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A decade and a half after the first woman graduated from the Israel Air Force’s prestigious flight school, the IAF has, after years of deliberation, opened the skies to pregnant pilots and navigators, the air force quarterly magazine reported. The first woman to fly in the IAF was Zahara Levitov, a Palmach fighter who moved to the US during the British Mandate period, studied medicine at Columbia University and trained as a pilot in California. Two years later, Yael Rom became the first woman pilot to graduate from the newly founded IAF Flight School.
But at around the same time, while the IAF was establishing itself as a true air force, it stopped accepting female cadets. The pregnant pilots will have to be examined by a physician before each flight and have their eyesight checked once every month.
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TIME LIMIT-If a driver does not hit a car within the time specified, announced by derby officials, or officials feel driver is deliberately sand bagging, driver and car will be disqualified.
INSPECTION – Derby officials reserve the right to inspect any and all cars entered in the Demolition contest at any time.
The race director shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. All glass, side and rear windows, headlights , tail lights and windshields must be removed before reaching the track. All hoods must have holes over the carburetor for fire extinguisher access, 12’’ hole or larger.
Trucks must have the original type suspension; do not change leaf spring to coil springs, or coil springs to leaf. Any engine or transmission may be used in any truck, but must be mounted in a stock position. Any type header is allowed but must be directed away from driver compartment and other competitors. All drivers must wear approved helmets, long pants, long sleeve shirts, closed toe shoes and eye protection. All trucks must be signed in at least 1 hour before posted starting time and must be inspected before the race. When the War of Independence broke out, she returned to Israel and flew combat missions during the conflict until a fatal plane crash in August 1948.
In 1956, during the Suez War, she co-piloted the lead plane that dropped the Paratroops at the mouth of the Mitla Pass, deep in the Sinai Desert.

Only in 1994 did Alice Miller, a trained civilian pilot and an officer in the IAF, appeal to the High Court of Justice to break the gender discrimination. The IAF would not release numbers of active female pilots but noted that two more graduated the course in December.
Starting in 2014, transport plane pilots will be allowed to fly until the 25th week of pregnancy, the IAF quarterly reported, with a limit of four hours of air time per day, at or below 8,000 feet and with an additional airman or woman in the cockpit. All drivers must supply their own car and may enter one heat only unless otherwise informed at driver’s meeting. Cars that ran in last year’s derby at the Chelsea Fair are allowed, all others must be fresh cars. Intoxicating beverages and drugs, or the use of such, are prohibited prior to or during the event. Last two cars moving under their own power, making visible contact with another car, will be officially proclaimed the winner. Any vehicles displaying obscenities will be disqualified; only commercial advertising and car number permitted. Any front engine, hard top car or station wagon is allowed, with the exception of Chrysler Imperials, no trucks, compacts, jeeps, carryalls, etc. Safety belts and approved safety helmets, long pants, long sleeve shirts, and closed toes shoes are required and must be worn by all drivers. Steel fuel line must be used instead of rubber fuel line through the firewall, with a MINIMUM length of 36”. Stock factory rubber body mounts in original position with original body bolts and factory inserts in place. Side doors may be welded shut, not to exceed above the bottom of door window, and not to exceed 1” past seems.
Additional safety regulations may be imposed at the time of the Derby due to track conditions. All drivers must be signed in with Derby Officials one half hour before program starting time. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. The number of spring leaves must be the same as the manufacturer originally delivered the stock, standard truck.

No agricultural tires, foam filled, liquid filled or any tires larger than a 33 inch allowed.
Herzl Bodinger, the commander of the IAF at the time, the Court ruled that the IAF could not bar candidates on the basis of gender alone. In December 1998 Sari Rahat of Raanana, an F-16 navigator, became the first woman to graduate from the course.
Driver must have a valid driver’s license in possession for inspection when signing in day of exhibition. If coils are changed to leafs, the following standard must be met: No chaining up or down any suspension, welding to any spring or spring support. If a car is pushed, shoved or driven out of bounds and Derby Officials feel it is a hazard to spectators, car will be eliminated and disqualified immediately. Do not leave your car unless you are told to do so by an official or the last car has stopped. Any driver caught with an altered frame at check- in will not be allowed to enter that truck. In 2001, Roni Zuckerman, the granddaughter of two of the leaders of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Antek Zuckerman and Zvia Lubetkin, became the first woman to graduate as a fighter pilot. A boat type tank or equivalent thereof is to be placed in the middle of back seat area, not in trunk, in cradle securely fastened to car floor.
They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official. All chrome and decorative ornaments, including all fiberglass, rubber and plastic must be removed from outside of car. Four factory stair step leafs, no inversion of leafs, one bolt on clamp equal to factory clamp front and rear. Safety bars are allowed from driver’s windshield post to passenger post and behind seat post to post. If car is originally factory equipped with electric fuel pump, a kill switch must be in driver’s compartment. If changed from coil to leaf springs, the front mount cannot extend beyond front factory arm mount.

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