The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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This is a great way to enjoy what is one of the most beautiful and iconic cars in the world - the 356 Speedster!! Retailers of Yuasa and GS products will now be able to offer their customers a powerful battery lookup system from within their own websites thanks to a revolutionary new battery lookup application.
While battery replacement was once a fairly straightforward task, modern day vehicle electrical systems have made it imperative that a battery of the correct specification is fitted to the vehicle.
Since going live with the widget, Bush Tyres have noticed real benefits in customer service and sales. The Yuasa and GS battery lookup widgets are available to all distributers and retailers who exclusively stock Yuasa or GS batteries.
Customers using the widget can search for car and light van batteries by registration number, VIN or chassis number, or by make, model and year. In addition to Car and Light Van batteries the Yuasa and GS widgets also feature Motorcycle, Commercial & PSV, Agriculture and Plant, ATV and Mobility categories.
You are the expert when it comes to running your business, and we’ll equip you with the tools you need to make that business work online. In our previous web design blogs we focussed on how using the responsive e-commerce platform Magento enables better user experience and increases the likelihood of conversions. The online insurance market is extremely lucrative and as such is very competitive, which means that once you have users visiting your site it is essential they don’t leave it. QuoteA Car is already reputable in the insurance sector and our client wanted to monopolise on this fact by improving their car insurance quote form.
Compared to the previous form, the new version is cleaner, simpler and friendlier, meaning that users are able to get a quote in a matter of minutes. In order to provide an optimal service, the Website Design and Development Team worked closely with Allen & Allen’s technical team, ensuring that the work was completed on time and in-line with the QuoteA Car branding. Next we will be implementing the updated template for QuoteA Van, however in the meantime we are excited to see how our optimisations improve user experience and the amount of leads and conversions received online. If you would like Gravytrain to improve user experience on your website, or perform an audit of your current user journeys, please contact us today for a competitive quote. This car is a genuine historic number plated car and is road tax exempt,1915cc engine, boot carpets, disc brakes, full tonneau, lap belts, wood rim steering wheel, only 1392 Miles!! However, errors and omissions may occur from time to time and we are not able to guarantee the accuracy of the Information.

The Yuasa and GS online battery lookup widgets are the first of their kind offered by any battery manufacturer.
Peter Gorensweigh, Buyer at Bush Tyres said: a€?By embedding the GS widget we now have one of the best battery lookup websites in the UK. With a customisable design they can be embedded onto any webpage and offer users a range of easy to use options to find the battery they require. Furthermore the system, which is powered by Yuasa & GSa€™s central European battery lookup database and updated daily to provide the latest information, will ask users to confirm specification or trim levels if there are any information gaps. However, it’s not just e-commerce sites that need to optimise their conversion funnels – service providers such as travel operators and insurance providers also need to focus on user experience in order to gain leads. Recently, Gravytrain’s Website Design and Development Team created a new online quote form for the car and van insurance specialist QuoteA Car – a sister company of one of our most established clients Allen & Allen.
The last time this form was modified was back in 2008 meaning that its outdatedness could have led to users going to other sites with easier to use quote forms.
Furthermore, the form is now fully responsive and can be used across multiple platforms including mobiles and tablets. The application, called a a€?widgeta€™ is available for both Yuasa and GS products and allows retailers to provide a powerful comprehensive battery lookup system for their customers.
Lincolnshire based Bush Tyres and County Motor Factors in Devon are amongst the first to have incorporated the widget onto their website.
The widget then links to the relevant products pages within the host website so that price and purchase information can be accessed.
For this reason Gravytrain implemented a complete rehaul in order to not only reduce user journeys but also bring the form into the modern age. This opens up QuoteA Car’s website to more users, users which are less likely to drop off before getting a quote. TOP 555 Limited does not give any warranties in respect of the Website or the Information or the goods and services available via the Website and makes no representations as the fitness for a particular purpose of any goods or services available via the Website.
During our first month using the widget we had more enquires than the three months prior combined. Not all parts are stocked at our dispatch location, some parts have 1 days handling specified in the eBay listing and so will be dispatched within 1 working day when payment is made before 3pm. If the eBay listing has a handling time then you must take this into account in addition to your chosen delivery options time frame.

We will not refund your extra shipping costs if you did not take the handling time into account when you purchased. All orders for parts will be checked against your vehicle to see if variations exist that you may not realise.
If variations do exist we will place the order on hold and contact you by email and phone within 4 working hours to ask you the relevant questions about your specific vehicle. If you respond with enough information and in good time then there will be no delay in dispatching your order.
TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE Our terms and conditions have been checked and conform with the online distance selling regulations.
Clicking Buy It Now constitutes to your agreement and acceptance of the following terms and conditions and to the shipping policies mentioned above. You (the customer) will be responsible for return postage costs in delivering items back to us in all situations even if the item is faulty.
You have the right to cancel your purchase and return the item to us within 14 working days of you receiving the item. Your right to cancel is only valid if you have not broken any packing or seals on the item and if you have not attempted to fit the part. You have the right to return a faulty part to us within 45 calendar days of you receiving the item. Should a replacement not be available for dispatch within 1 working day then we will provide a full refund for the item. If you contact us after 45 calender days of you receiving the item to inform us the item is faulty, this will be a warranty matter and the part will be sent to the original manufacturer to be tested and if necessary replaced or refunded. If no warranty is mentioned in the items description, then it is not guaranteed that a warranty is offered by the manufacture. Any refunds due to you will be processed within a maximum of 14 working days from receipt of returned goods that are in the acceptable condition outlined above. We also sell directly to the trade, discounts and credit accounts are available for regular or bulk purchasers.

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