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Traditionally, we go to visit KWSP counter to check our Employees Provident Fund (EPF) balance or print annual EPF statement. Having access to the i-account is definitely better than having to visit the branch office.
There is easy way let you access into EPF website viewing your $$$$ balance or,after you get a code ???
To the other commentors asking about their PF, please note that this post applies to the Malaysian PF, and not the one in India.
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A genocide is described as an act committed with intent to destroy a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation. Earlier this year, the Minister of Labour & Employment asked organisations across the country to begin the process of ensuring that all provident fund or Employees Provident Fund subscribers who are part of the PF Act, start initiating the process of allocating a Universal Account Number or UAN. A Universal Account Number (UAN) will be generated for each of the EPF contributing members, helping you know your PF status.

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This site contains informative articles related to safety, How to, Tax & Investment and main more so, keep visiting and subscribe to get regular updates for useful information. When all information required has been correctly keyed in, and then you can key in your user ID and password. Now you can login using your newly created user ID and password and start using the service. In fact, more helpful than the EPF website itself (which goes down 5 minutes after I access it). Here is Top 10 Passive Income Ideas, Side Business Idea by which you can generate some more money apart from your primary income source. There are numerous ideas that will help you to make a successful business with low investment or zero investment. To celebrate this day we decided to present you a list with some interesting facts about these charismatic seabirds.
Who is providing Universal Account Number to each subscribers.By now most of us will have their Universal Account Number being allotted by the authorities, through your companies. What this UAN number does is that it allows you to permanently use the number irrespective of job change. You can download your UAN Card, updated PF – Passbook and can view status of your PF Transfers.
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They have EPF kiosk at quite a number of bank, but the bank staff will tell you that the kiosk is down most of the time too.
Let us see it’s features.Note- 1) How to update or correct EPF UAN details online or offline? One is meant for members (employees), the second is for pensioners and finally for an employer. When we click on MEMBER tab, then the screen looks like below.For employees, only two options are provided. Then the screen looks like below.Here, to activate UAN, you have to first select the office from the drop down list.
Later, you have to enter Establishment Code, Extension, Employee Number, UAN number and your mobile number.
The screen looks like below.To check or download the EPF passbook, you have to UAN number and registered 10 digit mobile number. Once it is activated then the members can receive the alerts such as credit alerts, passbooks and the like.You may know that EPFO already started SMS based EPF balance checking facility.
Abou this, I already wrote a post and the link of the same below.Check EPF (Employee Provident Fund) balance through Mobile Phone SMSEPF Missed Call Service-Along with above two facilities, EPFO also started a missed call service to know the EPF balance.

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