The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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New cars for sale, buying a new car - autotrader new zealand, Browse and compare new cars for sale. Search for your ideal motorcycle for sale and locate new and used motorcycle dealers in your area with auto trader bikes.. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. 1:20 pm March 17, 2010 By Roland Hutchinson UK motoring website Autotrader has just launched an iPhone application in the UK, called the Autotrader iPhone App. Once the scanning has been done you can access a range of information regarding than make and model of car and also read reviews of it.
You can also check what cars of the same model are available for sale in your area, and also access peformance data, and pricing information.
You can save all you scanned cars in the application in a garage feature, for you to refer back to at a later date.
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The most important purchases you’ll ever make are likely to involve a roof or wheels. Check out the listings for your car on sites like Autotrader and Searchtempest (which searches all of Craigslist). These helpful tips should keep you behind the wheel of the right vehicle (at the right price!) for years to come.
1) Not all dealers, especially independant used vehicle dealers, will have the service records on the pre-owned vehicles on their lot. A lot of times, insurance companies will total a car not because the damage was that severe, but more because they don’t want to pay to fix it due to age or the cost to them.
Hopefully someone was able to get it at auction and fix it as it was a beautiful car when he bought it. First off, and we’ve said this before but it bears repeating, make your mind up and choose your car before you travel. So, first you need to choose the right car for you and make sure you’re looking for the spec that’s right for you. Incidentally, there are some clever technological ways of keeping an eye on specific ads to see if the price of a car you are monitoring is coming down. Just as a rough example, we took one of the most popular cars currently being imported into Ireland, a Ford Focus, and put a 1.6 TDCI Zetec model through the mill. Speaking of VRT, or Vehicle Registration Tax, the next stop on your research trail should be Revenue’s excellent site where you’ll find all the tools you need to start calculating the payable VRT on your imported car, and a long and helpful list of FAQs.
Take for example the case of Vaidas Kurmuauskas, a user, who queried the Revenue valuation of his imported Peugeot 407.
I feel Revenue was honest and fair to me, as in all cases I’ve got cheque exactly what I was asking for. Before you get to that point, of course, you’ll have had a visit to (ahem, cough) to do a thorough history and background check on your potential purchase.
We have long since suffered a pothole epidemic on Irish roads, so much so that it has become a running joke, and even lead to an outbreak of people ‘helpfully’ drawing attention to potholes by drawing, um, shall we say ‘male members’ around them. The recent events in Donegal will have left so many of us numbed with shock, and most will be simply unable, even unwilling, to imagine the terrible emotions being experienced by those close to the tragedy.

This past week, PSA Group, which basically means Peugeot and Citroen, released what it calls ‘Real World’ fuel economy figures for three of its key models. In 2008, when the motor tax system was changed from the old by-engine-capacity rates to the current Co2-based rates, we became a diesel society. There is new high-tech safety equipment out there for our cars which can save lives, and yet we’re being charged huge amounts extra every time we fit it to our cars. With more than 50,000 Irish cars about to be recalled to have defective airbags replaced, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re about to get a recall notice in through the letterbox, asking you to visit your local franchised dealer to have a repair and replacement carried out. If you haven’t yet heard of Big Data, then hello and welcome to the 21st Century – was it a pleasant trip in your time machine?
June and December are now the ideal months for new car buyers seeking the best bargains to get out and spend their cash, according to research by Motorcheck. New Car Sales figures released today show that 2014 has delivered the highest New Car Sales in six years. If you want to pass your NCT there are some very quick visual checks that you can make before attending the test that will dramatically increase your chances of passing first time.
Irish drivers are fully in agreement with the recently introduced legislation on texting while driving, a fifth say they frequently use their phones behind the wheel and there is still confusion over what the legislation actually covers. Leo Varadkar the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport is today set to propose an amendment to the Road Traffic (No. This morning we were invited into the Ireland AM studios at TV3 to chat with Mark Cagney about some of the more common problems we come across daily.
Text VALUE followed by the Reg to 51155 to receive an instant valuation and a free identity check. A study by shows that as many as 1 in 5 cars for sale in Ireland may have been clocked.
The Autotrader iPhone App lets you take a picture of a car license plate, the application then scans the picture, and will identify the make and model of the car.
Pre-purchase inspections will always come up with something and will often give you an edge at the bargaining table.
Find out from the dealer (here in NJ we have to disclose by law if it is) exactly what was the reason. If you head for the UK planning to wear out shoe leather and find a car once you’re over there, you’re on a hiding to nothing. If you can’t find anything in Northern Ireland (cheaper to transport from) move on to the mainland. For two similar examples, with similar mileage, one an original Irish-registered car being sold by a dealer and one a UK car being sold by a car supermarket, and the price gap was quite staggering. By carefully laying out his case (he’d obviously looked at it very thoroughly) he got a significant chunk of his paid VRT refunded.
It’s a sad fact but there are still some dodgy cars out there and even purchases from a reputable main dealer can have dark skeletons lurking in their cupboards. Now, this is not for the faint of heart but there are bargains and great cars to be found and if you’re up for the extra research needed, then it’s worth a look. From what we know about them they will locate and purchase a car for you once you tell them what you want and your budget, and charge a fee of around STG?5-600 for the privilege.
Car clocking, insurance write off’s, outstanding finance and a variety of other important pieces of information we report on for Irish car buyers were all featured.

A great new service that gives buyers and sellers alike the ability to Benchmark the price of any car (or van) in Ireland. You’ll be able to negotiate with confidence if you know the going price for your car.
We don’t mean someone who can pick a color or likes the shape of the Audi A7, we mean a real enthusiast!
You’ve weighed up the options and you’ve decided that, yes, a trip across the Irish Sea for your next car is the right option for you. You may be better of using a free plugin called Page Monitor that I found for Google’s Chrome web browser that does a similar job.
The Irish car had an asking price of €14,900, while even allowing for a rough VRT calculation, the UK car could potentially be landed here for €9,900 plus the cost of a flight and a ferry.
It uses the registration number of the UK car to pull a VRT estimate from the official Revenue site.
Much mileage is made of the use of the estimated Irish market selling price for the car (as opposed to the actual price you paid) as the basis for the VRT calculation, but if you feel you’ve been over-charged then there’s a simple and easy system to query the amount and a large number of such queries, if properly researched and backed up, are successful. They won’t deliver to Ireland but they will hold it at a depot near Heathrow airport for you to collect from. You can negotiate more aggressively on more common cars and play one seller off the other Knowledge is power!
The folks at Popular Mechanics put out a pretty good vehicle checklist when you’re ready to inspect your car.
A passenger can give great feedback on ride and performance, and she might also notice some of those little noises and vibrations that could end up costing you down the road.
Remember to only look for cars for sale from dealers, as it’s probably not worth the risks of buying privately from the UK – you really want to be getting a car with some sort of transferable warranty.
Yes it might well be, but this is a significant amount of money you are about to spend, so tread carefully. You’ll find that they’re very welcoming of private buyers and are open to all kinds of questions, plus in many cases they’ll deliver the car to Ireland for you (for a fee of course). You may be able to score a better deal on that convertible in the winter than in the summer. VIN numbers are usually located on the upper left hand side of the dashboard, inside the drivers door or B pillar which is that post thingy that the door latches into. Our goal is to help by giving consumers or potential consumers the information they need to make a successful vehicle transaction. Anyone willing to go through this process with you is either a great friend or relationship material. If the seller has financed the vehicle and there is still a loan on it, be sure and deal directly with the bank and vehicle owner.
Dealers are required by law to make sure paperwork transactions run smoothly, though they do charge a documentation fee or processing fee for this.

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