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We often do not even open our correspondence from the car insurance company – and only comment with disgust when receiving an alert of escalating costs. On the car insurance blog we have given advice on how to find cheaper and affordable car insurance – and recognize that there are indeed many ways to save on car insurance premiums at the time of purchasing car insurance. Even though the depreciating market value should also reduce your car insurance premium – it is important to note that the reduction might not be as significant as you might expect. This is perhaps an explanation of why there is not an automatic reduction in the car insurance premium in line with the depreciation of your vehicle – and also why it might be a good idea to tie down the insurance premium for 2 or 3 years. Car Insurance should not be seen as a once-off but rather as something that requires more regular attention. Communicate more regularly with your insurer, and keep your ear to the ground for “newer generation products” etc. Find out the impact the value of your vehicle makes on the price of car insurance and how you should make the estimation of market value. As well as the type of vehicle, underwriters consider factors such as the statistical risks associated with your age, occupation, address and driving history.
In some instances it will influence your premium significantly, in other instances less so. For example, a young driver's premium is likely to be more influenced by the statistical risks associated with their age than by the value of their car. Whether their first car costs ?300 or ?3,000, the premium won't be particularly affected by the vehicle value because other risks are much higher. Older drivers tend to see more of an influence from vehicle value as there are fewer risks for underwriters to consider. The most crucial factor to bear in mind when considering this area is that you're not just insuring the value of the vehicle.
For example, your car's value is only likely to make up a fraction of an insurance pay-out if you suffer a crash where personal injury claims are made. This is why, when you first start driving, your premium might be higher than the value of the vehicle itself.
Almost all cars depreciate in value and an insurance pay-out in the event of an incident is likely to reflect that fact. Agreed-value policies are very rare for regular vehicles and only tend to apply to specialist motors - kit cars or classic cars, for example.
If this concerns you, you may want to consider taking out Guaranteed Asset Protection (Gap) insurance. This is an additional policy that runs alongside regular motor insurance cover and is intended for drivers who are still paying finance on their vehicle. It ensures that - if the vehicle is destroyed or stolen - the shortfall will be met between your insurer's settlement figure and the value of your car when you purchased the Gap cover. Your car's value may help to determine whether you take out third party, third party fire and theft, or comprehensive insurance. Every insurer has their own criteria, but many will simply refuse to cover a higher-value car unless it's insured comprehensively.
This may work in your favour - should a claim arise and it's deemed to be your fault, could you afford to lose your vehicle? Remember also that third-party policies are not necessarily cheaper than comprehensive ones and they may not offer the level of cover you need.
As well as the current market value of your car, insurers study information such as the cost of parts and estimated repair time. Such areas are major determining factors when it comes to deciding a vehicle's insurance group, a categorisation that applies to every car on the road in the UK.

