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Buyers of large luxury SUVs tend not to be hugely concerned with running costs, which is a good thing for Maserati, as the Levante isn’t all that efficient. In better news, the prestigious Maserati badge on the nose, combined with generous standard equipment and the general popularity of SUVs among the car-buying public should keep residual values fairly strong in the long term.
If you want a cheaper-to-run Levante than that, you’ll have to sit tight for a while, as although Maserati is developing a plug-in hybrid version of the car, it’ll be at least late 2017, or possibly 2018, before it’s on sale. Exact UK insurance ratings for the Levante have yet to be confirmed, but given its relatively high price and prestigious badge, coverage likely won’t be cheap. Precise servicing costs for the Levante in the UK aren’t known just yet, but for guidance, a minor service for the Maserati Quattroporte saloon costs around ?600 and a major one just over ?1,000.
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The tenth-gen Honda Civic will be 30mm wider and 130mm longer than the current model, with shorter overhangs and an aggressive new look. Inside, the Civic will be more spacious than before, with significant improvements to head and leg room in the front and back.
Sales of the 10th generation Honda Civic saloon started in the USA in November 2015 and in Thailand in March 2016.
Inside, it looks rather plain for such an expensive vehicle, but it’s most definitely not uncomfortable. With the ultimate goal of spending his life writing about cars, Hannes studied journalism at the University of Stellenbosch. Hyundai South Africa has added a sportier top-of-the-range model to its i20 lineup, but is it worth the extra outlay? Hyundai South Africa is well aware of this and, until recently, there was a lack of passionate and performance-orientated in the lower end of its line-up. You’ll notice in the pictures that the Hyundai i20 Sport sits low to the ground (at least compared with its standard sibling).
The cabin remains the same as the current Hyundai i20 and it comes with a wealth of standard specification, at least of modern conveniences. It has basic safety covered too thanks to anti-lock brakes with electronic brake force distribution. Its demeanour is certainly a lot more entertaining than that of non-Sport Hyundai i20s and the boisterous exhaust note is certainly indicative of the model's performance intent.
The engine makes an entertaining, rorty noise thanks to that exhaust, but it's not boomy. The suspension modifications are overkill for a vehicle like this, but they do lower the centre of gravity and curtail body roll. The i20 Sport brings some much-needed excitement and zest at the more affordable end of Hyundai’s product lineup. Rivals are abundant in this segment, and established players are packing modern 1.0-litre turbocharged three-cylinder motors with similar outputs. The price of the i20 Sport is R235 500, which includes the Hyundai warranty and Roadside Assistance for 5 years or 150 000 km, and a service plan for 3 years or 60 000 km. There was a time not so long ago when Opel found itself struggling through lack of product and there were rumours the brand would even pull out of South Africa. Today, things are looking up for the brand and that fighting spirit is clear for all to see.
The new Corsa’s trump card is its engine, which is a 1.0-litre, three cylinder unit developed by at least 200 clever engineers. This test unit came fitted with an optional Advanced Parking Assistant 2 system to help with those difficult parallel parking scenarios. The Corsa flexes its muscle in the safety department and comes fitted with an array of features including ABS with EBD, Brake Assist, ESP and Hill Start Assist.
The steering wheel is comfortable to operate and is rake and reach adjustable with mounted controls. Our Corsa Enjoy test unit is priced at R224 200 with the optional IntelliLink and Advanced Park Assist 2 fitted. The new Opel Corsa is a strong contender in this segment, offering good looks and a whack of safety features thrown into the mix.
Gero Lilleike is a published writer and photographer with most of his work appearing in the fields of travel and motoring. October 4, 2014 by nsra-admin Leave a Comment One of the most dangerous survival situations to find yourself in is trapped inside a vehicle that has plunged into water.
Do not open the door. It is extremely difficult to escape after opening a door and the vehicle will most likely sink immediately after doing so, cutting off any chance of survival. Do not instantly reach for your cell phone to call 911. There will be plenty of time after escaping the vehicle to get help. Attend to children and passengers. Make sure that anyone riding with you is able to get their seatbelt off. Roll down the windows. A window that you are able to roll down or break will be your ticket out. If the window won’t budge, your only option at this point is to break the window using some sort of tool or your foot. Hundreds Compete at Annual Horseshoe CompetitionHorseshoes isn’t just for old men on the farm. A dealership management system (DMS) or auto dealership accounting system is a bundled management information system created specifically for the automotive industry and especially for  car dealerships or large dealer groups. DMS is not for everyone, typically small scale dealers and independent used car lots will manage their business with generic accounting packages. Another reason dealers are outsourcing is that many of the traditional DMS systems are outdated or the dealership cannot afford the massive upgrade charge. Most Common Dealer Management Systems found in dealerships today are ADP, Reynolds and Reynolds and Dealer Track.
