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A colleague of mine is getting a group discount on Honda City - kindly pm me if you are looking at buying the city. ALso one of my colleague who is shopping as well, is interested (if he can get over his Linea TJET craving). Originally Posted by Trident I got an offer of 8.9L for Honda City SMT including Honda Assure + road tax from Pride Honda in Hyderabad. 34k cash discount + free insurance + free kit toyota accessories kit 7000+ free sunfilm+ free double din music system worth 10k.
Correct me if I am wrong, but the premium variant doesn't come with navigation, so is there any way to get aftermarket like mapmyindia installed?
I am seriously considering one and been searching the forum for a ownership review of the 177 ps A4. Would anyone know of the latest and the greatest deals available on any of the Laura automatic variants (petrol or diesel) in NCR?
Surprisingly the sales person told me that petrol models are unavailable and its not even featured on the price list! I am told that even if we don't exchange the car with Hyundai, if I can demonstrate a sale of my car (registered in my name) and show proof, I can avail the exchange bonus.
I picked up a Laura last week at 2.5 Lakh discount, definitely a better car than the Elantra. On this model, in addition to the above mentioned free accessories, customer can also avail the consumer & corporate offer. Only the Technology Pack model comes with navigation which retails for about 42Lacs in Delhi.
I know that typically AutoMartIndia does charge a premium without adding too much value to the car. Also wanted to know if its worth going for a used CRDI which has done 63000 + kms and does the car have any specific problems (have read of some fuel pump failures after 80KKm, is this true ?). View My Garage For Alto 25000 kms is fine but 2.5 lacs is bit high, however Alto has good resale value but ask for not more than 2 lacs. View My Garage I strongly suggest to go to show room, and look for folks who are buying swift, by a upgrade. There are some cases reported on this forum (would be available in the archives) in which the True Value guys had reversed the odometer and passed off high mileage cars as low mileage ones.
My dear friend, try searching in admag or free-ads, If you know a good mechanic, inspect the car and buy directly from the seller. Assuming you are willing to spend 2.5 lakhs, why dont add some more money and buy a new alto??
Exchange Discount on Maruti Ritz (Petrol) Rs 17000 The Bangalore newspapers talks about upto Rs 45,000 discount on Petrol Ritz. One of the best city hatchbacks and with this kind discount on offer, is it a necessity to go for diesel Ritz even if the running is high ?
Originally Posted by Turbokick Can somebody explain me what exactly is this 'exchange bonus' ? Originally Posted by sahakar I really do not have much info but there's an ADDIS Marketing office near to my home. I have an acquaintance who bought a Dezire thru them and got a much better price than the dealerships along with normal freebies that you get at the dealership. Maybe I will post some more details after I visit them and understand their modus operandi.. If the dealer does not budge, then be very firm that you want a fresh car from the factory and not from the stockyard.
Hope this little insight helps in getting that little bit extra by way of discounts or freebies. OT: my car is undecided, but TBHP stickere have arrived The i10 is a really good car, and you will not be disappointed, It's easy to drive for newbie folks too, and the compact dimensions make it a breeze in town. Also since you live in Bangalore why don't you consider the AT sportz, Though i have heard it's not consistently fuel efficient. Maruti says its a fake scheme and there is no such thing as 0 depreciation and I am unnecessarily confusing myself. Despite my repeated requests I am told that the VIN number is not available with them and they have to get from yard.

