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South Carolina (base map) JPEG format (357K) County boundaries and names, county seats, rivers.
South Carolina (reference map) JPEG format (252K) Shaded relief map with state boundaries, forest cover, place names, major highways. South Carolina (reference map) PDF format (192K) Shaded relief map with state boundaries, forest cover, place names, major highways. South Carolina - Federal Lands and Indian Reservations PDF format (565K) The National Atlas of the United States of America, U.S. Charleston 1704 "Plan of Charles Town" From Report on the Social Statistics of Cities, Compiled by George E. Charleston 1780 "A Plan of Charles Town with its Entrenchments and those made during the Siege by the English 1780" From Report on the Social Statistics of Cities, Compiled by George E. General cross-country route of the Lincoln Highway, from New York to San Francisco, as illustrated on the cover of the 2011 book The Lincoln Highway: The Great American Road Trip by author Michael Wallis and photographer Michael S. Inspired by the Good Roads Movement, the Lincoln Highway was the result of a widespread advocacy effort for improved roads initially led by bicyclists.
Most of Lincoln Highway’s final alignment became US Routes 1 and 30 in the Eastern and Midwestern United States and US Routes 40, 50 and 93 in the West.
This picture shows the 1805 Poquessing Creek Bridge, located at Philadelphia’s northern boundary behind the Lincoln Motel (along US Route 1).
At any rate, Lincoln Highway began at Times Square in New York City and proceeded west to a ferry that took travelers across the Hudson River into New Jersey. Traveling southwest through Bucks County to Philadelphia, this bit of Lincoln Highway eventually became part of U.S. An ad for the Hotel Lorraine from the 1920 issue of the Official Hotel Red Book and Directory. The Lincoln Highway originally made its way along Haldeman and Bustleton Avenues to Roosevelt Boulevard before connecting with Broad Street. The Lorraine Hotel (later the Divine Lorraine) was well-known to Lincoln Highway travelers via guidebooks of the day. North Broad Street became home to most of the city’s earliest car dealers partly due to the Lincoln Highway.
Along with the hundreds of other named roads that followed it, the Lincoln Highway inspired the national freeway numbering system, which ultimately made the named highways obsolete. Philadelphia celebrated the Sequi-Centennial at that time, focusing on its role in creating the United States.
About the authorHarry KyriakodisHarry Kyriakodis, author of Philadelphia's Lost Waterfront (2011), Northern Liberties: The Story of a Philadelphia River Ward (2012), and The Benjamin Franklin Parkway (2014), regularly gives walking tours and presentations on unique yet unappreciated parts of the city. I just returned from traveling the original 1913 route (where reasonable) of Lincoln Highway as far west as Nebraska.
Yesterday's news that Toll Brothers has applied for a demolition permit for about one-eighth of Jewelers Row has stunned Philadelphians. Renovations and a new restaurant will bring the Gilded Age glory of the former Benjamin Franklin Hotel to the public this fall. Here's your chance to own a unique piece of American History that will last for generations. Puis ils appellent la paranoia "l'anxiete", ce qui a mon sens est quand meme relativement different, or le cannabis retire l'anxiete mais il est vrai qu'il peut provoquer, pendant le tout debut du traitement et apres des pauses plus ou moins longues sans cannabis (pendant la periode ou le corps s'habitue), un court moment de paranoia (quelques heures, peut-etre jusqu'au sommeil, mais au grand jamais le lendemain). Tous ces details sont le resultat de dizaines d'annees d'observation et de pratique, de pauses parfois tres longues (parfois plusieurs annees, donc d'observation aussi en periode "de deche") a des reprises aussi tres longues (toujours parfois plusieurs annees).cannabis therapeutique, handicap, cannabis, legislation, proces, presse, relaxe, condamnation, tribunal, legalisation, legalisation du cannabis therapeutique, usage therapeutique, douleur, antalgique, recherche, nausees, vomissements, chimiotherapie, radiotherapie, cancer, reduction de la spasticite, spasticite, SEP, Sclerose en plaques, Marinol, ANSM, Autorisation Temporaire d'Utilisation, ATU, maladies graves, maladies chroniques, maladies orphelines, maladies evolutives, sante, desobeissance civile, Faire Face, Daniel Vaillant, Canada, Clubs compassionnels, Australie, Hollande, pharmacies, GB, Nouvelle-Zelance, Espagne, Cannabis social clubs, USA, Buyers Clubs, prescription medicale, Italie, medicament, Jean Constantin, Alain Rigaud, temoignages, UFCM, Union francophone pour les cannabinoides en medecine, exception handicap, drogues, guerre aux drogues]]>Quelques petits details desinformationnels sont a relever ca et la mais ils ont le merite d'amener dans le debat encore des personnes qui ne devraient pas etre des victimes des lois.
