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GREATER Manchester Police launched its biggest ever automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) operation yesterday and seized 24 cars worth a total of £250,000.
In Oldham six traffic offences were recorded, one person was summonsed to court, one motorist was advised on their manner of driving, one person was stopped and searched and one stolen vehicle was recovered. Officers were stationed near specific ANPR sites in Oldham and throughout Greater Manchester to react to vehicles flagged up by the cameras.
Over 250 officers in more than 100 vehicles took part in Operation Galileo using Greater Manchester’s extensive camera network to stop over 870 cars for not being licensed, insured or taxed.

Finally at last, I suspect 50% of vehicles are driven illegally through one offence or another. The police should be out patrolling more often, using sensible judgement (can of worms, not enough space to go down that road here), rather than sitting at a roadside waiting for people.
I noticed all the cars on side streets off Oldham road in Failsworth last week and wondered what they were up to. Will the police now be going after the hundreds and hundreds of law breakers daily speeding, driving through red lights, undertaking dangerously, parking on pavements, blocking drop pavements for the sight impaired, driving up bus lanes, on the phone?

If I were a copper I could have nabbed half a dozen people in the space of a few miles for various offences!

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