The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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In June my husband and I went to NYC to photograph a wedding and enjoy a few days in the city. When returning the vehicle to the LaGuardia location, I asked the person who was checking cars in, Derek, what I could do about the fact that I had paid for a Full Size car but was given a Standard car.
Yesterday in the mail (which I got today as I was working yesterday), which is 5 weeks after the incident, I received in the mail a packet from Avis stating that I owe $304 for the damages done to the bumper which I am responsible for. This is a full size crop of the damage from the image above, the same damage we would later be charged for doing to the car, despite having proof we didn’t do it. A copy of our paperwork showing that even Avis knew we had paid for Full Size and were being given a standard sized vehicle for rental. A picture of the car when I was inside filling out the paperwork regarding the damage and arguing my case. This picture is included in my bill for the repairs done to the car for the damages that they are claiming that I did.

Who Hates Coffee??How do you function in the morning is what I'm most often asked when I confess that I don't like coffee. Watch Out For These Car Rental ScamsLearn these five ways car rental companies are scamming you out of your cash. December 4, 2008 by eandl One of my concerns about driving in Ireland was the whole driving on the right side of the car and the left side of the road thing. Picking up the rental car took a while and frankly, I think they gave us our car because we were American. To be honest, I probably would have lost the hubcap sometime during our three days anyway and I’m not entirely sure all the dents in the rim were there before.
The roads were very, very narrow in places and Eric even noticed a few hedges with a swath missing at side view mirror height. Even full before and after pictures of a vehicle wouldn’t help in my case as I encounterred a flapping noise under the vehicle after I drove it out the lot upon which I discovered the plastic cover under the vehicle was loose.

What I should have been concerned with was the width of the roads and the completely unrealistic speed limits. The front left hubcap was missing, the front left mirror was busted, there was a huge scrape along the front left quarter panel as well as scratches and dings all over the place. It was often a stone wall on one side or oncoming traffic at 100kph on the other side, so it made for some hair-raising experiences. After calling Avis roadside assistance, they advised me to take it to the nearest Avis agency upon which the mechanic told me I had to drive back to my rental location. The brakes on the other hand, while they never failed, certainly sounded like they were on their last breath.

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