The Sales guy at Hyundai put up the above offer I quoted without even me asking for anything; Maruti made me feel as if I am begging for offers. As I walked out of Maruti showroom, somehow the mind is saying its not a deal well done, do you really want to put your 6L here. And don't worry if one dealer is incompetent then there is always another one to deal with. But I fail to understand, that if a direct marketing company can match a dealership offer, hell the dealership should be giving us a much better and transparent offer. I have one query, is there a way where we can get the genuine corporate discount for each model that Maruti offers. I thought they would be giving a much sweeter deal, as from what I can figure out, they run with much lesser overhead costs. Originally Posted by StrangeWizard I don't think CDI and Kompressor badges come on the same variant. Originally Posted by viana I have been offered a I 20 diesel, 2012 model sports variant, which has run for 8k kms. First thing to do is take it to the Hyundai ASS or a well known garage and get the car thoroughly checked before making a move.
Just ensure that there is a valid reason with the owner for selling the car & the complete service history is available with no cliam bonus on insurance policy (If the policy is renewed once). What price to expect for a 2002 Indica Lsi Petrol - 1400cc (single owner) that has run for 58,000 km. Originally Posted by mohandasnikhil The RC even though a Smart Card, does show the hypo details. Originally Posted by libranof1987 Not sure if this actually qualifies as a price check point but here goes.
Originally Posted by libranof1987 Not sure if this actually qualifies as a price check point but here goes. Originally Posted by Rajeevraj My brother in law had exact same situation( in Bangalore). How much can I expect for Aug-2011 Polo 1.6 with 25k on odo?Well maintained with no accidents or major scratches. Now my plan is - to buy a car which is decent enough so that even I can drive it when I get back to Mumbai.
Originally Posted by rajatmakar Firstly, is it worth buying a Sep 2005 model used Honda City? Now, my sister in law has just learnt driving and my family is planning to buy a used small car. How much can I expect for a 1.2 Ford Figo , 2010, run 23k kms, well maintained in Bangalore? Regards Tharian - you should expect around 3.25L given its Bangalore but selling a petrol Ford would be a bit difficult. Originally Posted by raj_5004 Hello friends, this is not just a price check but this is also a used car suggestion query - If you want a slushbox, go for the Civic or Corolla.
I have a 2006 Swift Zxi and considering either a swap to a used petrol sedan or even newer diesel ones like Amaze etc. All 2 L worth fittings were fitted at showroom and most of the fittings are from Honda I sold a 67 K run Jan 2005 City last June for 3.25 Lacs.
Frankly, even I would like to get a Civic instead of the ANHC or i20, but for that price, the cars available in the market are atleast 6 to 7 years old.
The car (Civic) was 5 years old & had already done 41000 when he purchase it last year.
Further you may contact T-BHPian - Jatinpatel who is a very happy & proud owner on 2007 Civic. Check my car price For example, I can use in the food and chemical industries where I work with custody transfer of refined fuel. Check my car price While these are the springs that support the entire weight of a car, it is the shocks or struts that prevent the rebound after encountering rough or uneven. Check my car price Once again, the body paint should be left to dry for about 10 minutes until Matt.
The agent was willing to give reverse parking sensore, rubber floor mats and 3M tinting for free.

In July I had got quotation for the same vehicle from Pride HONDA Hyderabad (I moved to Bangalore 6 weeks ago) for 10.5Lakhs.
I did opt for 2 years extended warranty and then Audi Secure comes in as free which is breakdown service primarily.
Besides why dont you for a new one, the difference in EMI wont be much especially if you will be buying the used on Finance and the interest rates are higher on used cars.
Why is it like the person exchanging his old car with a new car gets the advantage and the normal costumer doesn't get the benefit ?
All the dealers i have talked to so far are not agreeing for any discount over and above the advertised offer for Ritz petrol (which includes - 20000 Gift Cheque + 2500 Corp. Apparently there are some discounts running that make the OTR price of the car a cool 1lakh cheaper. Ritz may not be very safe without ABS and airbags, but I cant wait for 4 months to get a piece.
It's not going to be outstanding, but drive it a notch or two below the bar and you should be in safe hands. It's also a high selling model just like the i10 and resale values will be right up there with the best. But since the RC is now a smart card, I have heard that the hypothecation details are not mentioned on the card (in Karnataka, K R Puram RTO).
At least in Maharashtra it is clearly mentioned and I would think that it is standard across India.
If you can manage a direct customer and sell it off for anything between 50k-100k than it will be great deal. During my search i see a lot of ford ikons (petrols) under this budget mostly 2004 ~ 05 models. But low ground clearance and very low seating, which is a problem for tall people like me and my brother. I mean, a car which may look good with alloys and fatter rubber, because I will be doing that at the minimum. I have had a Punto before and the problem with T-Jet is that it has exactly the same interiors! If you were not happy with non avaliablity of spares for your Punto, imagine the headache for a model like Tjet.
The seller is daydreaming and also tell him that any of the fittings won't fetch him any money! Currently he drives the Car 60+ kms everyday & mentions that his (Civic) driving time is best time of the day. But before I could make my decision (waiting for T-BHP verdict) the bookings have been closed. Could you please check if it was bought from Giriraj motors or Jai Auto, I've got a friend who is in the market for a D1 sedan, will definitely suggest him to check this out.
Search in otherused car dealers you can buy alto easily also search in internet that should help you get direct sellers. The rear seat of Corolla isn't that low compared to the Civic, so I guess you won't face the problem. So you can as well go and talk to prospective exchange folks offer them 10K more than what they get in maruti exchange and then spend max 10k in sprucing it up.
The diesel models of Ritz come without any discount or offer however, the special Edition Ritz Dazzle Diesel comes with MGA worth Rs.
And my folks would rather get less money for the car than have to worry about getting the registration transferred and how and who to sell the car to. However when I was in the market about 4-5 months back, couldn't find any well maintained Cedia's, so I assume they are rare to come by. Saw an ad in manorama 2 days ago stating up to 30K discounts - this might include exchange bonus too.
The Dual-din ICE, power windows, central locking and slightly better interior trim is all the Eon offers more, while the Micra offers relatively much better space and more powered engine.

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