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Richpin's Auto Repair shows you how to properly identify the rear axle of a Jeep Grand Cherokee.
We include considerations of oil pipe leaks out (fuel oil leaks), oil piping leaks in (air in the system), clogged, damaged, noisy, or mis-routed fuel oil piping, and oil fill and vent piping size and location requirements. We also discuss the need for and location for heating oil or fuel oil filters and safety valves.
Why is this heating oil delivery operator leaning with his ear next to the vent pipe on this building during a fuel delivery? As Carson Dunlop Associates' sketch shows, oil filler or vent piping that is too small can result in too much pressure in the oil tank during filling, resulting in a burst oil tank and serious oil leakage.
And see OIL TANK PRESSURE for a detailed explanation of the pressures that occur during normal oil storage tank filling procedures. Carson Dunlop's sketch at left shows typical oil fill and vent piping details for an oil tank installed inside of a building.
Sometimes we see that the oil filler pipe for an outdoor buried oil tank will be directly over the tank (and perhaps too close to ground level to keep water out), while the installer may have placed the vent pipe some distance away, against the building wall.
This may have seemed to be a neat job for the installer, but you should know that the oil delivery driver listens to the oil vent pipe to hear when the oil tank has been filled. The fill & vent piping for an oil tank should be located at a convenient height above ground that is neither too low (our previous example above) nor too high to permit the oil delivery operator to reach the fill pipe and listen at the vent pipe. In our photo the driver from Bottini Fuel (Poughkeepsie NY) is standing on a ladder we left next to a large rock, both placed to permit the operator to both reach the fill pipe and listen closely at the vent pipe to determine when the oil tank (not in view) is filled. Making it easy for the driver to listen to the fill alarm or vent pipe reduces the chances of seepage, over-filling, or leaks at the oil tank. As Carson Dunlop's sketch shows above, and as we show in Arlene Puentes' photo below, you are asking for water in the heating oil tank or insects clogging the fill or vent line (probably the vent line) if the caps have been lost from these pipes. We've been informed of oil tank fill difficulties (perhaps even leading to a burst or oil tank leak) when insects clogged the oil tank vent pipe. If the screen is lost from your oil tank vent pipe be sure to replace it to keep the wasps and mud-daubers out of this line. Check to see if the oil tank fill pipe is in a location where roof drainage may fall directly on or into it. Details listing the various sources of oil piping leaks between the tank and the burner are now at OIL LINE PIPING LEAK CAUSES. SERVICE NOTE: if an oil burner's fuel unit is served by a single line from a buried oil tank, or if the oil line is routed from even an indoor heating oil tank up high beneath the ceiling and back down to the oil burner, in some circumstances this installation may tend to lose prime in oil piping system, become air locked, or these events can lead to loss of heat and possible damage to the building from frozen pipes. This problem occurs commonly if the oil tank is remote and buried (oil burner pumps don't have much lift capacity), or when an indoor tank is very low on oil. Watch out: leaks in heating oil appliance piping or filters can be much more serious than just a drip spot on the floor. Reader Question: How frequently do the copper oil lines leak from corrosion or other factors? Contractor renovating my basement enclosed the fuel oil line (tank to burner) in the walls. But I have not found studies, reports, nor statistics on the leak occurrence rate in just heating oil piping itself. At OIL TANK FAILURE RATES we include a section on reports of frequency of heating oil piping leaks. Because gasoline tanks were included in this study, several factors may lead readers to think that a higher proportion of leaks occurred in gasoline storage tanks than in heating oil or kerosene storage tanks. This is because most often the heating oil piping is exposed along a garage or utility area floor or ceiling and is not buried in walls. In the OIL TANK PIPING & PIPING DEFECTS article above, in a section titled Defects Found in Heating Oil Piping Between the Oil Tank & the Oil Burner, we catalog the types of leaks that occur in oil piping and where they are found. At OIL FILTERS on HEATING EQUIPMENT we described changing the oil filter as part of oil burner maintenance. And there we also warn about leaks in piping fittings at the burner and we give a detailed description of exactly why and how leaks occur at the heating oil filter. We don't know without further investigation if this leak is because the flare nut is loose or if it's because the copper flare was cracked or improperly made, or finally, if it's because of a notch or scratch on the brass mating surface of the flare.
