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Find out what breed is (theoretically) ideal for you by using our exclusive Breed Selector tool. A range of helpful and informative articles covering a range of topics including Behavioural Advice, Training, Common Pests, Grooming, Diet & Nutrition and General Pet Care. Hiking boots are big, cumbersome things while hi-tech hiking shoes have much the same performance, but are much sleeker, sportier and efficient. That’s what Mercedes-Benz said this week at the launch of their new GLA 200 CDI, the hiking shoe of the motor world, if you will, and just the thing to step out in. The GLA 200 CDI is the latest of Merc’s compacts, a hot-looking SUV that rides more like a car and has the luxuries expected of the tri-pointed star brand.
We had a drive from Melbourne to the Yarra Valley – on wet roads – so we didn’t push our luck through the twisty bits, but detected a bit of understeer, a feature generally seen as safe. It’s an attractive and pleasant thing to hike about in, handles pretty well and can maintain a fairly rapid pace, but with just front-wheel drive, you wouldn’t want to take on anything seriously off-road.
Peter Barnwell road tests and reviews the BMW M2 Pure with specs, fuel consumption and verdict.BMW has produced plenty of impressive sports models but this M2 Pure is arguably the Bavarians' best road-going sportster, bar none.
Peugeot cars have always worked well in Australia because they cope easily with the worst of our roads and make few demands on the driver. It's not a Golf but it's close and worth a preliminary four-star rating until we can get it home and lined up against the Volkswagen champ. It also boasts sideskirts with ‘bucket teeth’ – which opens the imagination to all sorts of things. Well, the Merc folk point out that it does have aluminium roof rails and power bulges on the bonnet, plus those bucket-teeth sideskirts. Only a few hundred have been secured from Germany.Is the M2 Pure the pinnacle of BMW's coupe lineup?

The new 308 sticks with that theme.It's not the best car in the compact class, but it is one of the better ones. The intelligent auto continuously monitors the engine and transmission, to optimise fuel use (there's also stop-start) and cut shift response times.SAFETYThe V40 achieved the best ever result in European NCAP testing and was acknowledged as a "standout performer" in Australian tests.
And it's the sort of car you can drive all day without thinking about a chiropractor or taking something for a headache.Peugeot likes to trumpet the new 308's victory in this year's European Car of the Year award, something it has rarely achieved. It's perhaps too sporty for an engine that is labelled Drive-E and is supposed to be an environmental flag-bearer for the brand. Still, Peugeot is hitting all the bases with a choice of hatchback and wagon bodies, five equipment levels, six-speed automatic and manual gearboxes, and three engines with six power outputs.
The headliner is the new PureTech three-cylinder with self-shifting six-speeder that helps it meet coming Euro6 emission regulations."We need to ensure we can cater for every customer.
BMW's engineers seem to have combined comfort with control.The M2 is certainly not a beast to drive — on the contrary, it's a pussycat when you want it to be. It's not a one-size-fits all plan," Peugeot Australia national marketing manager for Dimitri Andreatidis tells Carsguide. Park it easily, taking care on the kerb not to scratch the wild, wide wheels or low-slung front apron. Some goodies may be missing but, in the case of the Pure, less is more.SafetyThe M2 hasn't been crash tested here yet but, as it has all the mainstream BMW safety kit, it would certainly get a five-star rating. Add the inherent safety that comes with such finely honed dynamics and you have a safe car that will get you out of trouble rather than merely help you survive a crash.DrivingThis is what the M2 is all about and it delivers driving pleasure in spades.

Engine performance is blisteringly fast, accompanied by a mad-sounding exhaust scream at high revs complete with snap, crackle and pop when you throttle off.The M2 Pure is an absolute treat.Flat spots in power delivery? We believe demand will exceed supply." That's big talk for a company whose sales high mark of 10,000 cars occurred well in the past and it has not come close to the benchmark in recent years. It will be lucky to deliver 5000 cars this year.But the 308 is good, the smaller 208 is also good despite being overpriced. There is some excitement on the horizon including a facelift for the 508 - really just a grille and an infotainment touchscreen, with sharper pricing - and a 30th anniversary celebration of the 205 GTI.Making sense of the 308 is difficult, partly because there is a two-stage rollout.
Steering, brakes, chassis rigidity and everything else associated with sports handling is high end.The M2 Pure is an absolute treat, especially on tight roads or on the track with an extra measure of fun from the rear-wheel drive. There is choice of sedan and wagon, petrol and diesel, manual and auto, and equipment levels up to a full-length sunroof.But the real interest is the basic car, which does not feel basic at all. The three-cylinder turbo equipped with stop-start is eager and responsive, the six-speed auto works well, it is quiet and comfy in all five seats and the cabin - perhaps a visual trick - feels roomier than a Golf.It's not remotely sporty, despite Peugeot's claims, but it rides and handles very well indeed.
I cannot see the digital speedo but the steering wheel is a ripper and connected to steering with real feel.

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