The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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There are a variety of additives and treatments out there that make claims on being able to boost your vehicle’s fuel economy and power.
Carburettors, fuel injectors and a variety of other engine components only work at their optimum when they are clean.
Equally effective at cutting potential long-term costs is STP Diesel Treatment, which like the petrol variant, is specially formulated to remove varnish, carbon deposits and water from the fuel system, to prevent poor performance, corrosion and fuel wastage. Both treatments, along with STP’s full range of engine care products, are widely available nationwide from forecourts, major stores and accessory shops.
Another marketing stunt to make money off loaded car owners, that crap wont do your car any better than just plain old resonable driving! I’ve seen research on both sides of the fence and the fact is some engines require higher octane fuel and more cleaning. Black Quilted Lookout in stock around the 20th August – sorry for any inconvenience this delay may cause! Lamb’s wool interior keeps your dogs cool in the summer and warm and cosy in the winter. Allow your best friends to ride in style and complete comfort with the Large Lookout  dog car booster seat.

Keep your family and your dogs safe and happy on all car journeys, be it to your local shops or a trip up the motorway.
Your dogs will be able to see out of the window helping to eliminate boredom and travel sickness, or just curl up and sleep. With its simulated lamb’s wool interior your dogs are sure to enjoy their cosy chic new car booster seat.
The Snoozer booster seat is quick and easy to fit, just clunk click and you’re ready to go. Use the Lookout at home or when visiting friends as your pets bed, and then move it into the car for safe travel. The large Snoozer  lookout dog car booster seat is perfect for owners who own multiple pets, it can accommodate two or three small dogs.
This lookout booster seat provides your dogs with the perfect cosy place in which to ride together whilst on the move. Ordered online, great communication, quick delivery would definitely recommend this product and also ordering from this company.
Currently in our front room for them to get used to before delivery of car to fit it in, they love it.

Having purchased a new car with leather seats we decided to buy him his own seat so not to ruin the leather. This was the perfect choice, jacqui helped me with my choice and kept me informed of its arrival from the USA.
Excellent quality, competitively priced and well worth it for them to travel in style, be able to see out and cuddle up in comfort together. Max has decided it is his and his alone and has taken all his toys and chews to it and is refusing to let his brother in! Jacqui kept me informed on the arrival & i was pleased when it arrived only a few days after ordering.

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