The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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This screen will have a check list that you will have to read through to make sure you provide the correct answers.
You will then be directed to a screen that allows you to input the appropriate reference number. If you don’t have your V11 and are using your V5C reference number, you will need to use the second option. This will show a summary of the information you have input, including the details about your car, your chosen tax period and the card number being used for the payment. You will then be shown a confirmation of your tax disc order, which will also include information such as your reference number, your vehicle registration mark, the date you made the application, the make of your vehicle, the start date of your licence, the cost and length of your tax and the final 4 digits of your payment card. You can also apply for your car tax by visiting your local Post Office that provides this service. Calling the above number will cost 7p per minute plus anything on top of your call operators charges. Firstly thanks to Peter S for sending over the first three photos shown on this page, and agreeing to them being shown here.
A number of Morris 8 photographs now feature on the site, although these are the first old photos featuring a Series 1 Morris 8 saloon.
A little while back Roy sent me recollections of his first car, a Series 1 Morris 8, and they feature here, in the motoring memories section of the site. Next, a photo from my own collection, showing a 2 door Morris 8 with a full complement of passengers on board, and a dog looking like he quite fancies a ride in the little Morris too.
This next photo was emailed over early in 2010, the sender hoping to have the car identified.
VY 9321, first registered in or around York, is another example of a pre-war 8hp Morris in Series 1 guise. A gent with his lady are seen enjoying themselves on a picnic, with a 1935 Morris 8 parked behind them. Two young ladies are now captured on film, enjoying a day out with their Series 1 Morris 8. To read an owner's first-hand memories of driving a Morris 8 in the 1950s, please visit this page within the Motoring Memories section of the site.

You may need it if you’re buying car insurance or if you’re buying Toyota Tundra parts or other genuine Toyota parts. Additionally, you may want to check your vehicle registration as well as the vehicle title and registration. Digits #4-9 – These give background information about the vehicle such as body type, transmission type, etc.
This is everything you need to know about your VIN.  Take a look at your VIN and unlock its secrets. You what would really help, is for someone to actually show each slot means along with what the different numbers or letters mean for each slot. Hyundai’s Next Fuel Cell Vehicle Will Have A 500 Mile Range – Will Toyota Match It? Remember to remove the spaces when typing your reference number in and there is an image that shows where you will find your reference number. The first box is for your vehicle registration mark, which needs to be entered without spaces. If there are any issues, there are two links below the table that can be used, depending on the areas that are incorrect. It is worth double checking you have chosen the correct option and that the price is correct.
It offers you a link to join the NHS Organ Donor Register as well as more information about doing so. All three pictures show a 1936 Morris 8 4 door saloon, registration DNB 456, seen in July 1965. On this page there are two photos of a similarly aged Series 1 Morris tourer, and here is shown a period shot of a Series 2 Morris 8, in 2 door saloon form.
Roy took his test in this car, and recalls an embarassing 'moment' he had with the examiner during the compulsory emergency stop procedure.. The chrome radiator gives it away as a 4 door Series 1 Morris Eight, as do the smaller centre wheel caps. Harder to identify though is the part-dismantled car lurking in the shadows to the left, only the chrome screen surround gives any clue as to that car's identity.

The distinctive swage down the centre of the rear wing visible in this photo, along with the shape of the rear window and the style of the bumper, were enough to identify the car as an 8hp Morris. In fact there is a third lady in view, although for some reason she opted to hide away in the back of the car, rather than sit outside on the tartan travel rug. You will then need to enter your V5C document reference number in the second box, again with no spaces. You can also opt to input your email address and mobile phone number, but this isn’t required. The screen will detail the total cost to your credit card, which incurs an additional charge. Air Bags, Air Con, Automatic Wing Mirrors, CD Player, Central Lock, Electric Windows, Leather Interior, New Wheels, Reverse Warning Sensors.
Air Con, Alarm, Alloy Wheels, CD Player, Central Lock, Electric Windows, Leather Interior, Power Steering.
Air Con, Alarm, Alloy Wheels, Automatic Wing Mirrors, CD Player, Central Lock, Electric Windows, New Wheels, Power Steering. Air Bags, Air Con, Alarm, Alloy Wheels, Audio Amplifier, Automatic Wing Mirrors, CD Player, Electric Windows, Leather Interior, New Wheels, Power Steering, Reverse Warning Sensors. Visually the 1 & 2 differed most obviously with the earlier car having spoked wheels as opposed to pressed rims, and a chrome radiator surround as opposed to the later car's painted version. This particular car has been fitted with full-width wheel covers, disguising the car's age a little.
Eventually the little Morris was traded in for a '53 Ford Prefect, did it survive I wonder? A larger pre-war Morris is over to the right (cramping access to the 8's driver's door somewhat), while in front there appears to be a wooden-bodied estate car (woodie).

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