If we do not find a heating oil filter installed on the system this is a defect that risks loss of heat.
Most modern oil heating equipment will have an oil filter installed, such as the one shown in our photo at left.
At above left we illustrate a typical dual oil line piping arrangement exiting at the top of an oil storage tank.
Our dual line oil piping hookup photo above llustrates at least one thing right: there is a fusible link shutoff valve only on the incoming oil line and not on the return line. Do not install a second fusible-link fire safety valve (OSV) shutoff-valve on the return oil line.
The proper location for the oil line shutoff valve with a fusible link (Fire-o-Matic™ type valves) is just before the oil filter and close to each individual oil burner.
I am having problems restarting the water heater ever since hurricane irene slammed into New Jersey and my basement flooded.
When an oil fired water heater has been flooded, such as by hurricane Irene, there are a number of concerns that need to be addressed.
Oil lines can become blocked with sludge, silt, mud, even water if the lines are open to the flooding environment. But if the oil tank itself were flooded you might have water and mud or silt and dirt on the tank bottom - if your oil line feeds from the tank bottom all of that crud would enter the oil line. A buried oil tank should, like the oil piping, be sealed against outside water entry (though in times of area flooding a partially empty oil tank might float-up and break lines or cause leaks).
An above ground oil tank should be ok IF flood waters never rose high enough to enter the oil tank vent or fill piping. If your oil tank itself checks out as not contaminated with water and dirt, and provided we are sure that the oil burner assembly was itself entirely replaced and that the oil pump (fuel unit) is working properly, and if you are unable to draw oil from the tank, the usual step employed by the service tech is to use a CO2 gas cartridge and special "gun" assembly that connects to the oil line and attempts to "blow out" an obstruction.

If you are unable to make the line usable following that procedure, and provided we remain convinced that the line is the culprit, I'd have the service company run a new fuel line between the oil tank and the burner.
I'd also be sure the service tech was following proper procedure for bleeding air out of the oil piping during service restoration. At OIL PUMP FUEL UNIT we include at Frequently Asked Questions (about fuel units) section that provides a detailed explanation of how to read a pressure gauge on the oil piping system (at the fuel unit) to diagnose a leak or similar problem at the fuel unit. Continue reading at DUAL OIL TANKS - PIPING or select a topic from the More Reading links or topic ARTICLE INDEX shown below. Try the search box below or CONTACT US by email if you cannot find the answer you need at InspectApedia. I just bought a new oil tank to take out the one that i have underground,and put it above the ground but the old tank has two connections to connect two hoses coming from the heater , how I can put it to work with a single line ?
You will need to identify the suction line and connect the new aboveground oil tank to that port on the oil pump.
You will have to change the oil pump to internal bypass when changing from 2-line piping to 1-line piping. An overview of classical leak detection systems is given and the engineering basis of a novel type of detector is examined. In September 1986, a precision tank testing program was started to bring a major Maryland utility into compliance with the State of Maryland Oil Spill Control Regulations regarding underground storage tanks. John Cranor is an ASHI member and a home inspector (The House Whisperer) is located in Glen Allen, VA 23060. Arlene Puentes, an ASHI home inspector in Kingston, NY, contributed the example photograph of an outdoor aboveground oil tank. Our recommended books about building & mechanical systems design, inspection, problem diagnosis, and repair, and about indoor environment and IAQ testing, diagnosis, and cleanup are at the InspectAPedia Bookstore. The Illustrated Home illustrates construction details and building components, a reference for owners & inspectors.
