The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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However, for one reason or the other, I kept putting off surrendering this policy (even after hearing from LIC that I’d need to surrender and close this lapsed policy before I could apply for a term-plan with them). Staple together the filled-up surrender request letter, original life insurance policy document, photocopy of premium paid receipts, S.V.
Once the check arrives, verify your name and account number for correctness and take a photocopy.
I have 2 policy of Jeevan Anand for my parents & both the policy are matured last month but the return was less than the premium i paid.
IVRS or Integrated Voice Response System is available at all time (24?7) from most cities and is providing required information to customers. For making local call from any MTNL or BSNL number, simply dial 1251 and for other than local users, IVRS can be accessed by dialling the STD code of the IVRS Centre followed by 1251.
Or you may visit any of the LIC offices in your area with your Policy number to get the Surrender Value of LIC policy. Yes,You can re-start your policy again with a late fee of due premium, you can pay your premium online also.
I’m gonna get both my policies closed and get one or two good term plans from different vendors and save hell lot of money every year. There are other ways to safe tax apart from LIC policies that we think are our only saviour. Sir my policy no is 459416187 one mth back i started this money back scheme named as new bima gold but now i want 2 surrender this what i hve 2 do. Thanks for your ideas about how you got into these LIC policies bcoz of vendors outside your company. Very first – It shows that you were not mature enough to take the decision and influenced by others.
Second thing – if you are concerned about only the Risk cover then definitely you must go with Term plan.
Remember that LIC gives what it commits before enrollment and don’t change the terms and conditions later like other companies.
Can a policy that has only one year premium paid be revived by converting it to a lesser sum assured value?

Yours Truly is a Software Product Manager by profession and a Personal Finance Blogger by non-profession.
Organizing Your Finances is my initiative to help you keep your personal finances in shape. Last year LIC has gone through a very bad time when they had to discontinue their many popular plans due to change in IRDA rules. This decal is for you! This is The Original ZORV decal, as featured in numerous news papers and blogs. I frequently update this blog to cover various topics on personal finance such as investment strategies, financial products that you should buy and ones that you really should stay away from, financial calculators, emerging themes such as early retirement and financial independence, and much more. This policy required me to pay Rs 25,000 each year for 20 years for a life insurance cover of Rs 500,000. Now, having recently made this resolution, I finally went ahead and surrendered the policy. I paid Rs 25,000 each year for 3 years, am only getting back Rs 50,000 after 6 years, while LIC pockets a cool Rs 90,000 at my expense. Once your policy details are verified, the person at the counter will print and sign an acknowledgment receipt. You can get all the information regarding your policy including the Surrender Value of LIC Policy by this method.
I also have two policies from LIC but they were bought 3 years back in month of Feb (peak time to make investments to save some tax). But immediately LIC has come up with alternative plans and make sure they are still best in market. You can Subscribe through Email and receive new articles directly in your Inbox or you can Subscribe through the RSS Feed and receive new articles in your feed reader.
I somehow paid the premium for 3 years (2005, 2006, and 2007) and then stopped because it was exactly at that time when I started educating myself about personal finance and discovered the existence of term-plans. The lady at the counter informed me that with accrued bonus the value of the policy now stood at Rs 140,000 but if I surrendered the policy I’d only get a far far lesser amount of Rs 50,000. If i want to stop that policy at this time how much i will get back i paid last premium in aug 2012.

If you would like a different color, please specify during checkout.*Using Decals*All of my decals come with easy to follow instructions on how to apply them. Since the policy was now surrender-worthy, I decided to go ahead and surrender it for whatever it was worth. I was indeed tempted for a moment to have the policy revived but I stood by my decision (and my resolution) and asked for the policy to be closed. I frequently write new articles that also cover several other aspects of personal finance including credit cards, financial goals, health insurance, income tax, life insurance, mutual funds, retirement planning, and much more. They are single use stickers, very durable, and easy to remove when you’re ready for something new.
You can stick them to your car windows, tile, mirror, laptop covers, any clean, smooth surface!*Choosing Colors*Most decals come in a standard color, but if you want to jazz it up you’re welcome to choose any color available on my Color Chart. Not all colors are always in stock, so be sure to check my shop announcement to see which are. March is the last month of the financial year, means people are busy in last minute tax saving.
And after that also in the beginning of next financial year 2015-16 initial couple of months people will plan for tax saving for assessment year 2016-17. And the 2nd plan regarding child planning which has really became a very trending topic these days as Govt.
Anyway those are mainly for girl child, but I feel overall those schemes are able to spread the awareness about saving for your kid’s future. The reason is simple, LIC policies are not able to meet my insurance need and also not able to provide long term best return on investment.
But again this is my view, if you have any doubt regarding that you can share your thoughts below.

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