Je reprends certes les paroles d'un type lambda, mais il a exprime ce que je cherchait a dire depuis longtemps : La prohibition avec tout ce qu'on sait de ce qu'elle engendre est un crime contre l'humanite perpetre par des personnes aigries cyniques et mauvaises, pour certaines persuadees de faire le bien mais l'enfer est pave de bonnes intentions, pour d'autres totalement conscients de nuire et ca leur plait de se persuader d'avoir un pouvoir sur la categorie des etres humains que nous sommes, nous les consommateurs de diverses drogues. Three months ago, Harry Hammond of the central Chevrolet fleet office oversaw the placement of briefcase-mounted cellular telephones with several of his 48 regional salespeople. So far, at least, the GM division's assistant manger for fleet field operations likes what he's overseen. Hammond is so pleased with cellular phones, in fact, that he predicts their eventual widespread acceptance by rental, commercial, and leasing fleets. Nearly 55 years after the Detroit police department because the first major user of radio phones in vehicles, Chevrolet seems to have discovered the newest wave of advanced telecommunications technology. Statistics show that there are now some 100,000 people with cellular car-phones in this country, and there could be more then a million in 1990. To understand how cellular works, it's helpful to start with an explanation of the conventional "improved mobile telephone system" (IMTS), the kind of per-cellular car phone system found in most areas.
By contrast, a cellular system divides the city into a honeycomb of small segments (or "cells"), each with its own antenna, each spaced throughout the city so that the signals overlap slightly. In 1982, the FCC approved the division of cellular franchises into many shares, limited the ownership of large telephone operating companies, and supported a policy of two competing systems per each metropolitan area in the 90 biggest U.S. To foster competition, the FCC also allows the "resale" of cellular service, whereby firms install cellular equipment, provide phone numbers, and accomplish the billing. Some auto dealers such as Potamkin Cadillac in New York are also offering mobile phones as optional extras. Meanwhile, the manufacturers of some cellular phones have launched aggressive campaigns to attract fleet business. As scenarios like that are increasingly accepted, some experts are warning that cellular car phones pose new safety risks for fleet drivers. Charles Butler of the American Automobile Association concurred with Schultz, adding that voice actuated equipment not requiring the receiver to be held might be less of a problem. Already, a "hands-free" cellular model allowing a caller to operate the phone without removing the handset has been introduced by AT & T, the communications conglomerate whose Bell Laboratories invented cellular technology back in the 1940s. Meanwhile, AT&T cellular phones have found their way into Harry Hammond's fleet-sales cars, and into the small-fleet operation of Leonard Robin, an advertising executive in Los Angeles.

Like Chevrolet's Hammond and Schultz of Merrell Dow, Robin believes that phones in business cars are here to stay.
Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM) is the fleet management industry's highest level of certification. As we all know, General Electric (GE) has exited the fleet management industry after a three-decade presence, which started in 1984 when GE Credit Corp. Chevrolet's 2016 Tahoe large SUV adds adaptive headlights, forward collision alerting, lane keep assist, and a safety alert seat. We asked over 750 fleet professionals questions about the prevalence of each provider in the market and their brand recognition.
A lot has changed in the past 10-15 years, so we can only imagine this momentum will continue into the next decade-plus.
And from its keystone perch, Philadelphia has likewise served as an origin point to many of the nation’s byways and borders that have formed the United States.