En este tutorial te mostrare 3 de las pruebas mas comunes que hacemos en un taller de mecanica automotriz para ver si se ha quemado el empaque de la cabeza (y sin tener que remover la culata del motor).
El motor del abanico (ventilador) se averio y dejo de funcionar y el motor de tu Chrysler se calento. En los siguientes parrafos vamos a entrar en mas detalles de como verificar si tu carro o mini-van esta con el empaque de cabeza quemado. La primerita cosa que haremos es ver si el aceite esta mezclado con agua o anti-congelante. El que el aceite del motor se mezcle con agua (o anti-congelante) es uno de los sintomas clasicos de un empaque de cabeza quemado. Entonces, en esta primera prueba checaremos si el aceite del motor esta mixturado con agua (o sea anticongelante). This week a Coroner for Shropshire, UK, recorded a verdict of accidental death in the case of a girl who had taken a barbeque into her tent to keep warm on a family camping trip. Carbon monoxide binds to the haemoglobin in the blood, forming a molecule called carboxyhaemoglobin (COHb). The symptoms of CO poisoning (shown above) are headaches, dizziness, vomiting and shortness of breath which increase with increasing exposure at a relatively low level. The story above of a barbeque in a tent is not one that I believe I have encountered personally. In New Zealand all pilots who die in an accident are tested for CO to help the accident investigator.
In the general population you would not expect to find a CO saturation level above 5 %, rising to 10 % or so in smokers. With some exhaust suicides the saturation level can be lower if the car is fitted with a catalytic converter.
Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to. Hi there hope ican be of assistance,Is the warning lamp as labelled nu mber 2 on the picture? This information will allow you to obtain the correct information for replacing this specific automobile part. All of these oil storage tank and piping installation defects can easily be found by visual inspection. Readers are welcome to use the text directly in home inspection reports, with citation of the InspectAPedia website source. We also do not like to see plastic oil piping used for these applications, out of concern that it may be broken, leading to a serious oil spill.
This driver told us he has been delivering oil to this property for a decade, so he's quite good natured about stepping up to the piping using the rock or ladder.
Making the driver perform extra tasks adds time and trouble to a job whose performance is often measured by the oil company in the number of deliveries accomplished in the day.
Just after having carpet laid, I was reinstalling baseboards and my nail gun made a perfect nail hole in the hidden piping.
Heck found leaks in 40% of petroleum fuel tanks (diesel fuel or kerosene K-1, heating oil, waste oil, and gasoline tanks), (n=240). Certainly if an oil line were to be installed running hidden inside a wall or floor I'd be nervous about including any fittings whatsoever, as it is at the fittings that the leak risk is greater. We also describe steps that can be taken t protect oil piping lines from future damage, including a nail puncture such as your oil piping line suffered.
This leak will suck air into the oil burner when it's running, leading to improper and possibly unsafe operation, risking a puffback. Heating service techs are accustomed to having to work in cramped dirty locations, but the tighter and nastier the space, the more difficult the job becomes, and the less time anyone wants to spend doing it.
We changed the motor and oil filter, but are having problems getting oil to feed through the lines I was wondering if there were suggestions. You have taken two obvious steps by changing parts (motor and oil filter) but I can add a few suggestions that might help.

Normally an oil line between the oil tank and oil burner, say at a water heater, is always full of fuel oil, and sealed against oil leaks out and air leaks in to the piping system. This system is a flexible hydrocarbon-sensing cable that can be installed along pipelines, in double-containment tanks and piping, or in trenches to detect and locate leaks of common industrial hydrocarbon solvents or fuels while ignoring the presence of water. This program involved the testing of over 240 tanks ranging in size from 300 gallons to 1,500 gallons located throughout the entire state of Maryland. Cramer is a past president of ASHI, the American Society of Home Inspectors and is a Florida home inspector and home inspection educator. Bottini Fuel is a residential and commercial heating oil distributor and oil heat service company in Wappingers Falls, NY and with offices in other New York locations. The text is intended as a reference guide to help building owners operate and maintain their home effectively.
