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Ten Reasons You Must Visit The Algarve I’m always talking about the Algarve as a great travel experience everyone must have.
Once again the US is in a tizzy over another mass shooting, this time in downtown New York City in broad daylight.
You can’t help but notice just how many homes and commercial buildings across the Algarve are topped with ornate chimneys, whether working or not. The entrances to many places across the Algarve are inviting, artistic and visually appealing, whether they are public buildings or private ones. There must be something about the unique combination of sun, sand, sea and warm breezes that stimulates creativity because I find that the Algarve is loaded with creative folks.
You may also be interested in knowing that I sustain collaborations with friendly and knowledgeable guides in other parts of Portugal. The arguing is over, the payments are made, the travel documents are in hand and your passport is ready for that first stamp.
It must be terrible to live in a country where fear of your own personal safety is so prevalent. On my most recent Algarve trip the flamingoes near Castro Marim and Vila Real de San Antonio came out to play! In some cases the doorways are old and covered in a patina of paint, dust and other grunge.
Welcome to my site and to the opportunity to host you on either one of my Custom Culinary Tours or my week-long scheduled A Taste of Algarve tours. After setting the alarm for some ungodly hour, you settle into the final chore of packing for your Caribbean trip. Lucia definitely "rolls up the sidewalks early"; however, we befriended a couple of locals who shared some good nightlife spots with us, and a good tip - "The IN spot" changes weekly, so ask around. It rained my first couple of days here but then the sunshine came out again and it has been almost cloudless blue skies and lovely warm temperatures ever since. It is a great swath of golden sand about 8 km long, backed for much of its length by red cliffs.
And they are very clear that a retreat and a vacation are not synonymous, even though many women think they are. Goudie, Lisbon, and I, in particular, often collaborate to offer our clients a 2-location custom culinary experience. The vistas of the majestic and lush twin Piton Mountain peaks rising from the sea are astounding. You can depart from Oakland, San Diego or San Jose, but if you want to get your package for the lowest price, depart from Oakland.
If you want to explore the crystal blue water and reefs or the lush tropical land with its rain forests, mountains and spectacular views, St. Lucia was in 1976, when the island was a gem of the Caribbean that had yet to be discovered.
I returned four times before starting a family, after which I brought my kids (now aged 16, 13 and 10) as soon as they were able to travel, knowing there is something for everyone on the island. After four family vacations (one on a cruise), I still hear, “Hey, Dad, when are we going back to St.
Martin (French side) all are a bit more formal and a dressier dress for the ladies and a jacket for the gents is appropriate. While there are very few truly cool days or evenings in the islands, a light jacket or sweater is usually a good idea from November to March.Essentials. Lucia’s former capital, is the island’s oldest town and was established by the French in 1746.

