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Im gonna assume the stator wire you refer to is the white (middle wire) on the 3 wire connector that jumps to the 1 wire plug. I actually made 4 little jumper wires and plugged them directly onto the 4 spade terminals on the alternator with the other ends plugged into the female spots on the connectors to make sure all wires had a good solid connection and it still does the same, which is absolutely nothing.
To my surprise they where all fine, including the old alternator I had sitting around that I had replaced almost a year ago. As you can see in the drawing the yellow voltage sense wire is connected directly to +B terminal along with the main power cable to the starter relay, so im positive this is getting current. Now the chances that 3 different alternators had the same problem that made them not charge on car but tested good at parts store have got to be about a zillion to one, give or take, so I was pointed back to my wiring which I had tested repeatedly. Well the engine is done and back in and the same alternator was put back on, but it wont charge.
The one and only thing I can think of is possibly the voltage regulator since it was tested putting out 15.6 volts, but im not electrically literate enough to know if this would cause it to not charge at all on the car.
I figured instead of trying to track down the culprit and get all frustrated I would just take it all out and start from scratch.
Took it to the parts store and it tested fine according to the machine, but was putting out 15.6 volts. Remember, when the alt is not turning, the regulator is providing a path to ground on the green wire to light the bulb powered up by the ign switch. I had an ASEP student that took a long time to get through his head that paper clips, hat pins, and alligator pin probes shoved into connectors caused far more problems than they fixed.

I just remembered though that while rebuilding the engine I decided to rebuild the wiring harness as well in order to eliminate all the clipped wires from stuff I have taken off or added, especially under the dash. Once the alternator starts working, the green wire switches to B+ on each side of the bulb turning it off. Checked all the wires for continuity, the excite wire is getting 12 volts with key on, and the case is getting a good ground. In doing this I removed the old voltage regulator, old fuse panel, and a lot of old wiring.
Even tried running jumper wires from the pins to the connector incase a something was pushing in or not getting a good connection. Some how when I was testing it before I was able to get zero ohms, still don't know how that was possible. Everything is wired off these 2 panels, one always hot for ignition switch, horn, and similar, the other is switched power when key is on. Finally after 2 months I can enjoy this hopped up 390; that is as soon as I finish getting the carb and timing tuned in.
In my head this new wiring should work perfectly and be much simpler (easier for me to understand anyways), and indeed every single electrical item on the car from lights to ignition to turn signals to radio, everything works flawlessly, with the exception of the alternator. Green wire has switched 12 volt, yellow wire has constant 12 volt, white wire jumps between plugs, and +B terminal is wired directly to battery by way of starter relay. I was reading earlier online that you can ground one of the screws on the back of the regulator to test it.

Did the same on the engine where it threads in on the off chance it had a weak ground despite have continuity.
The alternator off a 1995 ford Windstar with the 3.8 fits without modifying the mounting brackets.
I found in the past that some of the Taurus alternators have a bump on the back for a mounting bolt which you have to cut off to clear the cylinder head, and their +B terminal sticks straight out the back which increases the possibility of arcing on the head. In addition the +B terminal has some sort of 90 degree piece on it so that it sticks out sideways from the side of the alternator.
This positions the +B terminal and regulator connections pointing slightly down from horizontal facing away from the engine and are now easy to access with alternator installed.
The other nice thing with this is that if junk yard upgrades are your thing, this alternators are mounted right on top and slightly to the front of the engine, which means you don't have to remove anything to get at them.
Sometimes you may have to remove the windshield washer reservoir or something like that to get the long bolt out, but still it takes right about 5 minutes or less to pull one.
The only 2 things im not a fan of for this is that a brand new one from Autozone will run ya $195 or a reman will be $160 to $190, and the nut that holds the power cable to the +B terminal is 10mm, so I have to carry one metric tool in my all sae tool box.

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