En otras palabras, este esta produciendo y alimentando chispa a todos los cables de bujia (cables de alta tension). Has confirmado que la bomba de gasolina, inyectores, etc., no son la causa de que no prenda el motor. Este resultado te confirma sin lugar a dudas que el empaque de cabeza de tu Chrysler si esta quemado.
Ademas, tendras que llevar la cabeza a un tornero automotriz para verificar que la cabeza no esta quebrada internamente. Aunque esto es el resultado normal y esperado, todavia no puedes concluir que el empaque de cabeza no esta quemado. The binding of CO to haemoglobin prevents oxygen being bound and carried around the body as needed. These symptoms are quite generic though and are often confused with flu or food poisoning, for example.
This seems to be a method of suicide more common in the East- japan and Hong Kong for example. A hose is attached to the exhaust pipe and fed into the car, with the engine running the car soon fills up with fumes.
I'm reading this having breakfast in my Rio hotel, 2 tables away are what appears to …Do they think we’re stupid? Mine has a yellow light on the dash and I [email protected] know what it means, [email protected] round with discontinued yellow line cyrcling it ! The video will show you where you need to look beneath the vehicle to find out which style of rear axle your Jeep Grand Cherokee has. Improper oil tank venting such as no tank vent at all, a too-small oil tank vent, or a vent which is improperly installed, routed, or has become blocked, can cause a catastrophic oil spill in a building or outdoors at a buried tank. But as leaks in the supply line lead to faulty oil burner operation, ultimately they lead to a diagnosis and repair.
Tank systems located in urban areas experienced a 50% testing failure rate, while tank systems located in rural areas experienced only a 25% failure rate. Ocurre de vez en cuando que aunque no ocurra dano al empaque de la cabeza imediatemente, es solo una cuestion de tiempo hasta que surja el dano. This type of scenario is not that uncommon and it is one I have encountered several times, along with several other methods of poisoning by CO. When a fuel is burnt efficiently in the presence of oxygen it will form carbon dioxide and water. CO has a higher binding affinity for haemoglobin than oxygen which means it is much harder to remove once bound and will not resdily be replaced by oxygen. There is a great network of tramping huts in NZ, often these are in remote areas without heating which makes it understandable that you might want to use your disposable barbeque to keep warm once you have cooked your dinner.
A charcoal barbeque is taken into a room, usually the bathroom, which is then sealed (often with towels around the door frame) and then the CO level builds up. You'll be shown where to clean the dirt off of a specific area of the axle to obtain this important information. Leaks in tank systems in urban areas appear to be the result of structural loading and corrosion, affects [effects] absent in rural areas.
Special Offer: For a 10% discount on any number of copies of the Home Reference Book purchased as a single order. Also at higher concentrations of CO it has an effect of increasing the binding of oxygen to haemoglobin, meaning less oxygen is released from haemoglobin and available for use. With little or no ventilation the CO will build up in the hut and in the blood of anyone in there. In this particular case, the rear end axle of the Jeep being identified in this video is a DANA 35c axle.
The age, capacity, and usage of the tanks did not have a role in causing leaks either in the piping or the tank. Galow specializes in residential construction including both new homes and repairs, renovations, and additions. Thanks to Alan Carson and Bob Dunlop, for permission for InspectAPedia to use text excerpts from The Home Reference Book & illustrations from The Illustrated Home. Barbeques, gas boilers, open fires and car engines all produce carbon monoxide gas in small amounts due to inefficient combustion. Carson Dunlop Associates' provides extensive home inspection education and report writing material. Special Offer: For a 5% discount on any number of copies of the Home Reference eBook purchased as a single order. Special Offer: For a 5% discount on any number of copies of the Home Reference eBook purchased as a single order.

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