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Belle Isle is a recreational island park located in the Detroit River between Detroit, Michigan and Canada. The island was originally settled by French explorers in the 1700s, who referred to the area as Hog Island. This lush oasis, connected to Detroit by the MacArthur Bridge, is rich with unique architecture, fountains, statues and manmade lagoons. Today, Belle Isle boasts a nature center and trail, including a large wooded area inhabited by fallow deer. The elegant and historic Detroit Yacht Club, as well as the nation’s oldest rowing club, the Detroit Boat Club, are also located on the island. One of the island’s most famous structures is the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory, the oldest conservatory in the country. Belle Isle is also home to the Dossin Great Lakes Museum, which preserves and celebrates the maritime history of the Great Lakes, the Detroit River and the surrounding region. Detroit city’s fiscal problems over the last few decades necessitated cutbacks at the park, which caused much of this heralded oasis to fall into disrepair.  In 2013, the State of Michigan signed a 30-year lease to care for the park, saving Detroit millions of dollars annually and improving upkeep.
The BMW Performance Center is offering a BMW Performance Driving School event at the legendary Lime Rock Park, featuring both the BMW M3 Coupe and all-new M5 Sedan.
Skip Barber, Lime Rock Park’s President added, “Like our track itself, BMW is a company with a rich racing history.
The BMW M Driver Training Experience is a one-day program run rain or shine, which begins with basic classroom instruction. The BMW Performance Center in Spartanburg, South Carolina opened in 1999 and is perhaps the best place in the United States to celebrate the BMW spirit.
Under the program Project i20, BMW is preparing a future i5 or i6 electric car which will arrive in late 2021.
BMWBLOG goes to Dallas to test drive the new 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost Series II When is a car not a car? Autumn’s arrival creates spectacular scenery at Illinois state parks and natural areas with landscapes painted brilliant hues of orange, red and yellow.
Pack the car with camping gear and head to Giant City State Park near Makanda, where you can go horseback riding, fishing, hiking or rappelling in the Shawnee National Forest. Experienced climbers can rappel at two locations in the state park, while hiking ranges from the Post Oak Trail designed for disabled visitors to the 12-mile Red Cedar Hiking Trail for seasoned backpackers. Guests rave about the family-style fried chicken dinners served it the Bald Knob Dining Room at Giant City State Park Lodge. Stop by the Giant City State Park Visitor Center to explore interpretive displays on the geology, plants, animals and rich history of the park. Lake Murphysboro State Park in Jackson County covers 1,022 acres of rolling hills and woodlands, including groves of beautiful oak and hickory trees. In Union County, the Trail of Tears State Forest encompasses 5,000 acres of land once inhabited by Native Americans.
Giant City State Park offers hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding and more recreational activities. Amenities include an outdoor swimming pool and children’s pool, gift shop, historic cocktail lounge and bar, and the Bald Knob Dining Room. Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems, also known as "SHEVS" are natural or powered systems to remove smoke from a building allowing low level escape routes to be kept clear of smoke and reducing damage to the building. Where the roof space is extensive, it’s necessary to limit the spread of smoke within the roof space. Providing smoke ventilation and combating overheating in common areas of residential buildings. There is presently no single valuing structure for the different regions of the recreation center, however this is situated to change within a brief span of time. Originally opening at a mere 242ft in 1858 the pier was constructed by the St George’s Barbour and Railway Company and was just 16 wooden piles. The decision was taken to replace the pier and so the Llandudno Pier Company commissioned Walter Macfarlane of Glasgow to create a more suitable structure using iron castings from the Glasgow Elmbank Foundary. Taking just over 1 year to construct the new pier was opened to the general public on the 1st August 1877.
The shore end of the pier took an additional 6 years to complete and included a spectacular pavilion, swimming pool and an extension that passed the Grand Hotel to the promenade.
1891 saw the construction of a landing stage which underwent initial reinforcement at the start of the 20th century before receiving further updates in 1935 and then re-construction in concrete in 1969.
The Trust House Forte group acquired the Llandudno Pier in 1968 and during their ownership the pier didn’t change that much.
The pier at 2,295ft is Wales’s longest pier and the 5th longest in England and Wales and is unusual as it has two separate entrances. The way the pier looks makes it the perfect choice for film and television scenery, including the 2002 filming of the Forsyth saga. The wooden decking is regularly replaced and the metal work is repaired and maintained at regular intervals. The unusual shape allows you to look both inland and out to see from a wider aspect then if the pier was simply straight. The pier owners in an effort to take full advantage of the Llandudno’s increasing popularity as a seaside resort took the deicion to replace the seaward sundeck pavilion with a more suibable purpose built pavilion theatre.
A strange an unusual incorporation was a swimming pool in the basement of the pavilion, the largest indoor swimming pool in Britain at the time!