Top 10 Reasons you need an Easy CRM “Do I need a CRM?” is the most common question we hear.
Squint at the Suzuki S-Cross and you’ll see a few similarities to the Nissan Qashqai.

The neat styling gives the S-Cross a silhouette that looks like a halfway house between a regular hatchback and a chunky SUV. That said, soft-touch materials make an appearance on the dash – a welcome step up for Suzuki. Not only that but its extra weight means steering feels more direct and the ride isn’t quite as bouncy as with the lighter petrol engine.
Launched in June 2011, the all new Kia Picanto was initially available in five door guise, recently joined by the three door version. The all-new Kia Picanto has been named Best Small car at the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers' 2011 Car of the Year awards held in Glasgow.
The information contained this Kia Picanto news article may have changed since publication on the 17 October 2011.
The MiTo has undergone a mild facelift and the new-look front end brings it in line with the rest of the Alfa Romeo lineup. The Volkswagen Golf-rivalling Giulietta has also been under the knife and has received a whole bunch of upgrades both inside and out. The big news, however, is the confirmation that the Alfa Romeo Giulia will be coming to South Africa in the first quarter of 2017. Even in the context of other quick SUVs, its fuel economy and CO2 emissions figures aren’t class-leading, so you’ll need a healthy monthly budget to keep motoring.
Expensive luxury cars do tend to suffer a steep initial drop in value, however, before the depreciation curve flattens out a bit, so bear this in mind when buying. There is Crawl Control, for example, which allows the driver to set a crawl speed in off-road conditions. The seats are huge and comfortably padded, there is plenty of legroom in the rear, and the luggage compartment is very large, too. Yes, it’s perhaps not the easiest vehicle around town, especially as it has no parking assistance, but once on the move, it hides its bulk quite well. Keep in mind, however, it has two fuel tanks as standard (93L + 45L), so a long tank range is on offer.
A brief stint as a sports editor for Paarl Post followed, before he joined CAR magazine in 2001.
The Hyundai Veloster and Veloster Turbo add some spice, but they’re twice the price of an i20. The exterior has been reworked and looks a little racier thanks to a sporty bodykit and 17-inch alloy wheels. There have been alterations to the suspension setup; a stiffer set of springs give the Hyundai i20 Sport a firmer ride and mildly sharper handling. You get a reasonable audio system with Bluetooth connectivity, USB and auxiliary inputs, a rake- and reach-adjustable multifunction steering wheel, single-zone climate control and electric windows. These brakes are of the ventilated disc variety at the front, while the rear wheels have solid discs. There’s a bit more urge (the rev pickup is appreciably better) and the combination of pleasant gearshift action and the responsive engine makes for a sporty driving experience. In fact, the resonance emitted by the 1.4 Sport is tolerable when cruising on highways at the national speed limit. Look at Adam, a mere three months on the market in South Africa and it’s already selling up a storm (280 units in February 2015).
Side Blind Spot Alert was also fitted which is very useful in close-quarter driving, alerting you to cars in your blind spot via a flashing light in your side mirror - very nifty indeed. A driver and passenger airbag as well as front-side airbags and curtain airbags are part of the package. Although the interior is difficult to fault in terms of fit and finish, it isn’t particularly exciting either. The boot offers 285-litres of space that expands to a healthy 1 120-litres with the 60:40 rear seats folded down, which is on par with its rivals. Dynamically, the Corsa excels and will satisfy the needs of just about any city-dwelling motorist.
This model has more going for it, the new styling is an improvement and it has a brilliant 1,0-litre engine to boot. Gero has worked in the motoring space for the last four years and enjoys driving and photographing the latest cars. Before you suppose that it could never happen to you, consider this: automotive and insurance groups estimate that over 10,000 accidents occur every year in which a vehicle ends up in the water.
A vehicle will usually spend a few moments floating on the surface in which you have the chance to escape. Panicking will not help you get out of the vehicle; in most cases, panicking makes things worse.
Instead of trying to break the windshield, go for the side or rear windows and aim for spots along the hinges if using your foot. However, if the waterline is above the window, be aware that you will be hit with a wall of water after the window breaks. Even large dealer groups will outsource parts of the DMS to achieve higher quality products. It is just less expensive to keep the basic accounting package from their DMS and bolt-on modern software such as CRM and Dealer Web Sites. However many new DMS systems have arrived on the scene in the past few years and are offering easier integration and connectivity with software partners with modern API’s and SSL Keys. If you’re serious about reducing the amount of time you spend at the car auction consider a centralized buying center. This failed in May 2016, leaving acid onto the clutch slave cylinder pipe leaving the driver with no clutch control.
