The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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V5C, V5 document, Log book - all these are the names of one and the same paper - document on the registration of the vehicle in the UK. On title page displayed the number of the certificate on registration (Document reference number) registration number of the vehicle (Registration number), name and surname of the present owner, its address. In 2010, the design of the cover page V5C changed, so don't be surprised if you see the document of the old sample. For starters, you need to record all the data of the previous owner: name and surname, his full postal address. Before sending the letter to the DVLA, you need to pay to mail a fine in the amount of 25 pounds for the lack of the certificate of registration and to enclose payment receipt of the letter. What word would you shout if you got your hands on the first and second Pontiac Firebirds ever produced? Here at Gas Monkey Garage, you know we love old cars, especially if they have a story to tell. 2) We bought the cars from Chuck Alekinas, a former UK and NBA basketball player, for $70,000. 3) These cars are Factory Show cars, as evidenced by the trim tag which says “Show1” for the No.
For those who give him a hard time on this vine, I bet NOT ONE OF YOU has part ownership of GMG??
Even if Tom and Jordan may not have been producing on an hourly basis, they make people watch the show. All that being said, I believe on at least a couple of occasions, Arron made a couple of inaccurate sidebar statements during the show.
I could not understand how all the DA’s got the facts all wrong on the firebirds show. While I always wish for more build info, I feel the show is well balanced and definitely entertaining. Part of the recipe of success is that you have a fun crew and what seems like a great working atmosphere. While the offscreen story seems different, it also seems even more shallow a reason to let them go. Love the occasional big build event in the season but concourse restoration I am afraid doesnt make good TV, the ferrari was cool because to chaged it. Tough choice about Jordan and Tom, I sure wouldn’t want to do it on TV but hats off to you for remaining the professional business man you obviously are. Anyways great build on the Firebirds, they looked great and sorry for the flack from having to fire the two guys.
Oh and next year my fiance and I are going to rent Hertz Adrenaline and do R66 and stop by GMG for our honeymoon.
Richards a business person, thats whats got him where he is, the reason we all started watching the show to begin with, quick flips, rolling the dice as we all live vicariously through him, the cars for sure, but the way he marketed himself and his business, his style. All the details of the Pontiacs were on the show, what he’s said was clearly stated on that episode and dont need to be questioned.
How about taking the show on the road for a trip to Toronto Canada and finding a rental location where you can build your best creation (Aaron style) in a local shop set up for you guys and then unveiling the car right at the foot of the CN Tower? This document contains all the information about the history of the machine, its current and previous owners, technical parameters of the vehicle, and much more. As well as the information about the previous owner: his name and surname, address and date, when the car was on it decorated in England. Here reflects all data of the car: the registration number, make and model of the car, date of first registration, body type, class of taxation and much more. Usually the owners don't know the procedures car sale for export (since before've never done this!), so you have to intelligibly explain the seller of this procedure. This situation is acceptable, as in England, the driver is not required to be in possession of this document, sitting behind the wheel. Last week, Part 1 of 2 of our Holy Grail Firebirds episodes aired on the Discovery Channel. Chuck had bought the cars online and kept them in his garage until we found out about them and showed up at his door. In this case, it means the cars were used for public display and would receive special attention when being built. Hot Rod Magazine did some research and unfortunately the Firebird Holy Grail Cars are not as they are hyped up to be.
Thanks for the great show, here in Finland we are couple seasons behind but i watch your show on YouTube. It’s your business and you have to make all the decisions to that business up to the next level. As a business owner you sometimes have to make very difficult, sometimes heartbreaking decisions for the good of your business. I know a little bit of stuff about cars, I’m ASE Master Auto Technician with Advanced Engine Performance certification, Chrysler Technician certification, and Dodge Viper Technician certification.

