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When someone sets out to achieve a world record, he’s got to be very sure that he can do it – especially when the event will be associated with a globally-admired brand like BMW.  Last weekend, Johan Schwartz, an instructor at the BMW Performance Centre in South Carolina, USA, didn’t let the brand down when he added a new listing to the Guinness World Records for the Longest Sustained Drift.
The previous record had been set in Abu Dhabi earlier in the year and that was for a distance of 11.18 kms covered by a Chevrolet Camaro SS.
The car was kept in a continuous drift around a skidpad with a circumference of around 250 metres. The event was run not just to collect a new record for BMW but also to raise money for charity. August 13, 2016Perodua Bezza - 0 to 19,000 orders in 27 daysDemand for the new Perodua sedan has been impressively high although that was expected. The epic drift easily surpassed the previous record of 76.78km, which was achieved in Abu Dhabi earlier this year. Guinness World Records was on hand to assess the attempt, which will now be noted down in the official record books. The Nissan GT-R may not be the most friendly car for daily use, but it knows its strengths. At the helm was Masato Kawabata, the Japanese drift champion and title holder for the Japanese drifting series. GReddy Trust’s technicians worked on the specially tuned 2016 Nissan GT-R setup on site in the three days leading up to the event and had only three attempts to break the record as per strict guidelines set by Guinness World Records. The drift attempt was held during a special event that took place at Fujairah International Airport, UAE. Before becoming an automotive journalist, Derek was diving into engine bays and wiring car audio systems for competitions since high school.
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El vehiculo empleado debia reunir unas caracteristicas muy precisas, eligiendose para la ocasion un Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. El record tuvo lugar en las instalaciones que la marca de Stuttgart, dispone en el condado de Surrey, en el sudeste de Inglaterra, junto al historico circuito de Brooklands. Newsletter90538 adictos a nuestra newsletterGracias por suscribirte a nuestra newsletter ;) Enviar He leido y acepto las condiciones legales No somos la tipica news,mira la ultima aquí?Lo mas viral! Scott Gauther decidio restaurar su destartalada adquisicion de Fiat Topolino Zagato consiguiendo un resultado que quita el hipo. A stock BMW, an official BMW Driving Instructor and a very, very wet track makes for a good start for a World Record attempt.

Once the track was watered down to give it a helping hand, Johan Schwatz was off to try to break the record as part of their Charity Pro-Am. In other drifting news, DOTZ have realised some new footage of their recent stunt involving a not-so-stock BMW and an acrobatic flyer. With their wide range of alloy wheels, Dotz are one of the best in the business for high performance rims.
The record-breaking Nissan GT-R was developed with the support and coordination of Nismo specialists.
Fujairah International Airport was strategically chosen for its 3-km long airstrip which was deemed to be sufficiently long enough for the challenge. The workshop was set up in one of the airport’s hangars and there were just 5 days to get everything ready including the specially-tuned GT-R, spare parts, tyres and all the other equipment which required stringent security checks and processes. The Guinness book of world records now recognizes the Toyota GT86 as the car that has pulled off the world’s longest drift. There is some controversy regarding the consistency of Muller’s drift, but with a Guinness-certified 89.5 miles or 144 km powerlide, he is now officially the record holder for the world’s longest drift.
If watching a Toyota GT86 going round and round an oval doesn’t really get your motor going, check out this gallery of a 2014 modelyear GT86 with the full aero kit. Schwarz kept his BMW M5 sideways for a distance of 82.506 kms to break that record by an incredible 71.3 kms!
A BMW driving instructor in South Carolina, USA, has maintained a drift in a current model BMW M5 for a joyously record breaking 82.52km.
He's obsessed with driving, having played with Matchbox cars until he was tall enough to drive a real one. As the fastest car on TFLcar’s 0-60 mph 1 Mile Above Sea Level list, the GT-R is no stranger to speed.
With support and coordination from Nismo engineers, the record-setting GT-R was tuned to 1,380 horsepower and changed up so all the power was sent to the rear wheels. Support was also provided by technicians and logistics personnel from the Prodrift Academy, Recaro for the driver’s seat, RAYS for the supply of special, lightweight alloy wheels and Toyo Tires for the drift tires that were specially designed for this stunt.
Power is delivered from a hand-built 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 and sequential dual-clutch 6-speed transmission. Granted, there were a few extra bits and pieces after reassembling everything but nothing ever fell apart on the road.
Superando en 394 m la anterior marca, establecida por Vaughn Gittin Jr, el 18 de diciembre de 2008, en el Las Vegas Motor Speedway, con una distancia de 1914 m.

Este centro recibe el nombre de Mercedes-Benz World, y es un macro-complejo compuesto por salas de conferencias, conciertos y exposiciones, restaurantes (“Gullwing Restaurant”) y tiendas (“Mercedes-Benz World Shop”) dedicadas al mundo del motor en general y al de la marca de la estrella, en particular.
El ha sido un miembro valioso del equipo “Driving Experiences” durante varios anos y es un piloto respetado en la industria, por lo que no teniamos ninguna duda de que lograria su objetivo”. Situated in North Carolina, the BMW Performance Centre played host to the attempt of the Guinness Book of Records for the longest sustained drift. It was tuned to 1,380 bhp in order to set the record, and adapted so all the power went to the rear wheels.
GReddy Trust’s technicians worked on site in the 3 days leading up to the event and had only 3 attempts to break the record as per strict guidelines set by Guinness World Records.
The stunt was performed rather quietly in Samsun, Turkey on July 15, with German driver Harald Muller behind the wheel of a modded GT86. After initially working as a mechanic, Brett earned a degree in journalism and entered media as an editorial assistant at Top Gear Australia magazine. Today Derek applies his enthusiasm and gearhead knowledge into the latest cars, unraveling today's complex automotive technology, and learning the rich history behind classic cars. Asimismo se encuentran en dichas instalaciones su prestigiosa escuela de conduccion (“Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy”) y diversas pistas y circuitos de handling, en uno de los cuales se ha llevado a cabo la consecucion de este curioso record. The only controversy professional driver **Vaughn Gittin JR had was that the drifting that has been done over the past 3 attempts at the record has technically been what most people call a donut. At the wheel was  Masato Kawabata, the Japanese drift champion and title-holder for the Japanese drifting series.
The GT-R was prepared by GReddy Trust and tested extensively at Japan’s Fuji Speedway facility with Kawabata at the wheel.
En las inmediaciones tambien se puede visitar el Museo de Brooklands, un autentico viaje hacia el pasado de las carreras y la historia de la aviacion, donde como dato curioso se conserva el primer ejemplar del avion supersonico Concorde. The car was set up for agility while maintaining stability and confidence-inspiring handling characteristics – essential when performing such challenging feats.
Ever wondered how Mr.Teoh’s Pajero could be transformed from being a dull looking vehicle to a bright, youthful and robust looking off-roader, which is not only able to turn many heads on the streets, but also tough enough to handle the unforgiving terrains and the sharp overgrowths on the off-road terrain?
Maybe the Guinness Book of Records needs to come up with a way in making it “Drifting” styled not a donut.

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