Since most resorts provide bathing essentials, such as shampoo, conditioner and lotion, there is no need to bring those along unless you have a particular reason and cannot live without your brand. The island changed hands more than a dozen times as the British and the French fought over it for much of the 17th and 18th centuries. If you’re traveling with an infant, make sure you bring all of the necessities, as these items will be at least double the price on the islands. When I travel to the islands, I like to take advantage of some of the bargains I can find in the offbeat galleries and shops.
I have a small suitcase that I pack inside my suitcase on the way down, and when it invariably gets filled with souvenirs, I just check it on the way home.Electronic Accessories. Cell phones (with international roaming) will work on most islands but service is expensive. Times could be changing, however, because in late 2007, American Airlines began nonstop service to St.
Lucia from New York’s JFK airport on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.Since the island is so small, I have found that utilizing a taxi and planning out your day trips in advance is more cost effective than renting a car. Besides, the locals drive on the wrong (left) side of the road, which usually is a challenge.St. Lucia has a very pleasant climate year round, but the high season begins in late December and runs through mid April. Remember, some terrific deals are available in the summer (hurricane) months—just remember to purchase insurance.What to DoSt. Lucia does not disappoint with excursions on ATVs, zip-lining through the rainforest on a canopy tour, or hiking the Piton Mountains.
With its 3-1-1 rule, it’s next to impossible to take liquids or gels without checking your bag. Water-lovers can head offshore for snorkeling, scuba diving, wind surfing or kite boarding.
Keep this in mind for your return trip if you buy some alcohol and have a connecting flight. If you are not familiar with a zip-line, just think of the old cartoon, George of the Jungle.
I have witnessed many bottles of that duty-free rum being poured out (or drunk) at the security line.Carry-on. You are fitted with a harness with a pulley and clipped on a cable, and careen across the rainforest from platform to platform hundreds of feet above the ground.Snorkeling at the beach is great for beginners and younger kids, but to see some real sea life, I suggest heading off shore to one of the recommended dive spots where there are many more varieties of fish and maybe you will even see a leatherback or loggerhead turtle or a whale in the distance. Since I am not an expert diver, and my youngest is still not very confident in her skills, one of our favorites is the Anse Chastanet Reef.
This is where you’ll pack your passport and your vouchers or confirmations for your hotels and transfers. You can swim out from the beach to a clear depth of 25 feet and explore the reef which eventually drops off to a depth of 140 feet.
It’s also a good idea to keep a bathing suit and a casual change of clothing in there as well.
Luggage has a way of getting delayed; if you’re on a cruise it is not delivered until after dinner.
Lucia, and the entire island is beautiful, there are four “must-sees” that shouldn’t be missed.Marigot Bay. This is a serene, sequestered, natural harbor that once provided a hideout for pirate ships.
It was also the setting for the original Doctor Doolittle film—the 1967 musical starring Rex Harrison as a vet who can talk with the animals.

Marigot is a small, sheltered, crystal clear bay surrounded by palm trees and quaint little restaurants and bars.
Guests at the Discovery at Marigot Bay can ride the Sunshine Express—considered to be the first solar-powered ferry in the Caribbean.Pigeon Island.
Home of Fort Rodney, the Pigeon Island Museum and Interpretive Centre is housed in the former British officers' mess building, which has been meticulously restored to its 1808 condition.
Depending on your vacation goal (and to an extent your wallet), they all offer something different—from non-stop action to a secluded romantic room where you could go a week without seeing another human being.
A family of hour can stay for about $3,700 a week (rates begin at $430 per room per night and $55 or $75 per night for kids).
Its kid’s club is wonderful, with segregated age-appropriate activities for toddlers to teens. So sneaking away for some grown-up time is very easy and stress-free knowing the kids are being taken care of on the other side.
The resort’s full-service Kai Mer Spa is wonderful, and you can’t beat luxuriating in a hot-stone treatment while looking at the aqua-colored ocean a few feet away.
This resort is located on the southern tip of the island and has 254 guest rooms, three pools and the island’s largest water park. While probably not the best choice for the toddler crowd, Anse Chastanet is perfect for couples and families with older children. There aren’t a huge number of amenities, but if you are looking for water sports, relaxation and some of the most spectacular views in the world, check in. Anse Chasanet has been named one of the Top 25 resorts in the Caribbean by Conde Nast Traveler.
For the true romantic, how does a private room with a personal plunge pool and a view of the glorious Pitons sound?
All ages are welcome in the very upscale, affluent seaside village setting where guests are encouraged to break apart from the typical resort routine and design their own vacation.
A family of four could rest their sand-covered feet in a Calabash Suite, which costs from $4,900 a week. This resort is not all inclusive, so pack some extra change for the meals.Where to EatDining options are not in short supply on St. We prefer more casual fare—probably because my kids refuse to get “dressed up” on vacation. The local expression for “hanging out” is “liming,” which is where this restaurant gets its name. I am not a seafood person, so I tend to recommend the jerk chicken or their steaks which are very simply prepared, yet incredibly tasty. Most dishes are made with fresh grown or picked local ingredients including mangoes and avocados.
However, the “to die for” dish is the creme brulee with bananas marinated in rum—both the bananas and rum are local.
758-286-0511).[A previous version of this article was originally published in March, during our Alpha phase.

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