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Indy Auto Finance, partners with one of Indiana's largest "best rated" automobile dealer New and Used, we are also one of the most accomplished and seasoned finance and loan solutions specialist in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our business was developed by building bridges and putting our focus on customer satisfaction, our clients are only satisfied when we find solutions. Mark Martinez is an accomplished, thriving, proven overcome and businessman—Loyal, hardworking, and passionate about helping others. Mark Martinez understands what it takes to have to fight your way back up the downward spiral, over, and over until you finally get that chance, "A little leverage"!

Seasoned in life's tragedies, failures, mistakes enough to appreciate each of Indy Auto Finances clients situations.
Life's journey, along with a variety of experiences, have transformed him into the grateful, resourceful, and accomplished person he is today.After learning to appreciate, love and work on himself, the next for Mark Martinez was to learn how to grow his passion for helping others.
Always willing to lend his ears and skills to offer the best solutions for bad credit auto financing simply by working a little hard, that is Indy Auto Finance mission.
Rated the BEST auto loans and financing specialists with options and solutions for all credit GUARANTEED APPROVAL!.

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