The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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History checks also uncover if the vehicle has any finance outstanding which, if unknown to the buyer, could lead to car repossession and a dreaded knock at the door from the authorities. Bauer Consumer Media Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Firm reference No. The new product, available from February 26, matches the features offered by established players in the sector such as CAP HPI but the RAC says it will be significantly cheaper.
Key features include customer-facing, downloadable RAC Car Passport documentation designed to maximise the credibility of the check, ?10,000 of insurance that can be increased by up to ?50,000 to protect higher value vehicles, and a mileage-adjusted valuation that can be upgraded to a Glass’s valuation for an additional cost. Car insurers are constantly reviewing strategies and investigating measures that could reduce the pricing pressures on car insurance premiums. Inflationary pressures will not go away – and there will always be rising costs in employment, administrative costs, cost of repair, vehicle parts etc. Not much can be done to reduce these escalating costs – but there might be other initiatives to reduce car insurance premiums!! One of the most important measures is to ensure that the risks of accident claims are measured correctly. If some vehicle owners pay too little and claim often – they will add to the pressure of expensive car insurance premiums for the whole client base.

Not only is car insurance fraud during the claims process hurting car insurers – but also the failure to make proper disclosures on signing the car insurance policy! Too many clients – especially younger vehicle owners – try to gain cheaper car insurance premiums by not making a full disclosure of all the material facts. It is however also important for car insurers to pay closer attention to the disclosures made by the vehicle owner when his premium is calculated and before the policy document is signed! Insurance representatives are in agreement that greater attention be given to effective history checks of claims records and driving behaviour.
Vehicle owners need to be active participants in this process – and blow the whistle on car insurance fraudsters. We would like to urge all vehicle owners to pay close attention to the terms and conditions of the car insurance policy and to make a full disclosure of all the material facts that have an effect on the car insurance premium.
Cheating husbands may need more than good car insurance!!Older drivers spot road hazards earlier than young drivers! Before you buy a used vehicle we strongly recommended you perform a vehicle history check first.
Have a few concerns?  Let Parkers put your mind at ease with a Car History Check – available for a limited time with a 20 percent discount.

It uses exactly the same data sources as other provenance checks and is effectively identical in specification but offers a much lower cost and the high level of credibility of the RAC name.
It is important that car insurance clients are correctly insured and that they pay the correct premium for the “claims risk” that they present!
If this is discovered after a claim has been submitted, the claim could be rejected by the insurer as it amounts to breach of the policy agreement. Applicants attempting to secure car insurance could be subject to additional background checks, which could keep premiums down in the future.
Cheaper car insurance requires that no client is able to take “short cuts” at the cost of other vehicle owners. Be alert to others who pride themselves in saving money at the cost of honest policyholders – and alert the insurers to these consumers!!

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