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The French know a thing or two about cramming tons of practicality and sensibility into a reasonably compact MPV. The previous generation 3008 was an average car, but for me was let down primarily by its anonymous styling.
With that practicality, standard specification and strong engine, I'd like to believe the Peugeot 3008 is a competent car. During my 7 years of driving in UAE, this is the fifth vehicle that I have owned; which explains my failure as a driving enthusiast in finding the right vehicle that suited my complicated tastes – my tastes were nothing but my urge for ionospheric levels of handling while being smooth and comfortable, extremely spacious, quiet and good looking, and affordable to buy and maintain. Looks like the old Ford Falcon which was manufactured in Australia, except this is more modernized. They say you never really forget how to ride a bike, but if you're Chrysler, you may temporarily forget how to build a minivan. Its last generation of Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan minivans were, frankly, subpar. One bankruptcy and government-backed restructuring later, several owners, and quite a few executives later, the Chrysler of today (now Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) is nothing like it was in the fall of 2007. For 20 years, the Town & Country had been the high end model, while the Grand Caravan was for the mainstream.
Not only that, the new minivan was to be sold under the revived Chrysler Pacifica nameplate.
After just a block behind the wheel of the new one, it is safe to say that Chrysler has its minivan mojo back. And that's even before its plug-in hybrid version, with a projected 30 miles of all-electric range, hits showrooms late this year or early in 2017.
For starters, the Pacifica shares very little with its predecessors other than a 3.6-liter V-6 engine—which was, let's be honest, one of the few good things about the old vans. Now, that 287-horsepower engine is mated to a 9-speed automatic transmission that sends power to the front wheels exclusively.
The Pacifica doesn't topple the Honda Odyssey as the segment's fuel-economy champ, but it comes very, very close at 22 mpg combined (18 mpg city, 28 highway).
That compares to 22 mpg combined (19 mpg city, 28 highway) for Honda's long-running minivan. In our test car, over about 220 miles of largely highway driving, the trip computer displayed 28 mpg, matching the EPA estimate. A reset of the computer before a couple of days of urban stop-and-go slogging saw the number drop to 17 mpg, still a respectable figure for a van that can haul seven passengers in comfort. Thus far, Chrysler hasn't said much at all about the fuel economy or energy efficiency of the plug-in hybrid version—which will be known just as the Pacifica Hybrid.
Porsche has captured the very essence of motoring with its back-to-basics limited edition machine.

Peugeot launched its facelifted 3008 earlier in 2014 and we spent a week with the top of the range 2.0 HDi Allure model.
The 2014 model has been substantially upgraded in the visual department and the redesigned front features all-new headlights with daytime running lights. Combined with a six-speed automatic gearbox, the Peugeot 3008 offers up 120 kW and a hefty 340 Nm of torque.
Not only is there is a double-tiered boot, but all the seats including the front passenger can be folded flat.
This is the range-topping Allure model, but there is a lesser model, the Active available from R334 000.
This vehicle was clearly designed for European-style smooth roads, but on our South African roads the Peugeot offers acceptable ride quality.
It is and if you're after a clever and practical car, you could do no wrong in investigating this car.
There are loads of storage boxes, the seats all fold flat and the centre console resembles the Kimberly Hole.
People are in a race with time to be as ahead as possible in every aspect they can think of. It is manufactured in Belgium which is not in North America –- or the map in my social science book was wrong!!
My previous cars include a Chevrolet Barina, Ford Mondeo (previous model), Hyundai Accent and the latest Mazda 6, all of which had one or the other shortcomings and had ultimately failed to be the “one” vehicle I was hunting for. It was released in the UK in May 2007 and it hit the shores of the UAE during late 2007 as a 2008 model, replacing the aging 3rd-generation Mondeo.
Recently I had a real bad experience with Al Tayer as they could not fix a minor problem despite keeping the car there for more than 10 days. Talking of Al-Habtoor, I really have no words – giving up is a better option when it comes to ’em!
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Ponderous dynamics through corners and roundabouts due to light steering that lacks feel and feedback. However the super practical Peugeot 3008 is unfortunately undone by its fellow Frenchman, the Citroen C4 Picasso, which offers smarter technology, a more frugal engine and a substantially cheaper price tag. The car in review is my own vehicle which I had recently bought for a measly Dhs 40,000 in Dubai.
There was a point where I owned two cars, 2006 Mondeo and 2009 Mazda 6, only because one was smooth, fairly spacious and handled great while the other was good looking, fairly quiet and fairly quick. The current model is slightly larger than the Honda Accord and now sports a well-tuned 161 hp 2.3-litre motor.

If you found out that any of clipart, font or logotype have a commercial licence and can't be downloaded for free, please, immediately contact us. Three-year, 100,000-kilometre warranty.InsidePoor outward visibility hampers parking ability. I did note that the gearbox often liked to change down a ratio which was not always required, but driving it in manual mode means you're in full control - something I prefer anyway.
And such things include, for an instance, mobile phones which are capable of replacing one’s alarm clock, calendar, organizer, netbook, music players, video players, navigation systems and what not, besides serving the basic purpose of a phone and thus eliminating the need of having so many things at a time.
Being a middle-class expat, things got tough with me and circumstances started to push me back into a hunt for something that could replace both my cars!
They ruined one of the best affordable drivers cars, at least as far as looks are concerned.
No curtain airbags, reverse camera, sensors or Bluetooth (a $490 option) but gets dual front airbags, stability control, electronic roll mitigation and brake-locking differentials.
Same warranty.Inside All occupants have more space and perch high for good visibility but rear-mounted spare wheel also blocks driver's view.
Gone are those times when one had to choose between power and fuel efficiency, utility and performance, or ride comfort and sporty handling. Gone are those days when one had to own two cars to satisfy two very different needs of driving enthusiasm and family requirements. Though still only a handful, we now have cars which offer the best of both worlds and even more for little money –- one such car is the all new Ford Mondeo.
Good interior storage but average boot space.EnginePetrol V6 borrowed from Prado is smooth and silent at idle and delivers strong straight-line performance. Lots of wind noise.EngineTurbo diesel is unashamedly agricultural but offers plenty of low-down grunt and makes the 2173-kilogram Jeep surprisingly rapid on the move. An 85-litre tank and diesel frugality means longer range between refills.The bitumenSimilar characteristics, with bouncy ride that is less forgiving and overly light and vague steering that requires constant correction.
Same turning circle as FJ.The bushTough as nails and sticks to formula of World War II original. More ground clearance, shorter overhangs, underbody protection and higher approach and departure angles mean it can all but climb walls. Excellent visibility over bonnet allows driver to make informed decisions when picking lines.VerdictForget retro a€” it is still the original.

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