For very high-value cars, many insurers will stipulate additional vehicle security over and above the manufacturer's standard settings. Owning a lower-value car will not necessarily mean that you're able to obtain cheaper insurance. All insurers and comparison sites will ask you to estimate the value of your vehicle when applying for cover.
What's more, there's no point in inflating the value of your vehicle - in the event of a claim, insurers will only ever cover the market value of the vehicle. To find out the actual market price of your car there are various free online guides that study the price of vehicles across the country. If you're not sure exactly how much the car is worth then an approximate value is fine as - in the event of the car being written off - the insurer will only pay the market value, unless you agreed a guaranteed value when the policy was taken out. The vehicle valuation will be one of the factors taken into account by the insurers on our panel before the quotes available to you are displayed on the results screen. Always remember that the estimated value you suggest is not necessarily what you'll get back from the insurer.
If you're in the market for new car insurance, depending on where you live, you may also want to be in the market for a new residence.
It may be known for the free-spirited Mardi Gras, spicy food and hot jazz, but the party gets rained on by the fact that residents of the Bayou State also pay the highest insurance premiums in the Union. While Louisiana has had the misfortune of catastrophic natural disasters, rate are affected by a high rate of comprehensive claims, their drivers file more bodily injury claims than those in other states. A Michigan car insurance company pays up to $500,000 for car accident- related medical treatment for the policyholder, their household family members, and passengers if they don’t have PIP coverage. Some in the insurance industry think premiums are high because carriers underpriced the market and are playing catch-up.
The top two in affordable premiums are terribly shocking, given their predominantly rural spaces.
In Britain the law requires that you must be insured if you are the owner of a vehicle or drive on the roads.
It can seem very unfair, particularly for the many young drivers who are good drivers, and for those who live where there is a lot of crime. But avoiding having to ever make a claim will pay off as it will keep your no-claims bonus.
If you keep all this in mind, you'll be able to make getting a policy on car insurance simpler and cheaper.
Every month the debit order amount reduces our bank balance – and we tend to see this car insurance premium as a “necessary evil”.
It can be described as the price an item can be sold or bought for between an agreeable (willing) and knowledgeable buyer and seller in an open market transaction. You need to ask whether your car insurance premium keeps track of the depreciating market value.
There are other factors that will, as time goes on also add upward pressure on the premium. We would like to advise that vehicle owners pay closer attention to the correspondence from their insurers or brokers.
Do a yearly quote request and compare your existing insurance with products available that could provide the exact same cover at more favourable rates.
Each insurer will have their own set rules, but they may - for example - request evidence of a tracker device. This is because there can be other risks associated with cheaper cars, such as the difficulty of obtaining older parts and the higher risk of a vehicle failure leading to an accident.

For example, if they see a Vauxhall Corsa value quoted at ?20,000 they know to ask more questions about the vehicle. Parker's Guide, for example, is one of the most popular and is referenced by many insurers. Maybe it has little something to do with the fact that Michigan guarantees unlimited, lifetime personal injury protection (PIP) in car accidents. Main is not only rural, but drivers need to be diligent about driving defensively in harsh winter weather. Before teens can get their learner’s permit, they must complete a state-approved driver education course.
It’s an interesting time, though, since there’s a much debated state senate bill (SB 154) to be voted on. But finding an insurance policy can seem like a daunting prospect, what with so many different insurers to choose from, such complicated jargon, and different policies available. Whilst comprehensive insurance is the most expensive, it will give you the widest coverage.
These include such things as your age, your job, where you live, and what kind of vehicle you drive.
However all is not lost for you: there is still a great deal you can do to reduce the cost of your car insurance.
If you don't make a claim, your no-claims bonus will shoot up and you may be able to save as much as two thirds on your premium if you keep this secure. It is the current value of an item, if it were to be replaced by an identical item, being of similar age and wear and tear. If you insured the vehicle at the time of purchase for the purchase price of R200,000 but now, 5 years and 150,000 km later the vehicle is only worth R80,000 – there is no sense in still paying the insurance premium that was required to cover an asset of R200,000. There’s also a three-step licensing system that gives amateur drivers some experience on the road in lower-risk scenarios.
Proponents say it will ease bureaucracy and lower rates for safe drivers while opponents think it gives too much power to the insurance industry. However hopefully this guide will help you understand car insurance a little better and make getting a good policy easier.
Young motorists with performance vehicles who live in areas with a lot of crime will likely face sky-high premiums.
If you limit the number of named drivers on your policy or agree to pay a higher excess, you'll benefit.
As soon as you make a claim, you lose this bonus - unless the accident was the fault of another party.
Your insurance premium should provide cover for an asset to the current market value of R80,000!! For instance, the “intermediate license" restricts drivers under the age of 18 from having passengers other than immediate family members.
On the contrary, if you are part of a married couple, living in the leafy suburbs, driving an eco-friendly car, you will be rewarded with lower premiums as insurers believe you are at less risk of theft or accident.
The excess is the amount you pay out of your own pocket in the event you have to make a claim.

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