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Why not cut a piece of masking tape the same size and place it over all the tags and just peel it off when you're done? If your looking for something to put it on for the time being a mirror or a piece of glass that is flat should suffice.
I think the stickers are actually fragmented, so trying to lift them and reuse them will not work. Anyway, this led to be to a different question, I have been reading posts about removing the Swing unit from Octavia but not on a Yeti, is it the same? According to the Police very few radios are stolen these days, especially from newer cars, as the mountings and facias are nearly always unique, so they are not compatible. Dead easy - not even 5 mins.Remove the fascia trim, remove a bit more trim from the head unit, exposing 4 x bolts to undo.
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If I find another VIN with the same WMI (5TD) and the same vehicle attributes (DKRFH), but the year and plant code are different, will that always still be the same make and model? If everything stayed the same between two years (make, model, engine, options, origin, etc), you can expect that the only thing which would change between the two years is the 10th digit (year) and the last six which indicates the serial number of the vehicle.

This standard is covered under ISO 3833, but there are other competing standards throughout the world.
Is WMI (world manufacturer id) + VDS (vehicle descriptor section) enough to identify the make & model, or is it necessary to include the model year also? If you know a certain vehicle is a Toyota and you take the last eight to the dealership and ask them questions, they should be able to identify it with this information alone (they will cross reference the last eight with their database to see the whole picture of the vehicle in question). Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged service vehicle-identification vin or ask your own question. Given the 2-door nature of this coupe, will there be any way to adjust the seats as far as seat back angle, etc? Yeah, the passenger seat was more upright, I'm going to hazard to guess, that it was like that because someone had just accesed the little compartment behind that seat.
DERNIERS ARTICLES :VDM UCANDAS Wireless Diagnosis System for Android releasedVDM UCANDAS Newly Add to support Android, If users have bought UCANDAS before, can use Android phone or pad to connect wifi to update directly. Do I have to remove the outer plastic trim then everything else is just the same as any other car? Do I have to remove the outer plastic trim then everything else is just the same as any other car?The one reserve I have is after I have upgraded it myself, it would start to rattle, which is no good then!! I am also wondering where could I get the security code for my unit now?
Although, if a vehicle manufacturer wants to sell their vehicle in the United States, they will conform to ISO 3833.

In most cases the plant code will be the same amongst cars with the same vehicle attributes, because it becomes a lot more expensive for an auto manufacturer to have two plants rolling out the same cars. In Local service mechanic told me after diagnostics, that Drivers door module got wrong chassis number (vin number) probably replaced doors ex. But I suppose having only needed to drive bass and the tweeter seperately, it gives quite a high quality sound - ie it is relatively chrisp in low volume, especially on Radio 4, a bit like a 5-6 year olds Mercedes standard system - acurate but not overly powering.
For example, for North America the first three digits are the world manufacturer identifier, the ninth digit indicates the model year, and the vehicle attributes are always in positions 4-8.
ThanksIf the radio was installed at the factory, the security code is easy - last four digits of the serial number of the vehicle. The question is if the combination from 1-8 are unique for a model, or if they could indicate another model in a different year. The difference here would be, there would be a change in the first letter of the VIN as well as the plant being different.

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