The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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But providing you are not trying to set a lap record, of course the standard tyres are fine.On the winding mountain pass the Prius was actually fun to drive, due to the way it responded to bumps and camber changes in the road. The new Toyota Prius finally brings some sporting flavor to the world's biggest-selling hybrid. Jaguar's F-Type R coupe rates as a "favourite drive" for us in 2014.It's not the quickest, fastest, most comfortable, best handling, riding or most luxurious, but is right up there on all scores and is arguably one of the best lookers around right now. The Lamborghini Huracan shares engine and parentage with Audi's R8 but the 5.2-litre V10 and the dual-clutch gearbox are tuned for each brand. But the windscreen pillars may not only obscure the driver's view, they could blind it from becoming an award-winner. The Huracan costs $20,000 more than the Audi — in this orbit, the premium seems like small change. Nothing else comes remotely near the F-Type R, except perhaps something V10 powered.HEAD NODF-Type is Jaguar's head nod to the 1960s E-Type - possibly the best looking car ever built.
Ticks all the boxes, sexy, classy, high quality, beautifully built, huge wow factor awesome performance and handling capped off by that sound. But it's undeniably Lamborghini — the shark-nose bonnet, corporate hexagonal shapes and the upper and lower intakes on the flanks.And the name, Huracan, which continues Lamborghini's theme of naming its cars after fighting bulls.

The Huracan's drop-dead beautiful silhouette and its surprising ease to drive will further confirm Lamborghini as the exotic choice for single women.
At that point, the "eco" tyres (translated: low friction) start to lose their grip a little sooner than regular tyres would. Hybrid buyers are looking for fuel economy rather than performance, but it would have been nice to find a little extra squirt to go with the other improvements.The interior is a step up in quality and design, with ample storage cubbies and a clean layout. Amazingly, Lamborghini has a higher ownership percentage of women — and mostly single women — than Ferrari.DRIVINGThe Huracan opens itself for a drive by first popping out its door handle stalk. Safety supplements extend to adaptive cruise control with steering assist, rear cross-traffic alert and active lane keeping and blind spot assistance.Real performance starts with the C300. The US model tested had a wireless mobile phone charger in the centre console; it's yet to be confirmed for Australia. There's precious little difference between this and a dual clutch automatic for gear change efficiency.Perhaps the only real criticism of the F-Type R we drove was the paddle shift on the steering wheel. Should be remotely on the steering column.Naturally with all this go, the F-Type R needed dynamics to keep it all under control and in this area the glamorous coupe is well endowed with double wishbone sports suspension all around, an active differential and torque vectoring. Multi drive modes are available acting on steering, suspension, transmission and throttle response.

The digital instrument panels changes its display depending on the driving mode selected.It's never intimidating — certainly not like the Aventador — until the road opens and sport mode is engaged. It rolls on large 20-inch wheels with super wide tyres.EXPLOSIVEPush the Active Sports Exhaust button and you get an explosive exhaust sound not dissimilar to Chinese New Year celebrations. It's pure joy for a car enthusiast, to the point where you drive with the windows down all the time.
To anti-car types the sound would be like "all hell let loose".We waited a while to drive this car and boy, was it worth itDRIVINGAbsolutely superb.
The engine punches out its full 449kW (or 610 horses, hence the variant name) at an astonishing 8250rpm, just below its 8500rpm cut-off.It seems ridiculously high revs for a road car but the fact is that the 10 pistons get there incredibly quickly. Throw it at some tight stretches and it's like a sports car, open it up out in the bush and it's like a GT car, trundle down to the shops and it's like a commuter car - well not really but you get the picture. It has awesome brakes and direct steering that allows you to precisely place the big Jag and then there's the ever present whack of power and torque you can surf at will.

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