Initially the pavilion was due to be open in Spring 1983, however a devastating storm in January of that year caused the glass roof to be extensively damaged.
Riviere’s Orchestra at the Llandudno pier pavilion was an instant hit and within a very short period of time had more than doubled in size.

This new variety show era heralded a new beginning for the pavilion and made it a firm favourite for the major artists of the time.
Following world war II the pavilion maintained it’s popularity as thousands of holidaying families returned to this popular Welsh tourist town each year.
The Llandudno Pier pavillion was sold in December 1983 for ?10k to the LLandudno Pavillion company.
Despite the change of ownership attendances continued to fall resulting in the decision to shut the pavillion at the close of the 1984 summer season. Despite a short lived respite as a horror walkthrough waxwork exhibition the pavilion was finally closed in 1990. The seaside pavilion changed ownership again in 1992 but the ambitious plans to restore the structure never actually came to anything. The present pier is owned by Six Piers Ltd who also own the three piers at Blackpool as well as Eastbourne and South Parade Piers on the south coast. The marvellous structure has various attractions and facilities to entertain the modern day family as it visits this seaside treasure. The modern pier features a fairground at the shore end whilst a walk along the deck leads to spectacular sea views.
For the hungry visitor you have the option of a stroll with some traditional fish and chips or can take shelter for a sit down meal in the cafe or bar. If the thought of fishing attracts you there is the tackle shop to get all you need, including the days fishing licence you will need to fish from the pier. If after all this expense you have a few pennies left there is always the gambling machines and arcade games to entice you. More recently, the island is a product of Parisian inspiration, born out of the late 19th century movement to foster urban parks. It is home to a Coast Guard post, as well as the William Livingston Memorial Light, the only marble lighthouse in the nation.
From 1992 to 2001 and then again in 2007 and 2008, Belle Isle played host to the Detroit Grand Prix over Labor Day weekend. Designed by Albert Kahn, the building opened August 18, 1904, was reconstructed in the 1950s and has since received various renovations. The conservatory currently maintains a vast array of succulents, perennials, ferns, palms and a lily pond garden. The Museum boasts the world’s largest known collection of model ships, as well as the high speed racing hydroplane Miss Pepsi. Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources now operates the park, and as of February 2015, an $11 annual Recreation Passport (providing access to all Michigan parks and campgrounds) is required to enter the park by car.  DNR improvements are underway as this gem is being restored to its former beauty, aided by the Belle Isle Conservancy, a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to promoting the preservation and restoration of the island as a beautiful and unique urban resource. The BMW M Experience program takes place in October for a limited number of lucky participants.
Programs available at the Performance Center include a Teen Driving School, Car Control School, M School and, for the more experienced driver, an Advanced M School. For example, state parks in southern Illinois west of Interstate 57 draw crowds for their gorgeous fall foliage, and the cooler temperatures beckon visitors to engage in refreshing outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. Located just minutes south of Carbondale, Giant City State Park spans 4,000 acres and attracts more than 1.2 million visitors annually to its wilderness trails, hundreds of species of wildflowers, outdoor activities and towering sandstone bluffs. Equine enthusiasts can bring their own horses to the equestrian campground (open May 1 through Oct. You can also watch a short film about the park’s past and shop for souvenirs in the gift shop.
Lake Murphysboro draws fishermen thanks to its largemouth bass, redear sunfish, bluegill and channel catfish.
Natural smoke ventilation uses the natural buoyancy of the hot gases to drive the smoke flow through the ventilators. This requires high level smoke barriers to divide the roof space into discrete smoke reservoirs.
It needs to be high enough to protect property and escape routes and to ensure that fixed smoke barriers will not adversely affect building usage while being kept as low as possible to minimize the cost of the smoke control system. Table Mountain National Park comprises of the more terrific Table Mountain chain on the promontory, extending from the well known Table Mountain behind Cape Town south to Cape Point.
This acclaimed topographical point of interest, be that as it may, is not the southern tip of the Cape Peninsula – that might be Cape Point, which is adjacent and additionally a piece of the recreation center. A few segments of the recreation center don’t oblige any charges to be paid, particularly the right to gain entrance by walking to Table Mountain is free. From a half day climb up Table Mountain to the cablecar station to a full day climbing from Kirstenbosch Gardens or up the 12 Apostles. The link auto up Table mountain can likewise be arrived at by means of open transport from Capetown’s Civic Center or by taxi.
It’s location in a natural coastal bay made it geographically ideal as a purpose-built Victorian seaside town for Victorian families to holiday and visit.