However, the roadway itself was conceived in 1913 by businessmen intimately involved with the emerging tire, gasoline and concrete-pavement industries. In 1686, the Provincial Council of Pennsylvania ordered the construction of the King’s Highway, which followed an existing Native American trail from Philadelphia to Trenton, New Jersey.
This was the first direct stage road between New York and Philadelphia, and it would become the main colonial link between the two cities. From Weehawken, the road followed an indirect path to Trenton, where it would cross the Delaware River into Pennsylvania at Morrisville beginning in 1915.
In 1924, a major bypass was added around the developed portion of Philadelphia using Hunting Park Avenue, Ridge Avenue and City Avenue, but Broad Street could still be used through North Philadelphia as the downtown route. The hotel advertised its parking facilities, which showed that much of its patronage came from overnight travelers rather than permanent tenants. In 1924, the eastern portion of Lincoln Highway in Pennsylvania was designated Pennsylvania Route 1, later becoming U.S.
But it seems that the city’s historic position in uniting the country—via the crossroads that passed through it and the boundaries that it established—had been taken for granted, if not already forgotten. Genuine interested parties only please and strictly dealers, dreamers and other timewasters. Cette periode de paranoia se reproduira (ou pas d'ailleurs!), plus ou moins poussee selon les personnalites et les moments de leur existence, a chaque reprise du cannabis apres un arret de plus de 24 heures, car au bout d'une journee sans consommer, le corps s'est deja deshabitue.
Par contre encore une fois je ne vois toujours pas pourquoi il n'y aurait qu'uniquement les handicapes (et en plus pas tous, seulement certains qui sont atteint de certains handicaps, hein) qui auraient d'avantage le droit que les autres, de se soigner, alors leur "exception handicap" c'est clairement de la discrimination positive pour ceux qui y auront droit, et de la discrimination segregationnelle envers les autres handicapes qui eux, ne tomberont pas sous le coup de l'exception, ainsi que des autres malades et de tous les usagers en generale. C'est une expression impossible utilisee sciemment pour bien faire comprendre le peu de prise au serieux de la manoeuvre, par le journaliste. Atteint de myopathie depuis l'enfance, Dominique Loumachi, 40 ans, etait poursuivi pour "usage et detention" de cannabis. Ces deux lignes, operees par la compagnie de transports Afikim, relient le passage d'Eyal, pres de Qalqiliya, en Cisjordanie, a Tel-Aviv et aux villes de la region de Sharon a "bas prix". Pour feter ses 20 ans, le journal d?ASUD (Auto-support des usagers de drogues) est invite par la Rue pour discuter de dopes, de politique, de trafic, de reduction des risques, de plaisir et de dependance. Le denouement tragique de ce proces est encore un coup porte dans les cotes de la democratie, un cadeau fait aux mafias. The phones, each weighing some 25 pounds and representing the latest in cellular technology, were assigned for a 'field evaluation' to Chevy fleet representatives in Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, and Miami.
And he adds that Chevy itself may eventually "pre-wire" some cars for cellular phones -thus introducing the technology to high-volume applications for the first time. By the end of the century, it's predicted that one out of every four or five vehicles in major American cities will be equipped with cellular phones. Under IMTS, a powerful, two-way transmitting system fed directly into a large antennae located near the center of a city. As a car whose driver is making a cellular call moves from cell to cell, the conversation is automatically switched off by computer from one antenna to the next. Cell sites are connected to the Mobile Telephone Switching Office (MTSO), which is linked to the landline network through the local phone company central office.
Among the first resellers have been such rent-a-car companies as Hertz, Avis, Budget, and National. A release from one such manufacturer, for example, recounts a recent magazine article documenting the way mobile phones can improve the personal productive of your most important drivers. If you made the same calls from your car phone, let's assume a cost per minute of 40 cents times 90 minutes, or $36. At the recent convention of the National Association of Fleet Administrators, for instance, Merrell Dow fleet manager Steven Schultz said that mobile phones may be "as common as air conditioning" within five years.
But Butler agreed that any conversation should be held only after stopping by the side of the road. Robin has installed the AT&T "hands-free" model in his four personal cars, as well as in vehicles operated by several of his 35 employees.
