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Important 1912 Mercer Raceabout & Thrall Automobile Collection to be Sold by Dragone Auctions. Dragone Classic Motorcars will offer a vast array of rare and exciting motorcars at their fall auction Oct. The beautiful 1912 Mercer Raceabout is fully documented, with lineage going back to the 1940s.  This Mercer is perhaps, one of the most original in existence with ties to names like Webster Knight, Edward Malley, Alec Ullman and David V. The last Mercer to exit the factory: a 1925 Mercer Series 6 Raceabout now owned by Johnny Crowell.
The Roebling family, along with designer Finley Robertson Porter, debuted the Mercer Raceabout Type 35R in 1911.
It seems that Crowell has every intention of seeing just how fast the car deemed America’s first race car will go, and right beside him, giving new meaning to the term “trooper,” will be Crowell’s wife, Christine.
On arrival, Crowell’s Mercer, which he acquired in February, will make its post-restoration debut on the Concours show field.
This year’s Concours d’Elegance will host an assemblage of quintessential, one-of-a-kind and rarely seen Mercers. In addition to Mercer, the concours will feature Cars of the Maharajas, Saoutchik Coachwork, AC and AC (Shelby) Cobra, Fiat, Sport Customs and German Motorcycles. To learn more about the Mercer and thousands of other prewar cars, check out our Standard Catalog of American Cars 1805-1942.
Scale models have been a big part of the collector-car hobby for nearly as long as the hobby has been around.

Imagine a work of art combining two dissimilar works, both the creations of a great 19th century engineering dynasty. In only its third year on the peninsula, Mecum Auctions continues to parade an impressive array of collector vehicles across the block of its Monterey event.
Join us each week for interviews and discussions with the foremost personalities in the collector car hobby. The material on this site may not reproduced, distributed, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of American City Business Journals. When visiting David Greenlees’s shop over in Brattleboro recently, we asked that he keep us updated with the 1914 Mercer Raceabout engine build that took up a good portion of the shop.
John, several years ago in San Diego, you provided a door for my 1962 yellow 356 (mine had been stolen) and made the car look just great.
Just hoping you’re the same John Wilberg and wondering if you wtill are doing Porsche restorations. But look on the bright side….this way you only had to replace the door and not the whole car!
A wonderful piece of art deco history is being offered, styled by the great industrial French designer Raymond Loewy is an aerodynamic Hupmobile coupe from 1935; also, a Chrysler Airflow and a 1934 Brewster, if your collection is lacking something out of the ordinary. 7, Johnny Crowell will don his leather cap and goggles and settle in behind the wheel of his 1925 Mercer Series 6 Raceabout — the last Mercer ever to exit the factory. The result was one of the most admired sports cars of the early era: a stripped-down, two-seat speedster designed to be driven fast. The trip begins in Seattle, Washington and winds through the Cascade Mountains, scaling Mount Hood and circling scenic Crater Lake, then eventually crossing the Golden Gate Bridge and tracing the Pacific Coast toward its final destination—the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, where Mercer is a featured marque this year.

In addition to the last production Mercer brought by Crowell, Dave and Denise Sanders will be showing a rare 1931 prototype Mercer Merrimac Convertible Coupe that was built in a failed attempt to revive the marque. Herb is a retired mechanical engineer, now age 73, who lives in Orchard Park, New York, near Buffalo.
As many of these stories start, I was poking around in old motoring journals and caught sight of a brief mention of two Japanese drivers, H.
By 1925, they had perfected it; the Series 6 is the only model to be powered by a six-cylinder engine, and Crowell’s car, one of just two Series 6 Raceabouts in existence, is the only Mercer to have factory-installed four-wheel brakes. Herb is a car guy, and like lots of us, is overwhelmed by the glory of cars that he probably can’t afford to buy.
The Thrall collection also contains marquees such as: Peerless, Packard, Hupmobile, Franklin, Graham, Oakland, Chrysler, and Studebaker to name a few. Giving them a “better Than New” driveability- with a little new tec, That only increses There Fun! First step to installing the new crank (fabricated by Moldex of Detroit) is to machine new bronze main caps to replace the originals which are prone to crack after hard use, being aluminum.
A narrow modern oil seal was also installed in the rear but discreetly done and not visible from the outside.

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