and BringGo navigation as well as Siri Eyes Free Mode. MyLink allows audio and phone streaming via Bluetooth for Android while iPhone connectivity is via cable. Also, Trax has a 240 volt three plug outlet rated to 150 watt, for charging items such as laptops while driving - the only vehicle we know of that has this convenience. We also used Pandora for our favourite music and listened to our preferred Gold Coast radio station on Tunein while testing the Trax in Victoria. Standard equipment includes a reversing camera, rear parking sensors, stability control, ABS brakes, traction control, hill start assist, electronic brakeforce distribution, six airbags, and three child seat anchors.
The ride is comfortable but a little stiff over uneven surfaces causing a small amount of twitchiness. As a high-riding vehicle Trax has some body roll on corners – as do all the SUV's in this compact segment. Even though Trax is relatively small, the interior does not feel cramped and the vehicle does not drive like a compact car. Its practical interior will win it many friends, and despite its modest dimensions, has a feeling of solidity akin to larger SUVs.  The Trax is likely to sell like hotcakes.
Its designers have managed to tread that fine line between tradition and fashion while its engineers have retained its previous all-terrain credentials but with improved fuel efficiency, new technology and upgraded safety systems.
Light design, Characteristic BMW character and effectiveness are indicated within the amounts, outlines and area style of the vehicle. With the sprawling nature of Australian major cities we'd expect many buyers to opt for the reassurance of the little engine.The BMW i3 will go on sale on 21 November initially through a single dealership in each of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Holden's chief designer (who did not design the Trax) said the car had perhaps more road presence 'than it deserves' implying that it actually looks a lot tougher than its performance. There is nothing new in this with soft-roader Jeep and Dodge product taking the same design strategy. As well the system allows people to view images and movies while the vehicle is parked using USB storage connected via cable.
The cabin interior uses soft touch surfaces with quality material upholstery and contrasting stitching. And it's not nearly so comfortable.The i3 is the start of the electrification revolution at BMW, arriving as the plug-in battery starter model alongside the i8 hybrid supercar. The Lodge is the standard design with the Loft as a no-cost option while the Suite is a $2000 option.DRIVETRAINThe eDrive electric motor is powered by a 360-volt lithium-ion battery pack containing 96 cells within eight modules. Having said that Trax is a handsome SUV that should appeal to buyers, young and not so young. We also like the large digital speedometer read out in these days of prolific speed cameras. Sculpted surfaces take the place of flat areas throughout, although sufficient traditional Jeep trapezoidal shapes have been retained in the instrument and centre stack surrounds to, probably, keep the purists happy.Cherokee is a five-seater, all of which can be full-sized adults.

It's a ground-up design that packages a 250kg lithium-ion battery pack at the bottom of a 'skateboard' design, with the passengers in a carbon fibre cell that sits on top.It's already been a long journey, through prototypes disguised first as a Mini and then a BMW 1 Series, but the reality is as impressive as the promises.
The thick pillars and shallow rear window don't help visibility although the large exterior mirrors and high driving position do offset the problem to some extent.The Cherokee Limited's powered opening and closing tailgate, controlled from the key fob, allows easy access to the cargo area which can be extended by folding the rear seatbacks flat. It can be operated manually through the BMW iDrive system, otherwise it will automatically cut in when the battery charge level drops to 18 per cent or at highway speeds. If you opt for the 'range extender' petrol engine, a 650cc job from a BMW scooter that works as an on-board generator, it runs to 300km. The entry-level front-wheel drive Cherokee Sport is powered by the Fiat designed 2.4-litre with 137kW at 6400rpm and 232Nm at 4600 revs, performance which will satisfy most of the urban owners at which it is aimed. Together with the larger windows they provide a nice fresh and airy feel that we loved, as we did with the high driving position.One interesting feature of the i3 is what BMW calls a 'single-pedal control system', a slightly confusing term because the car does have the normal brake and accelerator pedals.
What it refers to is the regenerative braking system which slows the car so quickly when the acceleration pedal is released that it's almost possible to drive without using the brake pedal – basically only when coming to a full stop.The downside is that it makes it difficult to cruise on open stretches of road without having to continually work the accelerator quickly to head off deceleration. Its torque peak of 350Nm and towing capacity of just under 2400kg makes it the preferred choice for hauling boats, camper trailers or small-to-medium caravans.
You have to learn a new technique to use this to best advantage, but it doesn't take long to adapt, indeed it's quite a pleasant skill to acquire.One note of caution for the unwary was that the absence of any engine noise often led to us travelling at significantly higher speeds than our normal perception. And where there are zero incentives from government, unlike Europe and the US, where green car buyers get plenty of cash benefits."I think this is definitely the start of something. As we seem to be saying quite often recently the 'Sport' title is purely cosmetic because there's nothing sporty about the entry-level Cherokee. Ticehurst says the i3 can be recharged from a normal household power socket, which takes about eight hours. At 1638kg kerb weight it's not the lightest vehicle in its class and while it handled conditions around town it did struggle on the long hilly motorway sections of our route.
Upgrading to a home charging station, likely to cost about $1500 with more punch to the power, does the job in six hours.There are public fast-chargers for a fill in three hours. Our off-road testing was limited, although it did come after several days of rain and we were able to test the various electronic setting options over some slippery terrain before switching back to 'Auto' and letting the 4WD system do the work for us. But we have to convince people of that."It's going to take years and that is one reason why BMW Australia will not give a sales forecast.
It admits electric car sales have fallen in Australia this year but believes it can more than compensate in 2015.

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