The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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Vehicle history reports obtained from CarFax may lack key information about collisions, damage estimates and auction information, an investigation by the CBC News I-Team reveals. The I-Team ran the vehicle identification numbers (VINs) of used cars and light trucks currently for sale at dealers across Canada through the CarFax website, and compared the results with CarProof reports for the same vehicles. Vehicle history reports from CarFax and CarProof showed matching information for cars from Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and the United States, but reports for cars originating in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia showed variations in data, the CBC News I-Team has found.
A vehicle from Saskatchewan, a Dodge Caravan, had a clean CarFax report, while CarProof revealed $17,179 worth of collision damage.
In Alberta, a Buick Allure CXL had a CarProof report showing $940.44 in damage, but CarFax showed no collisions. A customer of a Winnipeg used car dealership got a shock when the CarFax report he depended on to purchase a vehicle at The Car Store on Main Street missed almost $20,000 worth of damage. Trevor Levasseur bought a 2008 Volkswagen Jetta in February last year, signing a financing agreement totalling $14,000 with 29.9 per cent interest for six years, after the dealership provided him with a CarFax report that showed no damage to the vehicle.
Trevor Levasseur says he depended on a CarFax report to make an educated decision about buying a 2008 Volkswagen Jetta. But six months later, when Levasseur decided to sell the Jetta, he discovered the damage on a CarProof report. The report showed there were two collisions within the last four years in Saskatchewan, where the car originated. CarFax spokesman Chris Basso told CBC News the company couldna€™t explain why there are discrepancies in the data, but once information is brought to their attention, they add it to their reports. The I-Team sent the results of its investigation to CarFax, and Basso did not want to comment further.
CarProof's director of product management, Shawn Vording, says each province requires his company to mine the data differently. For example, Manitoba Public Insurance reports collision information directly to CarProof and CarFax. Ontario has a system in which auto insurance is provided by private insurers, and companies are required to submit claims to a central database, which CarProof accesses. Saskatchewan requires an extra step a€” CarProof doesna€™t receive the data directly, but obtains information about insurance claims by mining that data from Saskatchewan General Insurance's website, where that information is publicly available. In cases where the Saskatchewan data is not on the report, an alert appears on the CarProof report indicating that records have been found in Saskatchewan and it directs customers to the SGI website.
That is because the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), the province's public auto insurer, charges CarProof extra for access to its data. Ken Ledingham, president of the Manitoba Motor Dealers Association, says most Manitoba dealers choose CarProof for their reports. However, he added that vehicle history reports are just a first step in the auto buying process. Both reporting companies agree that the vehicle history report is just one part of closing a deal and that there are no guarantees with either of their services. He added that these steps are the best way to avoid any hidden problems and get a safe, reliable vehicle.
CarProofa€™s Vording also has advice for dealers and consumers: a€?You need to have information from the previous owner,a€? he said.
For Levasseur, that advice was too little, too late, but he said the experience has taught him valuable lessons about buying a used car.

By submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment in whole or in part, in any manner CBC chooses. An alleged intruder who was subdued while trying to enter a Bannatyne Avenue home will be charged with assault, break and enter and other offences, say Winnipeg police.
An HPI Check can bring you great ‘peace of mind’ when buying a used car, the data will tell you if the car you are interested in buying has been stolen, ringed, clocked, cloned, has been written off or has any outstanding debt attached to it. The used car you are interested in could have been written off or stolen, over half a million cars each year are reported by the insurers to be too badly damaged to be safely repaired, but somehow some of these cars find their way back onto our roads.  You may be surprised to learn that around five percent of cars that HPI Checker investigates are written off by insurance companies. There are around 400,000 vehicles stolen in the United Kingdom every year, and HPI Checkers research indicates that almost 35 stolen cars every day, some of these being sold as bargains to an unsuspecting buyer.