Tom and Jordan seemed like really great guys, and I’m sure it was hard to let them go. I am preparing an article to post in our On-Line magazine based on a lot of the information floating around. No way can these 2 cars be concourse restored in 60 days with the attention these cars deserve. Hell yeah, those old cars can be a beast to get parts for, but it just makes the reward that much sweeter when you track them down. I was particularly interested in the two Firebirds being show cars, my father owns a MK1 Ford Capri which was also a show car. I watched the show and paid attention, the facts I come away with is exactly what you are saying. Love the show, I hope in the near future I go to Bell training center on Dallas and stop by to any of your place! Love watching the show and the work you do , my favourite car so far on Gas Monkey has to be the black Lincoln Continental you should have kept that one.
Everyones going to be a critic about who he fires and who he hires and how he runs his business. With this coupon the new owner can use the car for 2 months, until he receives a letter from the DVLA with the new document V5C (usually wait for the letter should be just a couple of weeks). The seller enters in this coupon projected date of export, puts the date and the signature, the rest of the document, he shall give it to you (do not forget, that must be necessarily filled in blocks 6 and 8). These cars were not destroyed when the show(s) were over, as they were often put back into circulation for someone to buy.
Aaron still builds cars, but to get those Firebirds done right, we had to bring in the experts. We are a small community of enthusiasts and all we are asking for is a little respect for those of us that love this stuff. The hiring is difficult because you just are not quite sure how well that person will work out. I live in New Orleans, but hoping to make a trip to come see the garage and grill one time. I watched the episode a couple times and it seems like your gut feeling was not to let them go, but your business sense was in disagreement.
So far I think your statements of #1 #2 cars are correct– factory built, but not hand fabricated prototype machines. Your show is starting to look like the late Boyd Codington’s show, Not cool at all !!!!!!!!
This is meant as a complement, I feel like the show is basically the new American Chopper or at least fixin to be. Looks like the show is losing its creative flair by having boring filler need a filming break episodes.
Is he now your advisor or consultant or is he the master mechanic of the east side of the garage and the new guy the west side of the garage?
Fix your merchandise site because I sure as hell can’t afford a hot rod at the moment but it would be cool to have a monkey on my back. Now you did at one point in ep2 at about the 30min mark while talking to the camera with Aaron, make the statement that these were production cars. It would eve a great international PR boost and fun to see someone with a bigger personality than Clarkson! He’s there, were not, he obviously knows how to run his business, which has been proven, and again what has gotten him where he is. Name of the document - "Certificate of registration" duplicated in all the languages of the European Union. The rest of the document, in this case the previous owner immediately after the sale sends mail to the address of the DVLA. The coupon of the seller sends to the DVLA mail and registration of the car in the UK will be cancelled. This, of course, not very well, but should not become a reason for a refusal on purchase of a good car.
The form is very simple: you need to specify the details of the car (make, model, color and VIN number) and information about yourself (name, surname, postal address in the UK(!!!), contact telephone number and date of purchase of a car). The Gas Monkey community is like a family, and when something exciting happens to us, we can’t wait to share it with you. He’s also in the middle of a restoration of a 1965 Coronet (true California car) all steel body. The second one (silver coupe) had HO stripes but it looked like it had chrome valve covers which usually came with the 400 cui. But when they can no longer perform their job duties to the expected standard, it’s time for them move on.
Giving people so little information on what was going on behind the scenes then making their termination as part of the show humiliated and vilinized Tom and Joedan.

And as a born and raised Milwaukeen (though in Florida for the past 32 years) I salute your choice of Miller! Only caught some available episodes on YouTube and hope that I can enjoy more current episodes.
I love the work yall do in bringin life back into cars that would otherwise feed a shredder. Anyways, what they are saying about you and the producers using the cars as false hype I think is completely incorrect, and actually I think the commenters should turn their eyes on the journalist who said that is fooling the public to make them think he has a juicy story to hype up his own article.
As long as you have your Work ethic and Aarons skill your never going to struggle finding please to work for you. Sometimes i think you will get $75000 and you get $30000 other times I think you will get $30000 and you get $75000. I don’t think its a huge deal but maybe just maybe this is where every basher is trying to de-value everything. You will have hands on the basic certificate of registration with full technical data of the vehicle.
On question 3 answer "I bought the vehicle from the previous keeper or motor trader and I have not received a V5C yet" (tick the box opposite), put signature and date. And we’re more than a little excited that we found the guy who had the #1 and #2 1967 Pontiac Firebirds sitting in his garage.
And they have to know it’s coming, there is usually lots of documentation and plenty of warning. I liked the two guys but if you can’t trust them to pull their weight and support the project Richard had to let them go. I would take my time find as many nos parts as I could and a nice original rust free donor car built around the same time frame to get parts from. Publicity is fine, but he shouldn’t be falsely accusing you to falsely popularize himself.
As soon as we got the lead, we spent days on the Interwebs researching these cars, their history, you know, the whole enchilada. Well, if you start to build only hot air ballons, haters will find something wrong that too…Keep building Dream cars to your customers and to us others to see.
If you’re casual about your efforts or piss and moan about the job then you leave or get left.
I’m sure they received extra special attention as they went down the line, especially as the first cars too. Hopefully that Tom and Jordan saga will fade away since I understand that it’s a business decision. If he was correct, then more power to him, but it’s clear that he was stirring an empty pot.
Who needs to see something I can see on the internet or clips of past episodes I have already seen. Stay true to who you are Richard, I have been a fan of yours ever since your record breaking cannon ball run. Tom was a much loved part of the show that time you took him to the auction and he snorted the shot and howled like Tarzan was priceless. No one should have their job taken unless performance evaluations, retraining a, progressive discipline, suspensions have been used. I think the commenters should be attacking him with accusations of dishonesty and not you guys. If I ever get the cash I will be giving you a call for a split window vette for me and a red 65 convertible mustang for my wife.
Tom and Jordan had some great moments on the show and they did some fine work in the garage. I would have suspended him for a week without pay and made him mop the floors off camera for a month before I would have given up on him.
As long as you and Aaron continue doing your business the bad-ass Monkey way, the show will only get even better.
I will let you know if I find something good for you to flip or restore here in Western North Carolina. Good luck with everything and if I ever make it to Texas I’m going to stop by and see you. Some people are upset about Tom and Jordan but they will continue to watch the show because it’s still very entertaining.

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