The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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Montana Muscle And Classics of Stevensville, MTNathan Wratislaw sells 1 & 2 Owner Classic EURO & Muscle cars. This is a rare classic that has been almost fully restored.Make sure you check out all of the pictures and the video below. Check out my store for more great Unique and Classic Cars.This car has been well cared for and had a lot of money put into it, and cruises down the road like a Dream!!
You just open the hood and you see how clean everything is and how it hasn't been tore apart or messed with. Most of the time these older cars ride like older cars but this one is very tight and is a blast to drive.

Has and almost Brand New set of Pacemark Radial Tires that have atleast 95% tread left and the titties all on the sides still.
I believe it is the factory hubcaps but look like they have been replaced with new ones because they look great.
There is not much to fix on the body just mainly sand it down plug a hole or 2 and paint it.
This is just a clean straight car that just needs a few little things then would be a really nice low mile classic car.
I took pictures of every detail of this car so you can get the full picture and know exactly what you are getting.

If there is any other questions or any other pictures you would like please let us know.Call anytime with questions….

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