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Capitol City Design has won numerous International Illumination design awards from the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES). Please feel free to share our website and contact information with your friends and associates.
OverviewAs the United States entered the Great Depression in 1929, the nation's trolley systems were already in a depression of their own.
In an attempt to save the flagging urban transit business, a group of executives formed the Electric Railway Presidents Conference Committee, or ERPCC. The PCC car, which took its name from the Committee, addressed two key issues: comfort and style.
Ultimately, neither the PCC nor any other trolley could prevent the automobile from dominating public transportation in America. OverviewEach die-cast 4-wheel truck features scale size wheels and flanges, insulated for 2-rail operation.
OverviewFrom the beginning, the auto industry depended on railroads to get its cars to distributors. A major leap forward came in the 1960s, with the advent of autoracks, or auto carriers: racks added to flatcars to hold two or three layers of autos, packing up to 15 or more vehicles onto a single flatcar.
High quality, traditionally sized RailKing Freight Cars provide detailed bodies and colorful paint schemes for the O Gauge railroader. Design included Title 24 lighting compliance calculations, site lighting, one line diagram, and photometrics. 2000This product is compatible with all O Gauge 3-Rail track systems including those systems offered by Atlas and Gargraves and Lionel and Ross Custom Switches. Ridership was plummeting as automobiles and an improving road system stole droves of passengers away from the rails.

Composed of 28 transit and interurban railways and 26 manufacturers, the ERPCC's mission was to come up with a car that would save the industry.
A control system developed by GE and Westinghouse gave the PCC smooth, rapid acceleration, compared with the jerky ride of the old streetcars. But the PCC design proved successful enough - and rugged enough - to operate as long as half a century in some locations. Throttle down as low as 3 scale miles per hour and the PCC will maintain its speed regardless of curves or grades. Louis Car Company and Pullman-Standard, was dwarfed by the fleet that operated behind the Iron Curtain.
1999This product is compatible with all O Gauge 3-Rail track systems including those systems offered by Atlas and Gargraves and Lionel and Ross Custom Switches. For the first half-century or so of auto production, boxcars were the freight car of choice, often with special end doors and wider side doors to facilitate loading and unloading. The flatcar was often provided by a leasing company while the railroad supplied the automobile rack.
MTH makes an enormous variety of RailKing Freight Cars, including many different car types and roadnames. And those passengers who still chose to ride the streetcars were not having a great experience. Hirschfeld's team also developed new truck and wheel designs that absorbed vibrations and bumps in the track. PCCs are still working today in a number of cities, including San Francisco, where the F-Market line operates a historic fleet decorated for many of the cities that originally ran these cars. Using PCC technology but different carbody designs, Tatra of Czechosolvakia manufactured over 15,000 cars for use in Russia and other Soviet Bloc nations.

In 1923, when the Buick Motor Company's production of cars overwhelmed the railroad's capacity to ship them out, the Grand Trunk Western devised double-deck racks on 61' log cars to cram nine Buicks onto every flat.
No matter what era or part of the country you are modeling, RailKing is sure to have something for you.
For hands-off operation, create a trolley route with up to six automatic stops to pick up and drop off passengers.
The largest North American owners were Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Toronto, each with over 650 cars. Nonetheless, an automobile boxcar of the 1940s or '50s could still only transport a few automobiles. Hirshfeld, head of research for Detroit Edison, as its chief engineer and began to use the Brooklyn & Queens Transit Corp.
And these patented innovations were enclosed in a body design that looked decades newer than anything else on municipal rails - and was adaptable to various configurations to suit the needs of different cities.
While the autoracks were widespread into the late 1970s, their open construction left autos exposed to weather, vandalism, and hobos looking to hitch a ride. By the 1980s, the cars acquired roofs and sides and evolved into the enclosed autoracks in general use today.

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