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In addition, the mainstream family Megane will be headlined by a turbo-powered GT model that bridges gap to the hotrod RS turbo models that have become the French brand's signature in Australia. After a very short preview drive of the GT 220 in France, and just a couple of twisting corners, it's obvious that the car will suit people who like to drive. It's nowhere near as extreme as the RS 265, which will be good news for youngsters in the back, but it is plenty quick enough for family hauling.
It also looks good, is well equipped and easy to handle in all conditions. The basics of the Megane wagon, before the GT 220 upgrade, also point to a reasonable future with families who have been starved of anything but SUVs in the compact class. It's not the most modern car in the class, or the sharpest on price, but it is going a different way as Renault also readies its all-new Captur SUV for Australia next year. The real shortcoming is that it only comes with a six-speed manual gearbox, not even a paddle-shift manumatic.
Excel can be a useful tool for setting up very basic inventory, equipment tracking, and asset tracking systems.
Depending on your intended use, you may not need all of the columns, or you may want to add more.
The asset tracking template also contains a Suppliers worksheet, so you can keep track of supplier contact information for repair, maintenance, and warranty purposes. Hyundai's replacement for the slightly oddball Atoz benefitted from more conventional styling when it was introduced in 2008. Trim levels are Active or Deluxe, the latter coming with such niceties as air conditioning and a multi-function steering wheel, though the i10 is rather nicely specified in any guise.
By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with the privacy policy. Toyota’s Auris is the hatchback relative of the hugely popular Corolla saloon model.
Any trim above the non-air conditioned Terra is worth considering, but the largest selection comes from the well specified and smart looking Sport models. That's the position of Mitsubishi Fuso, which has taken the bold step of introducing a new generation Canter with an engine 1.9-litres smaller than the one it replaces as well as an industry first dual-clutch automated transmission. Working Wheels can confirm, after an on-road test, that it certainly has ample performance. We had a steer of the newly-introduced narrow cab model, which is 200mm narrower than the regular cab and serves as the basic entry level model.
It had a hefty steel tray on the back, but it was empty so we still don't know how the rig will perform running the 1500kg-odd payload on the back (taking into account the heft of the tray) that allows it to be driven on a car licence.
The new engine is an advanced unit with a variable geometry turbo and piezo injection which allows for extremely accurate combustion (it injects four bursts of fuel for every bang) allowing it to generate 110kW and 370Nm of torque. It copes well with several steep hills on the drive route that takes in some suburban driving and a trip to Lorne along Victoria's surf coast. Dual clutch automatics, found in more and more cars including the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, can get a bit confused in city conditions, but the Canter's works so well I don't even think to flick it into manual mode. The gearbox also has a special creeper mode that means it can ease forward or backward at low speed like a traditional automatic, which is handy when backing up to loading bays and such.

Mitsubishi Fuso can't say how much because it varies depending on the body fitted to the truck and its usage. Our test truck did bounce around a bit, not surprisingly given it was empty, although the bumps are likely to have made more of an impression given it has a fixed driver's seat.
Mitsubishi Fuso has moved to a rack and pinion system for the steering (like a car) and the Canter steers and handles extremely well. The cabin layout is clean and practical, the plastic quality is high and there are lots of thoughtful hidey holes for all your gear and also for paperwork. These are minor niggles though and, on the whole, the new Canter is an extremely impressive truck. Lotus Elise-based sports car with stronger engines, better equipment and more forgiving handling. It's a good looking car and sits nicely in the range," says Renault spokesperson, Emilie Ambrosy. But it is seen as a RenaultSport car and there are plaques in the cars with a build number," says Ambrosy. We've had a tremendous success with the RS 265 but there are people who want the practicality of five doors. The base model will be $36,990 with no options, then there will be a premium pack for $5000, which puts the car at $41,990, with leather seats, satellite navigation with reversing camera, front parking sensors, panoramic sunroof and a system that Renault calls Visio with lane departure warning, bi-Xenon lamps and automatic dimming of the high beam," says Ambrosy. There are a lot of great asset tracking software tools out there, but if you just need a simple solution, you can download the free Asset Tracking Template below.
However, if you need a more advanced asset tracking system, there are numerous software solutions designed for just that purpose. Like its predecessor, the Hyundai i10 is in the city car class, sitting below conventional superminis in a small, space efficient package. The latest cars should still come with the peace of mind of having some of Hyundai's five-year warranty remaining. However, the 1.2 version with a manual gearbox is a more rounded proposition, not feeling so out of its depth on longer journeys, and less taxing at motorway speeds. It has retained value at its core, but products like the i10 underline that it's now a mainstream choice. Though offered in both three- and five-door guises the less practical three-door model is uncommon. The biggest concern is whether opting for a smaller engine has transformed the truck into a gutless wonder. It passed several tests including making the correct changes on some hills that had completely befuddled the Eco Canter's automated transmission (which is a different unit).
That and the new engine, which is also considerably lighter than before, make for some good fuel economy. All Canters have a fuel consumption calculator which is great for checking how economically you are driving.

Its independent front suspension system has been overhauled and now uses coil-over springs instead of a transverse beam. The better specified regular cab models all have more comfortable suspension seats as standard.
The only other niggle being the high-pitched screech it makes when you leave the key in the ignition and hop out of the cab for something (thanks to the immobilizer).
It is particularly useful for tracking computer hardware, tools, repair equipment, and other fixed assets. But, give the Vertex42 template a whirl and let me know if there are things you'd like it to do that it currently does not. Though, if you are really interested in tracking your equipment, you may want to consider ID tags.
Key to its appeal is Hyundai's good value pricing, comprehensive warranty and lengthy standard equipment list, the i10 typically having a more generous standard level of kit compared to its rivals. The i10 is only offered in five-door hatchback guise, the boot offering a capacity of 225 litres, which, while small, matches cars like the Fiat Panda and Ford Ka it competes with. There's plenty of choice too, though later 1.2s are only offered with the automatic transmission.
The i10 is a credible sub-supermini that's likable and capable - and decently equipped, too. Toyota offers a three-door model but it’s an unusual sight, the more practical, and easier to get in and out of five-door making up the majority of sales. Both manual and automatic transmissions are offered on the non-hybrid models, both being six-speeders.
Like all of these, it may require a manual burn from time to time when it can't manage one on the run, although we didn't need to do so on our test.
The i10 also arrived just when Hyundai was on a big product offensive, bringing new levels of quality, refinement and desirability to the brand. That's fine in town, where the optional automatic gearbox (which slowed it even more) works well too.
Changes in 2010 saw the engines gain more power (not much in both cases) as well as improved equipment all round. Not surprisingly the Auris follows Toyota’s traditional trim levels, with Terra the entry point, followed by Aura, Sport and Sol. The original Auris was facelifted early in 2010, with different headlamps, front grille, a sharper interior and more economical engines.

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