During a storm on the 25th October 1859 which claimed 223 boars and 800 people, the pier sustained extensive damage and although repaired lasted only 16 more years. The first is on the promenade at North Parade and the second is the piers original entrance on Happy Valley Road. Perhaps the most unusual feature of the pier is its shape, from above it resembles the letter Y, it has the long straight piece out to sea and then it splits both left and right.
The wider aspect allows more people to look straight out to sea, while also allowing great views of the hills surrounding Llandudno. The ever increasing number of visitors who came to see the musical receitals meant that a pavilion at the shore end of the pier was commissioned. Sadley for the pier company problems with water quality meant that this unique feature had t be filled in shortly after opening. This incident led to the pavilion architects being both embarrassed and subsequently dismissed before a rework of the design to incorporate a more traditional and sturdy lead roof.

The Orchestra helped to cement the promenade concert as a British summer event that was enjoyed by visitors to costal towns around the UK.
From 1936 variety shows replaced the previous orchestra recitals although a shrunken down version of the orchestra carried on until it’s final disbandment in 1974. People such as George Formby, Petula Clark, Cliff Richard and the Beverley sisters where just a few of the household names that performed at the pavilion.
The availability of cheap foreign package holidays and the popularity of television in the 1970’s had a direct impact on the number of visitors wanting to come to the variety shows and as such they declined. The lack of any external repairs or even basic security of the theatre structure led to an inevitable arson attach in 1994 which destroyed the main theatre structure. Attempts by Conwy County Council to redevelop the site have been constantly rebuffed by the current owner, a Worcester businessman called David Taylor. The grade II listed building won the national pier society’s pier of the year in 2005. The ice cream kiosk gives a choice of around twelve different ice creams to enjoy or alternatively you can choose from numerous holiday fudges, sweets and biscuits that are also on sale. Threes also a selection of traditional seaside fair rides such as dodgems and children’s rides. Belle Isle is the country’s largest city island park; at approximately 900 acres, it is larger than New York City’s Central Park. Sports fans enjoy the island’s baseball field, tennis and basketball courts and small golf course. BMW Performance Driving School programs are conducted year-round at the BMW Performance Center in Spartanburg, South Carolina, but this new event provides the chance for driving enthusiasts local to the tri-state area to participate without long-distance travel. 31) or take part in the daily trail rides at Giant City Stables (open March 15 through Oct. Don’t miss the 80-foot sandstone cliff near the park’s main entrance where you can see the remains of a Native American stone wall erected between A.D.
Visitors also enjoy the park’s archery range, picnic areas, hiking trails, campsites and boating opportunities. It has since been expanded and remodeled, but the lodge’s original multihued sandstone and white oak timbers remain. Such systems often have a dual function and provide both smoke ventilation and day to day ventilation.
These barriers may be fixed or automatic smoke curtains or heat resistant boards or glazing.
Otherwise the building will become depressurized and the smoke ventilation system will become ineffective.
In consolidates Table Mountain, Tokai Forest, Silvermine, an extensive zone around Cape Point and in addition various marine ensured regions.
Cape Hope is likewise not the most southern purpose of Africa, which is really Cape Agulhas in the Overberg, where the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean meet. Special case clients get free get to the components of the recreation center for which section expenses are charged and a rebate for the link auto.
In the event that you are truly fit, you can additionally go out for a stroll up table mountain, beginning from near the easier link auto station. The pier proved just too short to provide access to the increasing number of steam ships who could only access the pier at high tide. Overnight guests can choose from three types of cabins, including one-room historic cabins, two-room prairie cabins and four bluff cabins that can accommodate a family of six.
Barriers are also often used in complex buildings such as shopping centres and atrium buildings to control the flow of smoke into the mall or atrium. Air supply may be from natural ventilators in smoke reservoirs remote from the fire or from dedicated low level air inlet ventilators or automatic doors.
The different components of Table Mountain National Park are not associated by transport, so utilize your own particular method for transportation. Each one climbing trail is completely diverse regarding territory, verdure and perspectives. There where than an additional 3 larger octagonal shaped kiosks that sat on the pier-head itself. The Belle Isle Nature Zoo, operated by the Detroit Zoological Society, is also on the island. New ranges are continually being added to the recreation center in an exertion to connection the divided partitions and grow the recreation center. Inside the Cape Point area of the recreation center, utilize your own particular transportation to get access to trails that could be utilized for strolling. It is mind blowing that such a wild zone exists amidst such an expansive and cosmopolitan city.
Ornate wrought ironwork was used to decorate the pier including the magnificent balustrades and lattice style railings. It is convenient to know for introduction that the recreation center is not a continuos landmass, however comprises of different fixes over the cape promontory. Assuming that a primate approaches you, keep all sustenance well concealed, and walk away confronting the monkey however don’t reach. At the same time as long as they are not ambushing you, please allow them to sit unbothered in their common environment (photographs are permitted).

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