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Ford's XR Falcon Fairmont V8 started off a whole new generation of family performance cars. Sign up to our free weekly newsletter for more unique car reviews and features plus see the latest unique and classic cars for sale. Mercedes-Benz India has appointed Michael Jopp as the Vice-President of Sales and Marketing beginning August 1, 2016.
The increase in price ranges from 1-4 per cent for locally produced models and upto 20 per cent for select CBUs. Rising input costs and volatile exchange rates have impacted us; while the recent changes in import duty structure and increase in relevant taxes have put significant stress on our business. The new campaign comprises Digital Service Drive, Premier Express and Star Ease Maintenance packages that promise lowest cost of ownership for customers in the luxury space.

We have absorbed a portion of the impacts but to retain business viability, we are forced to pass on a part of this burden to the consumers". Barely 18 months after Chrysler first offered a V8 Australian family car, Ford launched a fully-equipped, track-ready V8 Bathurst racer and grand tourer for barely $300 more than the relatively soft AP6 Valiant V8.
The XR GT was 1966 US Fairlane-bred; the Mustang, ironically, was more 1960-64 Falcon-bred and that's where the difference lies. Imagine this engine in a chopped-wheelbase XM Falcon Hardtop and you get a sense of how hot the Mustang K-Code was.
It was the first entry-level US car to replicate the feel and looks of European sports cars.
Yet it evolved from a process that almost delivered a mid-engined, four-cylinder Mustang based on a small FWD German Ford's powertrain.

Common sense prevailed after Ford went back to what it did best: simple, reliable, and easily-fixed cars.
To judge the Mustang in this local context would be wrong even if its Aussie price highlights the amazing value of the XR GT at just $3890.
The fact that it's a four-door family car gives it extra votes." The battle between the Mustang and XR GT was the closest and hardest to resolve.

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