The Mason-Dixon Line had its start at the southernmost house in Philadelphia in 1763, which at that time was a modest building at 30 South Street. The federal government was not yet building roads, so their plan was to connect and improve existing state roadways so as to incorporate them into one grand byway—all to get people driving and using their wares. Route 30 in Pennsylvania have been realigned with alternative routes and bypasses since the highway’s final alignment of 1928. This, the first major road in Pennsylvania, hugged the Delaware River through Bristol, Falls, and Morrisville in Eastern Pennsylvania, and then made its way through Philadelphia County by following the old Byberry and Bensalem Turnpike and Frankford Avenue into the city. The highway’s initial 1913 route went to Camden, New Jersey, and crossed the Delaware into Philadelphia via the Market Street Ferry, an alignment that lasted for only two years. The road entered Northeast Philadelphia via the now-abandoned Poquessing Creek Bridge, which was built in 1805 to carry the King’s Highway and later the Byberry and Bensalem Turnpike.

Lincoln Highway guidebooks, by the way, instructed drivers to sound their horn at every street intersection as they made their way through Philadelphia. This was the place to go car-shopping for Fords, Chevrolets, Pierce Arrows, Cadillacs, Buicks, Maxwells and Packards.
Route 30, the artery went along Lancaster Avenue through the neighborhoods of University City, Powelton Village, Mantua and Overbrook, leaving the city at Lower Merion in Montgomery County. Le mot responsable est tue par le mot fumette qui a toujours ete employe de maniere soit fantaisiste par les usagers, soit hyper-pejorative par des juges ou des procs, des flics, peu comprenants.
Le lieu devrait ouvrir ses portes dans les quartiers nord de la capitale, ou sevissent le trafic et la toxicomanie.
On denotera les cas evoques des Flor dont la famille a ete eclatee et dispersee en prison, et dont le patriarche a ete litteralement assassine par le manque d'interet d'un Juge federal qui, jugeant (c'est son boulot) que le cas de Richard etait non prioritaire, a fait trainer son transfert pourtant prevu vers une prison adaptee a sa sante defaillante (avec un service medical adequat), lui qui se soignait au cannabis therapeutique et qui en a ete prive automatiquement avec son arrestation, est mort en prison des suites de crises cardiaques violentes que du cannabis therapeutique (ou la prise en charge medicale urgente qu'il demandait) aurait certainement evite.Chris Williams, sentence, prison ferme, dispensaire de cannabis therapeutique, Montana, USA, raid, DEA, administration Obama, Barack Obama, legislation federale, Americans for Safe Access, Kris Hermes, Joseph Thaggard, projet de loi, Brian Schweitzer, Richard Flor, Sherry Flor, Justin Flor, Jason Washington, cannabis, drogues, guerre aux drogues]]>The Daily Chronic sur le cas de Chris Williams qui a pu entendre hier sa sentence prononcee par une cour federale a Missoula (MT), lui qui n'a viole aucune loi du Montana, qui a ete prive de defense adequate car interdit de se servir de l'argument de la loi du Montana concernant le cannabis therapeutique, le gouvernement federal ignorant superbement les votes locaux des citoyens et leur interdisant d'evoquer le paradoxe de la contradiction de la loi.
The car phone's signal was transmitted between the car's antennae and the large antennae, working within a radius of 25 to 35 miles from the tower. The individual cells can use the same frequencies, thus permitting simultaneous conversations. As the caller drives across the service area, the call is passed from one transmitter to another. One of these systems in very big city will be the local phone company's while the other will be that of a "non-wireline" competitor such as Ameritech, Metro-media, or Western Union. Each charges customers a premium for the privilege of driving a car with a cellular phone; the phone bill is then added to the car bill when the vehicle is turned in. However, each call also requires five to 10 minutes of looking for a pay phone, plus the five minutes of lost driving time to make the call.
Add the prorated cost of the service, plus the cost of the phone, and the cost of using your car phone comes to about $50 to $60 a week.