The cabin is practical and comes with all the creature comforts you’re likely to need, but plastics are a little on the hard side. If you want an automatic transmission then you’ll have to take the petrol, which is offered with a CVT as an option.

Not only is our top small car good to drive, easy to park, affordable to buy and cheap to run but it's good looking and benefits from the quality feel of its larger siblings.
Picanto does that for them and of course retail customers can be sure of our quality thanks to our unrivalled bumper to bumper and fully transferable seven year warranty," he added. The model shown at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show featured a 125 kW 1.4-litre turbocharged engine and dual-clutch automatic transmission.
The local model lineup is not confirmed yet, but we're hoping South Africa will get the full range. Yes, it has 230 mm of ground clearance and can wade through water 700 mm deep, but its ability to bulldoze obstacles while transporting its occupants in comfort is irrepressible. The Cruiser will stick to this speed as long as you don’t touch the accelerator or brake pedal.
In the corners, however, the multi-purpose Yokohama Geolandar G94 tyres do tend to squeal rather earlier than expected.
Further good news for those adventurers keen on escaping civilisation is that the Land Cruiser 200 GX has been specified to run on 500 ppm diesel. He eventually became the (youngest-ever) editor of CAR in 2011, a position he occupied for two years. The bodykit is comprehensive and includes side skirts, revised bumpers and a spoiler mounted atop the tailgate. Some motorists may be concerned that the large-bore tailpipe could be overly noisy when the i20 Sport's at full throttle and the biggest worry is an annoying drone at highway speeds, but more on that later on.
The standard i20 produces 74 kW and 133 Nm, but this Sport derivative offers 85 kW and 160 Nm, which is impressive considering the 1.4-litre capacity. Things get louder when you’re pressing on, when continuous high revs make the car quite noisy.
What's more, the best part of these suspension and big wheel upgrades is that the ride quality has not been overly compromised. Bear in mind that these modifications are factory-fitted and, therefore, are covered by Hyundai’s already comprehensive warranty. The new, much improved, fifth-generation Corsa has now joined the fray and as it shares many similarities to its two-door counterpart it’s likely to sell well going forward. Offering 85 kW and 170 Nm, this small capacity engine delivers energetic performance in a refined manner and it’s quiet too. With its 16-inch alloy wheels and riding on a new and improved chassis sitting 5mm lower than before, the ride and handling is excellent, being smooth and stable even while cornering enthusiastically. Also, there’s Opel’s latest ESP Plus that brings a host of safety assistance systems to the party. There’s also a storage drawer under the passenger seat as well as three cup holders and bottle holders in the door. For your money, the Opel Corsa is a reasonable offering when compared to the Volkswagen Polo, which becomes even more expensive once you start ticking off options. Safety is a key point that Opel has considered and the rest of the car pretty much matches the competition without being outstanding. All models are well equipped – even the entry-level SZ3 gets alloy wheels, air conditioning, cruise control, tyre pressure monitoring and daytime running lights. It’s a very typical CVT that works best when driven gently and gets loud when pushed. You may wish to check with the manufacturer or your local Kia dealer, before making a purchasing decision. Speaking of full range, the entire engine range was confirmed at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. A Turn Assist function improves the vehicle’s ability to negotiate tight corners when Crawl Control is active.
The wheels are particularly attractive and, to top if off, there are some neat N-Sport badges on the flanks and rear. The same engine does service in the Adam and is mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox in the Corsa. Feedback through the new power assisted steering is precise and City Mode helps you work the wheel easily at lower speeds and when parking.
This model featured Opel’s optional IntelliLink infotainment system which does a good job syncing with your smartphone and the system is easy to use too. The Opel Corsa also offers more power and torque compared to its main rivals and is well worth consideration if you are looking for a well-built hatchback at a reasonable price.
Being struck inside a vehicle that is sinking to the depths of a river, lake, or ocean is a real threat. Then, there’s also ECT Pwr, which is great to boost momentum in mountainous driving conditions, and ECT 2nd, when pulling off in slippery conditions.
As far as oddment space in the cabin go, there is a truly massive storage box between the front seats. There are even various window breaking devices like an auto rescue tool available for purchase. You may NOT reproduce our car news in full or part, in any format without our written permission. There will be three trim options (Giulia, Super and Quadrifoglio), two specification packages (Lusso and Sport), 18 different interior colours and 13 body colours. Gosh, there’s even a function called Idle Up, to boost the heating effect in very cold conditions when the vehicle is not moving. There’s also a 1.4-litre variant on offer mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission, but the manual is probably your best bet here. You also have a choice of two gearboxes: an 8-speed Q-Tronic automatic or a 6-speed manual.

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