An HPI car data check will report if the car has been clocked, this is when the mileage has been altered so that you think it has done fewer miles than it has, making you think you have a good buy the HPI check will pick up on any discrepancies in the mileage history. HPI Checker are the specialists in checking used car histories and now its even easier to do, you can either use the telephone to do the check but even simpler still check it online. We understand that every company is different and has unique challenges and demands that need to be met on a daily basis. Thats why at Hawktrack we have invested heavily in the research and development of our products and software. Visibility is crucial to your business and using that knowledge can make all the difference.
Our dashboard has been designed to give you all the critical data you require in just a few clicks. From protecting your business and reputation to the safety of your workforce our customised alerts (via email or SMS to an unlimited number of recipients) allow you unprecedented access and information to the critical factors that can impact your business. Speeding and excessive idling alerts will help you reduce fuel costs, maintenance costs and cut carbon emissions.
Theft Alert a€“ receive alerts when your vehicle has been moved when the ignition has not been turned on in the correct manner or is being towed without an ignition on.
The ability to receive data across your fleet in real-time, enables you to adapt to any adverse conditions and always remain one step ahead.
This not only makes your job a lot easier, it also allows you to have an edge on the competition. The Hawktrack fleet management system provides customised and robust on-demand reporting that ensures you are in the driving seat and have exactly the information you need when you want it.
The Hawktrack fleet management system allows you to locate your vehicles on a map in seconds and is incredibly easy to use. The historical data of your vehicles can become invaluable information to a fleet manager or services company. The ability to review vehicle utilisation, daily usage and route selection aids in calculating better efficiencies and savings.
The safety of all road users including your own drivers is a major concern for every fleet manager or business owner.
The Hawktrack GPS Tracking system allows easy monitoring of your drivers hours and meeta€™s duty of care requirements for commercial vehicle drivers. By monitoring factual data and introducing driver training, this encourages better driver habits, which improve and maintain your company's image and incident record.
Fleet managers know how important it is to have a comprehensive and faultless diver fatigue management protocol.

The ability to set virtual perimeters around a particular area allows a vehicle or expensive plant machinery to be monitored on a regular basis. Alerts are very easy to set up and enable you to be aware of any activity outside of the Geo- Fencing. Designed to meet your needs and offer peace of mind by improving security, operational control and proof of work. Do you want to have the complete story at your fingertips when curbing erratic driver behaviour, such as harsh braking, excessive fuel consumption or over-revving? Or maybe you want to compare data across different vehicles or to proactively manage engine performance indicators and reduce maintenance cost, but dona€™t have the real-time monitoring tools? Presenting a significantly improved solution for grouping vehicles making tracking large fleets easy. Many large companies have divisions and branches geographically dispersed, as well as multiple types of vehicle use. These hierarchical structures can be easily modeled and assigned to vehicles, users and drivers within the Hawktrack GPS Tracking System. Unfortunately, theft is all too common and costs organisations in a number of ways, including lost productivity and higher insurance premiums. Having an immobiliser as part of your vehicle tracking gives you and your customers peace of mind. Driver Console Unit (DCU) is a rugged device built for driver log in, driving hours and rest break notification, 2-way message applications, navigation and routing. Allocate jobs to the closest vehicle in proximity to job location, saving on fuel costs and time. Dash mounted SOS Switches and personal pendant mounted SOS buttons complete the remote worker safety solution. But a different dealership he went to months after purchasing the Jetta showed him a CarProof report listing $19,562 in damages for the same car, with two prior collisions.
By submitting your comments, you acknowledge that CBC has the right to reproduce, broadcast and publicize those comments or any part thereof in any manner whatsoever. Unfortunately if you have already purchased this car and it is traced to you by the police, even if you have purchased it legitimately it will still be returned to its legal owner and you will have lost your money. The advantage of this to our clients is we can customise and configure our solutions to deliver intelligent GPS Tracking systems that give our customers the edge over their competitors.
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