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Hundreds take to the streets in Nairobi on Thursday, calling for justice for a 16-year-old girl dubbed "Liz," who was gang raped in rural Kenya. The gang rape of a 16-year-old Kenyan schoolgirl a€” and the lack of punishment given to the alleged rapists a€” has sparked outrage in the country and beyond. Check out the following beautiful landscape posters, we've put together many different images, pictures and artworks for you so you can buy them online easily. January 11, 2014, No Comments on Award Winning Travel Writer, Judith Fein, Releases “The Spoon From Minkowitz”! She started her singing career in a choir, has her mother as an inspiration and hopes to learn how to play the piano to add to the guitar as musical instruments she can play.
The men were caught by the police and let go after their punishment a€” cutting the grass at the police station. All comments must follow the Community rules and terms of use, and will be moderated prior to posting.
Among the many posters available we have New York posters, Paris, London, but also beaches, islands and exotic places. From misspellings, wise quotes, photoshop fails, memes and strange habits caught on camera, they are sprawling from all corners of this country.

Why do so many people turn their heads or even stop in their tracks when they see an American car from the 1970s, 60s, 50s or even older?
I’m not even a car owner and I don’t know anything about cars – and I still stop and gaze at, film and photograph classic cars. NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium. She identified some of her attackers, who police apprehended a€” only to let go after they were ordered to cut the lawn at the police station. Is it because they are a relatively rare site among all the other cars, with each of those already having meaning to its driver as a means of transportation and liberty and a symbol of personal choice and status? Or is it maybe because those old cars are the image of an era when the American Dream entered our cultural vocabulary – meaning: prosperity, freedom, adventure? Kenya is doing well in terms of standing up against injustice." In Kenya, where most rapes go unnoticed and unreported, this case has struck a chord.
But when she identified three of her attackers to the police, their only punishment was to cut grass around the police station. Then a newspaper reporter picked up the story; the activism that followed showcased a Kenya that is increasingly wired and middle class.

Ordinary Kenyans donated thousands of dollars through mobile money-transfer campaigns to pay for Liz's care. That's not enough, though, says Saida Ali, executive director of the Kenya-based Coalition on Violence Against Women.
Marcher Ruth Ojiambo Ocheing, executive director of Isis Wicce in Uganda, says these kinds of laws, pushed by Western governments, are on the books in many African countries but they mean nothing. The police inspector general's chief of staff, William Thwere, came to the gates to take the petition.
He said police were searching for the perpetrators, who had gone into hiding, and he promised to discipline officers if they were found to have committed wrongdoing.

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