However, Schultz cautioned, drivers should always pull off to the side of the road to conduct phone conversations. Similarly, the path that Lincoln Highway took through the city of Philadelphia changed over time, making the exact current-day routing somewhat difficult to follow. The King’s Highway still exists today as US Route 13, following closely its original configuration along Frankford Avenue and generally paralleling I-95.
The double stone arch bridge was improved in 1917 to carry Lincoln Highway, but it was bypassed by Roosevelt Boulevard in 1921. The Depression drove most of the auto dealers out of business and many of the dealerships were demolished, but the Packard Motor Corporation Building at 317 North Broad Street remains. The old Lancaster Pike is a historic section of Lincoln Highway, which continued west through the Main Line suburbs of Philadelphia and the towns of Lancaster, York, Gettysburg, Chambersburg, Pittsburgh, and points west. He has collected what is likely the largest private collection of books about the City of Brotherly Love: over 2700 titles new and old. La Montagne comme d'habitude dans ses articles qui prennent leurs lecteurs pour des cons, et les autres aussi d'ailleurs.
Ferguson, Rosa Parks, Cour supreme israelienne, passage d'Eyal, police israelienne, points de passage, travail, Judee, Samarie, Helene Sallon]]>« Lundi 4 mars a ete lance un service de bus reserve aux travailleurs palestiniens de Cisjordanie vers les villes israeliennes. Since then, though, more than 40 systems have gone up in such major markets as Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, and Dallas.
But because only one car phone could use a single frequency at any one time-and only 12 to 24 channels were allocated to each urban area by the Federal Communications Commission- a driver could wait forever to get a dial tone.
And because your car is never far from a cell transmitter, the sound quality is as good as that of the ordinary office phone. The mental aspect of phone calls could be dangerously distracting, Schultz warned, as when "a sales manger chews (a driver) out on the phone," upsetting the driver emotionally.
Additionally, the firm has plans to test a new voice-activated cellular technology that would allow a caller to touch a button, say 'Call Joe Smith,' and then simply wait as the car-phone dials Smith's number.
Here is the prologue or “back story” that was the catalyst to GE’s entry into the fleet business. Open these days to pedestrians only, it may have been the oldest bridge to have been along the highway. Designed in 1910-11 by industrial architect Albert Kahn, this building is now a residential complex.
This HotRod that has been perfectly restored and immaculately maintained, without any signs of rust. Tous les medias ne sont pas nos allies (d'ailleurs tous les massmedias sont forcement nos ennemis selon moi mais c'est une autre histoire).Cannabis Social Clubs, Indre-et-Loire, prefecture d'Indre-et-Loire, Cannabis Social Club Francais, CSCF, CSC, Limousin, France, debat, cannabis, legalisation du cannabis, depenalisation du cannabis, legalisation, depenalisation, federation, association, declaration en prefecture, drogues, Limoges, Gueret, Haute-Vienne, Creuse, Francis Dubut, consommation de cannabis, usagers de drogues, legislation, loi, cannabiculture, loi de 1970, responsabilite, semantique, legalisation controlee du cannabis, acces interdite aux mineurs, Franck Lagier, presse prohibitionniste,]]>"fumette responsable" c'est quoi ca, c'est de la doublepensee (Orwell) ou quoi? On va faire une formation la semaine prochaine pour tous les referents pour qu?ils puissent eux-memes les valider a raison d?une cinquantaine par jour. And of course, in the 1960s, the urban renewal era City of Brotherly Love lobbied to have I-95 slice an interstate swath along the Delaware River, bringing a constant stream of traffic from up and down the east coast. The stretch of abandoned roadway in the forested area behind the Lincoln Motel on Route 1 was once one of the busiest highways in America. Au vu de la plus faible tolerance sociale sur ces produits, en comparaison du cannabis, une politique de fermete devrait produire quelques resultats interessants (hors consommateurs dependants) » Je reste sceptique sur le dernier point. Each route holds a distinctive place in American history, but perhaps none of them brought about change quite like the Lincoln Highway, which celebrates its centennial today.
On ne peut pas faire deux poids de mesure et privilegier les personnes dependantes, et infantiliser les non-dependants.

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