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Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. The covers finally came off the 2016 Chevy Spark at the recent New York International Auto Show, and customers shopping at Chevy dealers in Miami have a lot to look forward to later this year. The new Spark gets a makeover for a more refined look that will appeal to a larger audience. The height has been lowered by 1.6 inches, improving the aerodynamics (and fuel efficiency) of the car, and the wheelbase has been expanded. Leather interior is standard, while some models get body color interior trim and others get a more toned down black or silver. The new Spark will be powered by a 1.4-liter Inline 4 Ecotec engine that puts out 98 horsepower. While you won’t be able to tumble over mountains in your Spark, you will be able to enjoy a smooth ride and exceptional fuel efficiency. Aluminum is used for the new engine head and block, and the manifold has been incorporated into the cylinder head.
The new Spark will come with either a manual or continuously variable automatic (CVT) transmission.

The Spark won’t get as much power as the Ford Fiesta or the Nissan Versa Note, but it will provide the same fuel efficiency and smoother handling. The exterior styling on the 2016 Spark is similar to the Nissan Versa Note and the Ford Fiesta, but the interior design is much more sophisticated. The new Spark will sell between $13,095 and $17,350, depending on trim packages and optional features.
Overall, the 2016 Chevy Spark offers more than its competitors in terms of design, performance and pricing.
The Porsche 911 (pronounced as Nine Eleven or German: Neunelfer) is the flagship of the current line up of Porsche. The 2016 Chevy Spark has been redesigned so it looks more stylish and sophisticated, and it will receive some mechanical updates for improved performance and safety. The previous model was marked by distinctive lines and angles, creating a cartoonish or toyish look.
The new Spark also comes in three additional colors: Toasted Marshmallow, Kalamata, and Splash. The gorgeous dash has a 7-inch color touch screen right in the center, which drivers can use to control the MyLink system.
The new Spark is expected to get 40 mpg on the highway, which is in part to the upgraded engine and in part to some other design changes. All of these changes reduce the weight of the engine and the car, which improves fuel efficiency and handling. Ten airbags are included (up from the previous six), and a backup camera now comes standard. It has a more sophisticated design than the 2016 Fiat 500 (which retains a cartoonish look), and it offers more seating room than the Toyota Scion iQ (a 3+1 seater, compared to the full four seats of the Spark). While the Spark has nearly a dozen airbags, a standard backup camera and a host of optional safety features, the Ford Fiesta will come with a backup camera and maybe rear parking sensors as standard equipment.

The Ford Fiesta also does some quirky things in the interior, like contrasting seat colors, which may be too much for some tastes. If you are looking for a dependable yet eco-friendly vehicle, the 2016 Chevy Spark is the right choice.
Visit Miami Lakes Chevrolet, one of the top Chevy dealers in Miami, to take a test drive of the 2015 Chevy Spark to get a feel for the line.
For example, the headlights are toned down so that they don’t dominate the front end.
Drivers and passengers alike will have a comfortable ride, but you won’t be able to fill the Spark with too many passengers or too much gear. After dropping weight, the car will feel a lot lighter on its wheels, making for a zippier ride.
You will be able to add optional safety features like a lane departure warning system, blind spot monitoring, and forward collision alert. The new Spark comes in less than the Scion iQ (priced about $16,000), the Versa Note (priced between $14,180 and $18,750), and the Ford Fiesta (priced between $14,000 and $18,500). We can take your name to put you on a list to call when we get our first shipment of the new Spark. It has a distinctive design, rear-engined and with independent rear suspension, an evolution of the swing axle on the Porsche 356.
These are especially useful when driving a small car like a Spark, since other drivers can either overlook or try to bully you on the road. Since its introduction in 1963,[1] it has undergone continuous development, though the basic concept has remained little changed.[2] The engine was air-cooled until the introduction of the Type 996 in 1998.

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